“A powerhouse of publicity and marketing genius, Selena Soo is a woman you want on your side.

She’s connected, results-oriented, and beyond brilliant… I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

Creator of MarieTV and Founder of B-School

Selena is a master connector and a powerful guide for anyone looking to create an impactful brand.

#1 New York Times bestselling author

“Selena! This pitch is impeccable.
Every angle, the whole spirit of it. Really, so good. I’m so impressed. You’re so in your zone. For the love of god, THANK YOU.”

Speaker & Bestselling Author of  White Hot Truth

“As host of EOFire, a podcast with millions of monthly downloads, I get a tsunami of guest applications.
In a recent intake, with over 300 applications, I selected only 30. 10 of those turned out to be students from Selena’s Impacting Millions course. Now, THAT is on fire!”

Host of the Entrepreneur On Fire podcast

“Want to make a stellar impression the next time you run into your favorite entrepreneur?
Learn from Selena. She’s a straight-up mastermind when it comes to cultivating relationships and building your network!”

Host of The Smart Passive Income Podcast

“Selena is a genius at helping entrepreneurs land big publicity opportunities! 

She’s connected me to people at Forbes, Business Insider, Fast Company, and more.”

Marketing & Launch Strategist

“In Impacting Millions, Selena over-delivers!

Under her expert guidance, you’ll learn how to land powerful publicity opportunities for your business.”

Self Healing Expert & Speaker

“Selena delivers so much more than just ‘publicity.’
She’s helped me expand my brand, create new revenue streams, and fill a high-ticket program — at 5x the price point I’d originally imagined.”

Bestselling Author, Podcast Host, and Money Columnist for O, The Oprah Magazine

“Selena is pure unadulterated magic.
How do I know? Because she can get someone like me (who is fundamentally against anything that involves human interaction) featured in top podcasts, publications & interviews. Want publicity but don’t like humans? Stick with Selena and she will magically transform you into an influencer magnet AND make you love her for it.”

Persuasion Strategist & Founder at The Persuasion Revolution

“There’s no one better than Selena at helping you build a powerful network and win-win relationships.
With Selena’s guidance, I went from not knowing anyone to building friendships and business partnerships with top influencers which have resulted in over 6-figures in sales in the last 3 months alone.”
Business Strategist
“Working with Selena was one of the best business investments I’ve made. She is smart, insightful and well connected.
My brand was featured on several well known industry podcasts and my story was covered in huge publications including Forbes & Business Insider as a direct result of Selena’s connections. I’m so grateful for the work we’ve done and will continue to do together.”

Visibility Strategist & Online Business Coach

“When I first met Selena, the first thing I thought was: ‘who is this woman and how is she seemingly friends with almost all of the influencers I know?’
I couldn’t Google her so I was confused. But after meeting her, and then understanding how she reaches out and connects with people, it started to make sense. She’s a master at building powerful relationships the right way. And if you’re looking to grow your network, I’d pay close attention to what Selena has to say.”
Founder of Social Triggers
“I am consistently amazed at how much value she brings to the people around her: her students, her clients, her partners, and her friends.
I am proud to not only call Selena a good friend, but happy she is also someone I can call for advice.”

Bestselling Author of Choose Yourself

I always knew I was meant to be famous, but Selena helped it happen way faster.

Founder and CEO at FreedomHackers

“Connecting with VIPs is a delicate dance, and you’d better know the moves.

No one is better at them than Selena. Just ask the audience of The Jordan Harbinger Show and the students in my networking course. She’s helped them smooth out the rough spots like no one else can.”

Creator of The Jordan Harbinger Show

“Selena is a publicity and relationships maven!
With her help, I crafted a powerful book promotions proposal using my relationships with movers and shakers, and landed a multi six-figure book deal! Selena’s view of relationships is so totally heart-centered. I feel powerful offering the value of my platform to other experts in a way where everyone wins, rather than asking for something that helps me alone. I highly recommend working with her to grow your brand in a thoughtful, powerful way.”

