Today I want to introduce you to a client who is truly changing the world. Meet Trudi Lebron – CEO of ScriptFlip!, a diversity, equity and inclusion consultancy. Trudi and her world-class team provide coaching and consulting to entrepreneurs who are ready to take an impact-driven, equity-centered approach to their leadership and work.

When Trudi came to us, she wanted to represent her company on top-rated podcasts and popular websites and publications. After attempting some media outreach, Trudi felt trapped in a classic catch-22. The media wanted to see examples of the company’s appearances, which they didn’t have (yet). How do you get the opportunity in the first place when people want to see your past wins before giving you the opportunity? 


Without the time, bandwidth and in-house media expertise to accomplish their company publicity goals, Trudi came to us.  


After the murder of George Floyd and the rise of the Black Lives Matters movement in 2020 and beyond, awareness around diversity, equity and inclusion surged. Trudi wanted to seize the moment and make more people understand that this work around diversity, equity and inclusion is not just a square on Instagram – it’s important all of the time.  


Here’s what Trudi had to say about their experience with our team: 


“Working with Selena’s team is amazing. To be honest, I was nervous about the process because I wasn’t sure if someone else could nail my voice or communicate the very deep importance of what my company does. Also, I didn’t want to be on just anyone’s podcast or in anyone’s magazine. They had to be the right opportunities. 


My appearance in Forbes was ten times better than I could’ve imagined. I thought I’d get a quote or something—not a full profile with multiple pictures of me. I was also thrilled to be featured on the digital cover of Coach magazine and to have episodes of huge podcasts like John Lee Dumas’ Entrepreneur on Fire and Farnoosh Torabi’s So Money. Being able to have those “As Seen In” logos on our website as credibility markers is everything. And not just for right now. I’m excited about leveraging them to continue to grow our followers, impress our clientele and make me more attractive to publishers when I pitch my forthcoming book. These were exactly the kinds of wins I was hoping for in working with Selena and her team.”


If you have an important message to share with the world and know that now is the time to do it, book a call with Jamie who oversees our PR services. She’ll learn about your needs and suggest the best ways for us to work together. 


Let’s chat about how we can help you change the world with your message! 🌟


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