Would you love to create game-changing relationships with influencers… but you’re not sure how to reach out?

Maybe you’re thinking:

💭 “I have no idea what to say or do to get someone to say yes.”

💭 “I’m not nearly credible enough to attract a top partner.”

💭 “The idea of getting rejected scares me.” 

Or even, “What if it makes people uncomfortable and hurts our relationship?”

I’ve created more than 400 affiliate partnerships in my eight years in business — and they’ve generated millions of dollars for my company. 🔥

I want you to experience the power of partnerships, too. That’s why I shared the six biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make with partnerships (and what to do instead) at Impacting Millions® LIVE over the weekend.


(My cute kitty, Tiger, was by my side the whole time!) 😻

If you need a quick refresher, here’s the mistake that tops the list: They haven’t identified the right partners.

The solution? Get clear on what makes someone the ideal partner for you.

Your ideal partner is someone whose audience purchases services or products that are complementary to what you offer. For example: if you’re a nutrition coach, a great partner for you could be a personal trainer, a stylist, or even a branding expert.

When you’re thinking about potential partnerships, look for people who:

⭐ Serve an audience similar to yours

⭐ Sell at a similar price point

⭐ Have values that align with yours

Cultivating the right partnerships can open up a whole new world of opportunities for you!

I hope you’ll use these tips to start building some powerful relationships… and before you know it, you’ll have influencers buzzing about you and your work. 💛


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