When I was in mid-twenties, I scored my dream job!

I worked at a nonprofit that helped underserved teen girls and the professional women who mentored them.

I organized mentoring events for 800+ people. I worked with over 100 brands like Club Monaco, Louis Vuitton, Bliss, and W Hotels on events and sponsorships.

The nonprofit also attracted some high-profile celebrity supporters like Jessica Alba and Bethenny Frankel, which I got to meet.

Looking back I was doing extraordinary things, but I had crippling low self-esteem.

I was making $42,000 year — and was afraid to ask for a raise. When I finally did, I got a no.

When my well-meaning boss had constructive feedback on how I could improve at work, I felt deeply hurt. I’d replay the “negative feedback” in my head like a broken record.

I struggled with depression and self-worth issues, which led to me finding a life coach and discovering this world of experts and online entrepreneurs.

When it comes to happiness and success, in business and life, I’ve discovered that the most critical component is mindset.

This wasn’t something I learned in college or in business school, but I believe it is absolutely critical for every entrepreneur.

Developing an abundance mindset saved me from feeling like a victim in my career, so I could step into my power as an entrepreneur.

It’s what helped me go from a full-time salary of $42,000 to becoming a 7-figure business owner today.

If you dream of making 6 or 7 figures then I have something special for you.

I’ve made a special audio recording for you below, where I talk about my 3 biggest mindset shifts that helped me build a million-dollar business.


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