I’ve always been fascinated with personality tests.

I’m also all about relationships… and I know that understanding each person’s unique personality is the best way to build a better relationship with them.

My team and I are obsessed with Dani Johnson’s GEMS personality test, so we were more than excited for our own Jamie Gulino Davis to share it with everyone at Impacting Millions® LIVE.

Everyone on our team takes this test, and knowing the personality traits that make each person special allows us to better communicate as a group.

🔥 Some of us are competitive rubies — risk-taking, natural-born leaders who love a good challenge and thrive off of pressure to achieve. 

✅ Some of us are results-oriented emeralds  — super organized planners who love facts and figures, like to think things through, and are usually busy making lists and checking things off of them.

💎 Some of us are energetic sapphires  — expressive, outgoing, creative, and spontaneous. Always the life of the party! 

✨ Some of us are kind and gentle pearls  — dependable, loyal, motivated by making an impact in the world, and always ready to help other people. 

The truth is that, while we all have one primary GEM, everyone has a secondary GEM, too (and usually some characteristics of the others here and there.)

Each person is uniquely themselves; and when you learn how to relate to different personality types, you’ll find yourself building deeper, better, and more connections in business and in life.

So, which of these GEMS do you relate with the most?

How can you use personality types to better connect with your audience?

Head over to Instagram and let me know! 💛


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