I recently attended a conference for 6 and 7-figure transformational leaders in Santa Cruz, California. Business coaches, relationship coaches, spiritual coaches, etc.

It was amazing! I even got to meet some people I’d admired from afar for years…and I stayed in my room 60% of the time.

A friend of mine asked, “Where were you? Is everything ok?”

In reality, everything was great. I formed some new, meaningful friendships, had thought-provoking conversations, got some game-changing business ideas, and my cup felt full.

You see, participating in 40% of the conference was just the perfect amount for me.

Here’s another way to put it…

Imagine you go to a high-end buffet at the Ritz Carlton. There are trays of delicate sushi, lobster with butter, a rack of prime rib, a risotto station, a chocolate fountain with strawberries and marshmallows, and mini creme brulees.

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