Now more than ever, the world needs us to collectively “wake up” and take a strong stand for what we believe in.

I get that it’s easy to stay consumed with the pressures of work and day-to-day life. But when people are dying, hate and fear are prevailing, and the world is on fire, we need to do something.

If you’re feeling inspired to make a difference and be an ally to Black people, I have an invitation for you…

Join the #Follow55Challenge on Instagram.

This means:

1. Choose 55 new Black voices to follow and learn from

This can include Black activists, political leaders, CEOs, entertainers, colleagues, clients and customers of yours, nonprofits, influencers, and brands.

Because when you fill your social media feed (and life) with diverse voices, it helps you grow and become more in tune with perspectives other than your own.

Go to my Instagram post to see a list of Black voices to follow.

2. Engage with their posts

Once you start following these new people on Instagram, immediately heart a post or two of theirs. That way, they’re more likely to show up in your feed.

Continue to like and comment on their posts. Take in new information and engage in the conversations they’re leading. Share a post of theirs that inspires you and tag friends in the comments, thereby amplifying Black voices.

3. Encourage your friends to do the same, using the hashtag #follow55challenge

Invite people to join you in listening to and elevating Black voices. It’s impossible to broaden our perspective if we’re only following and learning from people just like us.

So take this simple action now, because your example can create a powerful and positive ripple effect that makes a difference in the world.


P.S. Shout-out to my friend Heidi DeCoux for creating the Follow 55 Challenge!

P.P.S. Make a donation to Black Lives Matter and post your screenshot here. I’m matching up to $5,000 in donations.

P.P.P.S. See my suggestions of Black voices to follow on Instagram here.


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