Dear Friends, I’ve been wanting to speak about this for a long time. Today I’m breaking my silence.

In 2017, I got into an emotionally abusive relationship with a romantic partner, who became involved in my business. It was by far the most challenging and painful experience of my life.

Little did I know that over time he would try to control me and my company.

After this complicated, three year journey of heartbreak, growth, and healing, I feel ready to share my story with you.

I hope my story will help others from falling into the dangerous trap of emotional abuse, which is unfortunately so prevalent. I also hope my story will help others who feel trapped in an abusive situation right now.

When we hear each other’s stories, we can learn to recognize the patterns of abuse and feel less alone. Eventually, we can hopefully liberate ourselves from the abuse for good.

Thank you for holding space for me on my healing journey. Sending my best wishes and support to others who may be on this path as well. 💛

With love,

*If you are in an abusive situation, check out my colleague Terri Cole’s video on how to safely leave a relationship.


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