Happy holidays! I hope you’ve had time to rest & relax — and feel excited about the new year!2017 has been an exciting year in my business and life. Here are my top 17 highlights.

My Top 17 Highlights

1.Celebrating my 5-year business anniversary with an epic rooftop party at the Standard Hotel in New York.

2. Hosting 15 VIP dinner parties, bringing together top media and influencers for an evening of meaningful connection.

3. Being interviewed on Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income Podcast, a long-time dream of mine!

4. Launching Impacting Millions, my flagship publicity program, with many hundreds of new students around the world.

5. Turning 35! Celebrating with a puppy party at my home. Yes, you can rent puppies for the day!

6. Getting a personal chef who cooks for me once a week. This has been such a time-saver!

7. Supporting my extraordinary clients and leading mastermind events.

8. Bringing on a full-time project manager and other valuable team members.

9. Being featured in Dorie Clark’s new book Entrepreneurial You, published by Harvard Business Review Press.

10. Leading a networking workshop at my mentor Ramit Sethi’s Forefront event in Chicago.

11. Hosting an Impacting Millions Influencer Gathering in Vegas.

12. Doing a fun photo shoot for my new website, which will go live in February 2018!

13. Recording a 3-part video series for my Impacting Millions 2018 launch. As an introvert who is way more comfortable behind the scenes, this was a big leap for me.

14. Falling in love after many years of being single.

15. Going on lots of trips with my boyfriend Cody, including to Santa Barbara, San Diego, Hudson, Stockton, and more.

16. Spending the month of December in Miami to escape the cold in New York!

17. Adopting a sweet and playful 4-month old kitten named Trio!

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