Co-Creator of Super Size Me and Author of Women, Food, and Desire

“Selena’s Mixergy interview was the #1 most watched episode of the year.
It beat out my interviews with Silicon Valley’s top names & professional marketers. She knows how to tell stories that draw people in and has actionable guidance.”

Founder of Mixergy

“Life changer! Selena Soo is a life changer.
She asked me what my goals were for Profit First, and then made key introductions that made that goal a reality. Profit First is my best performing book of all time, in a big way because of Selena Soo!”

Bestselling Author of Profit First

“Selena has a gift for creating buzz — in more ways than one.
Sure, there’s publicity; but beyond that, there’s a magic to Selena that brings new energy to your business and life just by being around her. That kind of buzz. Who doesn’t need more of that?”

Copywriter and Co-Creator of The Copy Cure

“Selena is the most thoughtful and genuine listener I have ever met, which makes her the best connector I know.
She’s always thinking about who will be the perfect person for you to meet.”

President of Lean Growth Group

“Selena is my secret weapon to publicity.
Not only is she one of the most connected people I know, but she’s extremely diligent, savvy, and hard-working. She helped me get dream guests on my podcast — including Deepak Chopra, Gretchen Rubin and JP Sears. In her hands, you literally cannot fail.”

Online Marketing Expert + Host of Pursuit With Purpose Podcast

“I had my first big book launch coming up and had no idea where or how to start getting press!
I knew that if anyone would be able to help me, it would be Selena! She was amazing. Within literally a week or two, she’d helped me land incredible placements in, Thrive Global, and Bustle, which helped make the launch an even bigger success. I was so happy and to top it off, she’s so lovely to work with.”

Founder of Female Entrepreneur Association

“I’m so grateful to have Selena as one of my go-to advisors when making big moves in my business.
She was instrumental in creating one of my biggest media opportunities, which helped expand my reach and my impact as an influencer in my industry.”

Emmy Award-Winning Media Entrepreneur, Founder of

“With Selena’s support, I’ve been able to land media opportunities that I thought were years away.
She’s the most connected person I know, one of the kindest and most giving, and our relationship is hands-down one of the best things to happen in my business and life.”

7-Figure Success Coach

“To make our biggest impact in the world, we can’t do it alone.
Each of us needs a circle of mentors, cheerleaders, and passionate supporters, who will lift us up and help us realize our full potential. I was thrilled to have Selena as a guest teacher in my Freedom Mastermind and Fierce Fabulous Free program. She teaches ambitious change-makers how to build authentic, win-win relationships to make a bigger difference in the world. Everyone needs to learn from Selena!”

Women’s Leadership Coach & Founder of Global Sisterhood Day

“By leading as a giver, Selena has created the most amazing connections with online stars, industry leaders, and the media.
If you want to make a bigger impact in the world and reach more people, Selena is your girl.”

Bestselling Author & Host of The Melissa Ambrosini Show

“Selena’s strategies from INFLUENCE helped me build authentic relationships with influencers like Ramit Sethi and Derek Halpern.
And they even helped me get an online business coach position with Ramit and an invitation to a private dinner at best-selling author Keith Ferrazzi’s house in LA. I’ve read many books on networking and taken a few online courses, but none of them come even close to Selena’s INFLUENCE. Even though I’m not even from the US (I live in Slovenia), I’ve managed to build a network of peers, mentors, and advisors that have helped me through every step of the way while building a 6-figure online business.”

Online Business Coach

“Selena is an amazing connector!
Through her I’ve been able to collaborate with many superstars in the world of top-notch experts for stories and videos. She definitely has her finger of the pulse in the entrepreneurial world.”

Special Projects Director, Entrepreneur

“Selena has proved to be an invaluable resource in connecting me with interesting, talented, and articulate professionals with interesting stories to tell and insights to share with my audience.

Contributor for Inc.

“Selena is the ultimate connector.
Whether it’s a person, event, or media opportunity, Selena will help you make that important connection that will take your business to the next level!”

