To my readers in the U.S., Happy Thanksgiving! If you live elsewhere, I hope you’re enjoying the final weeks of 2018!

Today I wanted to fill you in on what’s happening in my world — and share 10 things I’m most grateful for.

1) Moving to St. Pete, Florida

This is big for me, as I was convinced I’d never leave New York City.

I’m so happy to be living in my dream apartment with a gorgeous rooftop pool lined with palm trees and chair hammocks. My very favorite thing in the building? The residents spa that is open 24 hours with a hot tub and dry sauna!

2) My little cat Trio

My precious Trio is one-year-old and so much fun. He’s sweet, gentle, and a little high-maintenance! He loves his dry food and always wants me to feed him by hand.

3) My trip to Greece

This summer I went to Greece…and it was one of the best trips I’ve ever taken. The views (especially sunsets!) are like no other.

4) New experiences…like playing with snakes!

One of my Impacting Millions star students, Serpentessa, is a snake priestess. A few months ago, she came over to my place and treated me to a magical experience with her snakes.

5) My year-long business mastermind

I launched a brand-new business mastermind in September. I’m incredibly honored to work with such extraordinary women (and one amazing guy!).

Most of my mastermind clients aspire to make 7-figures and beyond (and a few have already hit that milestone).

To learn more, click here (and see a cool 3-minute video from our October retreat)!

6) Being more mindful about what I eat

In my twenties, I could eat anything and not gain weight. In the past few years, I became allergic to gluten and found myself gaining significant weight (like 20 pounds) if I didn’t eat right.

I identify as a foodie (and love burrata, pasta, and pizza), so changing my diet has not been easy. In the past, I’d eat clean ahead of a photoshoot, and then go back to eating whatever I wanted.

Today I have a health coach, and every day I share what I’m eating with her. So now mindful eating seems to be sticking!

7) Having my first 7-figure launch

My 2018 Impacting Millions launch surpassed 7-figures — with hundreds of students and success stories. For the past decade, it’s been a dream of mine to help entrepreneurs & experts get meaningful publicity so they can reach and impact more people. I’m grateful to have created my own transformational program that does just that.

8) Getting better at saying no

Sometimes I’m really good at this; other times, I’m terrible. But over the past couple weeks, I’ve been doing this a lot.

I left a prestigious board position, canceled business and personal trips, and backed out of other commitments that no longer felt good. Lots of difficult conversations in the span of a few weeks! What I’m most proud of is doing this with kindness, grace, and professionalism.

9) Growing my team

We’re starting to slowly grow the team, including a few more full-time hires! I’m so grateful for the smart, dedicated, and creative people I get to work with every day. Many of my favorite people in the world are on my very own team — and that includes my extended team of coaches and consultants!

10) Getting more comfortable with video

Last summer when my boyfriend told me I should start doing video, I literally cried. I knew he was right, but even the idea of it was SO uncomfortable to me.

This March, I released my 3-part video series for my Impacting Millions launch. It was the best feeling when people told me they loved the videos.

Currently I’m working with a video marketing coach, plus a second coach who is helping me with my delivery and stage presence. I share this because even if something doesn’t come naturally to you, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.

I feel proud to be working through one of my greatest fears. I know that this will also allow me to serve my audience in a deeper way.


As the year comes to a close, some questions for you to think about…

    1. What are some things you need to say no to, so you can create space for something exciting and new in 2019? (For example, a work relationship or commitment, or something you need to stop doing in your business) 

    3. What are some things you may want to say yes to, which may feel uncomfortable in this moment but will bring you greater joy and freedom in 2019? (For example, video, publicity, getting on stages, delegating)

Sending you my best as you think through these questions — and take powerful action to create a life you love. =)


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