As you know, I love masterminds! 

Which is why I’m obsessed with making my masterminds better & better each time.

According to my 6 and 7-figure clients, our June retreat in San Diego was our best one yet! 

Today, I’m going to share what made it so magical. I hope this gives you some helpful ideas as you think about planning your own client event or mastermind retreat!

1) Select the perfect venue

The right environment sparks creativity and fosters deep connection. I always look for venues that are beautiful and inspiring – ideally with a pool, greenery, and flowers. 

I also look for spaces that are Instagrammable – whether that’s bright pops of color, sweeping views, cool furniture, or gorgeous art. It makes for great photos that will help us fondly remember the event for years to come. 

The entrance of L’Auberge Del Mar, the venue for our San Diego mastermind retreat

2) Delicious, healthy meals

When you’re creating an environment for business breakthroughs, you need the right meals to fuel high performance. When it comes to breakfast, sugary pastries or bagels with cream cheese won’t cut it (I hate when event organizers cut corners like this!). 

We make sure our clients have a gorgeous breakfast spread – think organic eggs, bacon, tropical fruit, and freshly squeezed juice. I personally select all the food for the retreat and make sure we accommodate all dietary preferences (gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, etc.).

3) Facilitate deep connection

On the first day, we had everyone in our mastermind group share two things – 1) something working beautifully in their business AND 2) an area where they were struggling and could benefit from support.

Then we encouraged people to connect! 

We had each person identify at least two people they could learn from in the group, and then at least two people they could help.

Some mastermind clients and me at our cheese & wine welcome reception

4) Highlight the wisdom within the mastermind group

What makes a mastermind so special is the people in the group. That’s why we have a thorough interview process in order to join our mastermind. 

Our theme for our June retreat was “Scaling with Simplicity.” I shared a 6 step framework to scale a business from 6 to multiple 7-figures. Plus, a number of our mastermind clients presented the behind-the-scenes of their own successful business. 

Lisa Johnson shared how she makes multiple six figures with passive income. 

Heather Hubbard and Stefanie Schram revealed how they sell 30K – 50K+ high-end packages to corporate clients. 

And Alexandra Boos shared how she negotiates multi six-figure contracts for her celebrity clients – and how we need to start seeing ourselves as celebrities in our niche, worthy of brand partnerships. She also revealed the multiple streams of income she’s created by applying what she learned in our mastermind.

The wealth of knowledge and talent in the group was outstanding!

Lisa Johnson presenting on passive income

Heather Hubbard and Stefanie Schram presenting on landing corporate clients

Alexandra Boos presenting on creating multiple streams of income

5) Create space for personal reflection and breakthroughs

Each day began with a guided visualization session to get clear on intentions and big dreams. 

Thank you to my mastermind clients Andee Love (spiritual healer for high-level women) and Mandy Barbee (transformation coach and hypnotherapist) for leading these morning sessions.

We spend months planning our retreats. In fact, we’re already planning for our October retreat at a special surprise location…somewhere beautiful I’ve always wanted to visit!

If you’re longing for a community of successful, like-minded women to help take your business to the next level, I invite you to apply for our year-long mastermind right here

Let’s see if we can help you unlock your full potential as a 7-figure entrepreneur in the making!


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