Have there been moments in 2020 when you’ve doubted yourself? 🤔

When you’ve asked yourself, “Do I really have what it takes to ‘make it’ as an entrepreneur?” 

Today I want to introduce you to my friend Kara Goldin, an “accidental entrepreneur” who founded HINT, the world’s most popular flavor-infused water.


When Kara and her husband founded HINT 15 years ago, they were ready to make some healthier lifestyle choices in their own home. They started searching for a better alternative to sugary sodas and sweetened flavored water… but quickly realized that product didn’t exist in a world that’s addicted to super sweet drinks.

What we put into our bodies is so important, and Kara knew there were other people out there who were looking for the same solution. 

So they set a bold goal to create it by making great-tasting water with no sugar, diet sweeteners, or preservatives… and then share it with the world. 🌎

Everyone they spoke to in the beverage industry, including top execs at Coca-Cola, told them it wasn’t possible. But Kara wasn’t willing to compromise her product or her values… and today, she’s running a $150+ million company.

Kara’s new book Undaunted: Overcoming Doubts and Doubters is the story of her incredible journey, lessons she’s learned about successful entrepreneurship, and how she looks doubt in the face and refuses to let it stop her.

If you’d like a boost of inspiration and to understand the mindset of a world-changing entrepreneur, you’ll want to order your copy of Undaunted right here!


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