Last week I filmed the new video series for the 2021 Impacting Millions® launch! 🙌

I flew in a pro videographer to spend three jam-packed days filming with me. 📹

My previous videos were filmed in my NYC apartment. I stood in one spot the whole time, with a plain white background, and read a script from the teleprompter.

I wanted this new video series to be much more dynamic… while showcasing my growth and new life in Puerto Rico. 🌴 

We filmed in three different locations: 

  • Condado… an oceanfront, tree-lined community with elegant hotels, restaurants, and boutiques
  • Old San Juan… the historic district best known for its pastel-colored buildings and cobblestone streets
  • Palmas Del Mar… the beautiful resort community where I live with stunning golf courses, lush landscapes, and private beaches

Here's a sneak peek of the shoot:


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