Have you ever stopped to think about your dream media opportunities?

The kind that make you so proud… you want to put the article in a fancy gold frame and hang it in your home office next to your artwork.

Then, out of nowhere, your parents call you and say, “Up until now, I had no idea what you did…but now I see you’ve made it!”

When they’re out to dinner with their friends, they brag over a glass of red wine, “My daughter just had a BIG story in XYZ publication!”

Even if you’re naturally a behind-the-scenes person, it’s deeply gratifying to be recognized for your work. To share your personal story to help and inspire others.

Today, I’m excited to share I’ve landed one of these special media opportunities.

Check out my newly released profile story on Forbes, titled How This Millennial Woman Built a 7-Figure Empire By Leveraging Human Connection.

I share:

  • How my dad’s stockbroking career inspired me to host influencer dinner parties, bringing together media and inspirational entrepreneurs
  • How I struggled to find work when I graduated from college because of my immigration status…I’ve been on visas for 22 years (and just last week got my green card)!
  • What triggered my deep depression in my mid-twenties, where at my lowest point, I struggled to eat or even walk myself to work
  • How I started my business and scaled it to multiple 7 figures…and my best advice for fellow entrepreneurs looking to reach and impact more people

I hope you enjoy the article. If you feel inspired, I’d love for you to leave a comment or share!

All my best,

P.S. To make things easy, below are several sample posts you can use (or tweak) to share the article!

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