As entrepreneurs, I believe it takes a village to help us make our biggest impact in the world. That’s why I’m so grateful for the amazing Lynya Floyd, who serves as our Senior Media Coach.

Lynya has written for top magazines (Parents, Glamour, Money, Essence, Cosmopolitan), been featured on major TV shows (Dr. Oz, The Today Show) and coached clients for interviews on podcasts like Entrepreneurs on Fire. 

She rocked the virtual stage at Impacting Millions® LIVE — sharing six of her best tips for coming up with story ideas the media will love.

Today, she’s sharing one of those tips with you. Take it away, Lynya!


“Is this idea any good?” I can’t tell you how many entrepreneurs who work with me ask me this question. 

Today, I want to share my favorite tip that you can use for generating story ideas again and again: deliver the media a story idea that will give their readers an immediate result. 

A few examples to get your wheels turning:

    • 6 Ways To Close A Cold Call Every Time (Forbes)
    • ‘Productivity Guilt’ Is Very Real Right Now—Here’s How To Avoid It (Well & Good)
    • Start A Podcast This Month With These 3 Steps (Goal Digger Podcast)
    • How To Help Black Lives Matter: 9 Things You Can Do For The George Floyd Protesters Right Now (Fast Company)
    • 5 Signs Of Gaslighting You Need To Watch Out For With Manipulators (Your Tango)

Helping a reader, listener, or viewer achieve a quick win by following your advice instantly adds to your credibility and builds know, like, and trust.

It can also lead to people raving about you when they tell their bestie about how your tip saved them from a bad relationship or helped them close a high-ticket sale.

What’s more, your nuggets of wisdom are an appetizer that gets them hungry for the main course. Give them a quick taste of success and they’ll be googling you to download your lead magnet, sign up for your course, or buy your book in no time.


Now turning it back to you. What’s a great story you can think of to help others get an immediate win in life or business? 

Head over to Instagram to let me and Lynya know! 


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