Today, I’m excited to share 5 tips on making friends in the media from Lynya Floyd, our Impacting Millions® Senior Media Coach.

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It probably sounds outrageous that you could be swapping emails with editors and segment bookers at top media outlets – but you can. And you should. In Impacting Millions, we teach you smart strategies for making invaluable connections with writers, podcast bookers, segment producers, and more. In case you need a little inspiration, I’ve dropped my top five tips below. Start using this advice today to strengthen your connections and elevate your profile.


  1. Be a connector


No ideas? No problem. You can still make a connection by offering up helpful friends or colleagues for stories. People in the media are always looking for their next great feature or segment. Check in with them and ask them what they’re working on or if they need any help with a piece. If you can suggest someone that would be great for an upcoming story, they’ll be incredibly thankful.


  1. Pitch them regularly

I’ve noticed time and again that people think pitches are one-and-done. But you can’t send off a single email and imagine that you’re all set. If you’re looking to get consistent media, you’ll need to follow up on your pitches and continue to pitch new ideas regularly. When you send the media valuable story ideas, whether or not they’ll accept it, they’ll see you as a valuable source.


  1. Invite them to your workshop

If you or a friend is doing a romance webinar or Feng shui seminar that could spark some story ideas, extend a free invitation. Not only is it a great opportunity to make a powerful connection, but they’ll also get to see how other people at the workshop react to the invaluable advice being shared. 


  1. Help them stay one step ahead

If you know what the next Keto Diet is going to be or have been hearing similar complaints from your career coaching clients, give this editor, writer, or producer a heads up about the upcoming trend. With your boots-on-the-ground knowledge, you can make finding their next story a lot easier. And you’ll be seen as someone who is an amazing resource.


  1. Promote the content that you worked with them on

Already had a great podcast interview or turned in a brilliant article? Make sure everyone hears about it when it comes out. Post an Instagram video showing your story in their magazine or share a link to a video of your interview on Facebook. Be sure to tag them. If you get good feedback/comments/quotes, let them know. It shows you’re not just a great source, but also a great spokesperson who supports their brand.




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