Last week I hosted my first virtual mastermind retreat. I was excited, but a little nervous too…

You see, our mastermind clients LOVE meeting in-person. The plan was to rent a gorgeous mansion with beautiful views in Los Angeles, where we would host the retreat. But given that state of the world, we needed to move this retreat online. 

Fortunately, our clients loved the retreat and even said it exceeded their expectations. 

Here are four things we did to create a fun, intimate, and powerful experience:

1) Surprise Gift Boxes

We wanted to mimic certain aspects of the in-person experience, so we sent our clients a gift box with a colorful notebook and pen, delicious and healthy-ish snacks and beverages like Popchips, Lily’s Chocolate, Smart Sweets, Organifi Green Juice, and some fun surprises.

2) Breakout Sessions

We hosted our mastermind on Zoom, which has an awesome breakout room feature. This allowed us to provide a more intimate experience and deeper level of support.  

We gave our clients lots of opportunities to get feedback from our mastermind coaches, whether it was for their PR strategy, overall messaging, or ideas to generate more sales.

3) Movement Breaks

When you’re sitting in front of a computer all day, it’s so important to add in time for movement. When you move your body, you get rid of stale energy and feel more energized, which is conducive to learning. 

Lucky for us, one of our mastermind coaches is a certified Zumba instructor. She led fun movement activities throughout the day that got us into our bodies… and on our toes! 

People told us that the act of letting go and being imperfect in these dance sessions was freeing and empowering!

4) Evening Fireside Chat

At an in-person retreat, our clients will hang out and bond after dinner. To recreate that experience, we hosted a fireside chat on Zoom. 

We also sent our clients a s’mores kit. It was fun to connect while roasting marshmallows together and drinking red wine.


Now I would love to hear from you!

➡️  Are you hosting more virtual meetings or events?

➡️  What have you done to make them more engaging, powerful, or fun?

Let me know on my Instagram post right here.

All my best,

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