Happy holidays! As we enter the season of gift-giving, I wanted to share a few of my favorite things! 💝

Whether you’re looking to purchase a gift for yourself or a loved one, I hope this list will help. 😊

1️⃣ Salsa dancing classes

My dance instructor, Simona, is a 4x world salsa dancing champion! She is offering a free, one-hour beginner’s class for our community on Sunday, December 13 at 2pm ET. Register here

If you’d like to purchase private classes with her, she is offering a special of 3 classes for $149 OR $179 for you and a partner taking the private class together. 

Click here to send payment via PayPal and be sure to add a note with your preferred email address. Simona will be in touch about how to schedule your classes (please note all classes are non-refundable).

2️⃣ Nayoya acupressure mat

While it may hurt at first, laying on this acupressure mat will put you in a state of complete relaxation and reduce tension in your body (and who doesn’t need that, considering the year 2020 has been?!). 

This mat will also improve circulation and increase your energy levels in a matter of minutes!

3️⃣ Jewelry 

This black-owned business, épifinē, is currently my favorite jewelry brand. I’m obsessed with their Cinnamon gold hoop earrings ($30) and have bought their jewelry for myself, friends, colleagues, and team members. 

Other black-owned businesses that have beautiful jewelry and accessories include Humans Before Handles and LOLA ADE.

4️⃣ Books

I love to read! Some of my top book recommendations include: Essentialism, Untamed, Profit First, Superfans, I Will Teach You To Be Rich, and The Four Agreements.  

5️⃣ Psychic Reading

I work with an amazing psychic named Iryne, who is crazy accurate and has become a trusted advisor. 

I go to her whenever I need clarity on how to handle a tough situation, am curious about what the future holds, or need to make a big decision (e.g. Should I make this investment? How will my launch do?). 

The first time I tried to book with her, it took me three months… but it was well worth the wait!

Want to get on the waiting list? Just fill out this form — and my team will put you in touch with her assistant. She charges $150 for a one-hour session. 

6️⃣ Stylist

Over the past three years, I’ve been working with the most amazing stylist, Carrie Montgomery. She’s helped me upgrade my personal brand and discover clothes and accessories that express the essence of who I am.

Carrie has created a special style package for my audience. For $250, you’ll get: 1) a personal branding style assessment, 2) a collaborative Pinterest inspiration board, 3) a 1:1 45-minute style consult, 4) your defined Style Archetype and 5) a shopping board with 5 outfits. 

7️⃣ Portrait

This year, I discovered an amazing artist named Daria, who creates beautiful portraits that express the essence of you. 

They are the perfect holiday gift for the friend or family member who has everything. I’ve gifted these portraits to colleagues, clients, and team members.

Portraits are $297. If you’re interested in connecting with Daria, please fill out this form.

My portrait by Daria

8️⃣ Restaurant Gift Card

While we all love to eat and drink, it can be hard to select the right food or beverage as a gift. You may wonder: are they gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, sugar-free, or alcohol-free?

That’s why I like to buy gift cards to people’s favorite restaurants. It’s a great way to support a local business, and there’s bound to be something on the menu that the recipient loves.

Not sure what their favorite restaurant is? Just ask them or someone close to them!

9️⃣ Airbnb

While it’s harder to take a big trip nowadays, consider a local getaway! If you and the person you’re gifting live in the US, you can get them an Airbnb gift card

For example: I’ve been wanting to travel to Bali, but the idea of traveling for 36+ hours is not so appealing nowadays. Plus, Bali is not currently open for tourism. 

After spending some time on Airbnb, I discovered some magical local spots that are only a 3-hour drive away from me. You may discover the same for you or a loved one!


Now I’d love to hear from you! 

  • Did my holiday gift list help or inspire you?
  • What are some of your favorite gifts to purchase for others — or yourself?

Let me know right here on Facebook. I’m so curious and can’t wait to hear from you!

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