Former Editor at O, The Oprah Magazine and Reader’s Digest

“There’s an art to building relationships with the media, and Selena has it mastered.
She only works with the best people and intuitively knows which pitches will work. I love how thoughtful she is about creating win-win connections between people.”

Freelance Writer

“Selena has quickly become my go-to resource when I need an expert in, really, any industry.
From my days at Glamour and Seventeen, and now at Self, I love collaborating with Selena. She is easy to work with, super responsive, and brings me fresh ideas. She is so passionate about her clients and only works with the best. Anyone she brings my way, I immediately trust.”

Deputy Editor at

“Selena’s teaching on how to reach out to VIPs inspired me to email Arianna Huffington. She responded personally, and now I am a Huffington Post blogger!

Business Strategist

“I really wasn’t planning on buying GKGC, I just wanted to watch a free webinar to get some tips.
But I signed up because I knew that if I could get my message out there like Selena does, my business would radically change. And it has. Six months ago, I was trying to make my business profitable and find clients. Now, my monthly revenue has increased by 30%, I’m profitable, and fully booked for the next 5 months. The stress of “needing clients” has vanished. What a relief! I know of no other coach who takes as much time as Selena to individually recognize her students and respond to them on Q&A webinars. Get Known, Get Clients exceeded my expectations. It’s the best possible investment I could have made in my business.”

Relationship Coach and Physician

“Selena’s powerful connection strategies helped me generate over $30k in the first 6 months of my part-time health coaching business.

Weight Loss Nutrition Coach

“Selena’s brilliant insights, coaching, consultancy and contacts helped us to double our list size (already very healthy to begin with!), majorly increase our profile via online media and podcast invitations, attract high-end entrepreneurs such as Danielle LaPorte and Nisha Moodley to be cover girls for our inspired COACH Magazine — and sell out our courses months in advance.
Selena helps entrepreneurs take their business to the next level in a soulful, authentic and scalable way. I cannot recommend her highly enough and will be forever grateful for the impact she has had made on our business.”

CEO & Founder of Beautiful You Coaching Academy

“Selena strategically helped me to restructure my business model so that within a few months, I doubled my revenue and had a waiting list of clients.
She also coached me in taking my visibility to the next level — which helped me to land viral, front-page articles for The Huffington Post and in-studio interviews on HuffPost Live.”

Emotional Eating Expert

“In the last six months, Get Known, Get Clients has helped me generate over six figures of revenue in my business!
Selena wants you to grow, pushes you outside of your comfort zone, and holds you accountable. The power in working with Selena is how much she truly cares. It shows in her comprehensive teachings and coaching. She does not let you give up. The greatest gift of GKGC is the confidence it gave me to pursue what’s next. Thank you Selena!”

Photographer + Small Business Marketing Strategist

“Before taking Selena’s course, I had a broken business model.
The rates I was charging were so low that I couldn’t live my vision without compromising my financial health. Now, my life is so different! In Get Known, Get Clients, I created a new, premium offering. I was able to double my income — while cutting down my workweek! I used to work six days a week, and now, most of my weekends are 3 and 4 days long. I spend more time with my daughter, with my friends and family. I paid off all my credit cards within the first three months and have been saving to buy a spot to build my custom dream home. I spend a lot of my free time doing whatever I want, including charity and community involvement. I don’t worry about my business surviving anymore — because it’s thriving!”

Massage Practitioner

“One of the most valuable parts of Get Known, Get Clients was learning the best ways to structure my offerings and pricing from Selena.
As a result, I launched a premium coaching package in the very beginning, and was charging double the rate of my competitors. Within the first month, I had maxed out on clients in my coaching program and had to turn clients down. I’ve generated tens of thousands of dollars from implementing Get Known, Get Clients strategies. Taking this course put me on the fast track to growing my business and being where I am today!”

Purpose-Driven Career and Life Coach

“Get Known, Get Clients was the best investment I’ve made in my business.
Selena Soo’s courses are detailed and impeccable. Selena is one of those high level entrepreneurs who will hold you accountable. Best of all, she draws a high level community that will inspire you to be outstanding!”

Vocal Coach


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