To my readers in the U.S., happy early Thanksgiving! If you live elsewhere, I hope you're enjoying the final weeks of 2019!

Today I wanted to share what's been happening in my world, including a few tough things I've experienced this year.

1 – My new life in Puerto Rico

This move was a shocker for me. I was firmly planted in New York City and never imagined leaving. But, as life would have it, I made a move down to St. Petersburg, Florida and six weeks later decided I’d be moving to Puerto Rico after my big launch.

2 – The kindness and generosity of friends and strangers

Moving to Puerto Rico was easy in some ways and very challenging in others. You can’t get an Uber where I live and I don’t drive, so getting around was tough. At times I was dealing with inconsistent internet and other obstacles that made work and life difficult. I also felt lonely without the distractions and excitement that a big city provides.

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