Happy holidays! As we enter the season of gift-giving, I wanted to share a few of my favorite things! 💝

Whether you’re looking to purchase a gift for yourself or a loved one, I hope this list will help. 😊

  • Salsa dancing classes

My dance instructor and friend, Simona, is a 4x world salsa dancing champion! 

If you’d like to purchase private classes with her, she is offering a special of 2 classes for $99 OR $120 for you and a partner taking the private class together. 

Click here to send payment via PayPal and be sure to add a note with your preferred email address. Simona will be in touch about how to schedule your classes (please note all classes are non-refundable).

  • Vosges Chocolates

If you have a sweet tooth, check out Vosges chocolates. Inspired by the founder Katrina Markoff’s travels around the world after culinary school in Paris, these chocolates are created with exotic spices, herbs, roots and botanicals. My favorite is the Naga mike chocolate truffle with toasted curry masala and coconut purée

  • Books

There is nothing like the gift of wisdom. Check one of my all-time favorite books like Essentialism, The Four Agreements, or Profit First.

Four new books that were released this year that I love are: The Long Game, Let It Be Easy, Effortless, and Intentioning

  • Optimize Premium Membership

Want more wisdom in less time? For a limited time, my client Brian Johnson is giving away Optimized Unlocked memberships… for free! Get access here

This includes 650+ Philosopher’s Notes, which are 6-page summaries and 20-minute audios on the world’s best business and personal development books. You’ll also get 50+ Optimal Living 101 hour-long classes (everything from meditation to relationships to conquering cancer).

  • Optimize Coach Program

Want to make 2022 your best year ever?

Join my friends, team, and I in Brian Johnson’s Optimize Coach program. It’s a 300-day personal development program to create your best life – from cultivating anti-fragile confidence to instilling positive habits and cultivating greater sense of happiness. 

Right now, the price has dropped from $1,000 to $300… and you can bring a friend for free! That’s a dollar a day to change your life. Hit reply to let me know if you’ll be joining me!

  • Nayoya acupressure mat

While it may hurt at first, laying on this acupressure mat will put you in a state of complete relaxation and reduce tension in your body (and who doesn’t need that, considering the year 2020 has been?!). 

This mat will also improve circulation and increase your energy levels in a matter of minutes!

  • Psychic Reading

I work with an amazing psychic named Iryne, who is crazy accurate and has become a trusted advisor.

I go to her whenever I need clarity on how to handle a tough situation, am curious about what the future holds, or need to make a big decision (e.g. Should I make this investment? How will my launch do?). 

The first time I tried to book with her, it took me three months… but it was well worth the wait!

Want to get on the waiting list? Just fill out this form — and you’ll be the first to know when she has openings for new clients. She charges $150 for a one-hour session.   

  • Stylist

Over the past four years, I’ve been working with the most amazing brand stylist and strategist, Carrie Montgomery. She’s helped me identify my Style Archetype and find clothes and accessories that express the essence of who I am.

Carrie has created a special style package for my audience. For $497, you’ll get: 1) a 1:1 45-minute personal soul style reading to discover your Style Archetype & express the heart of your brand, 2) a collaborative Pinterest inspiration board for your new aesthetic identity, and 3) a shopping board with 5 outfits that align with your brand identity.

Are you an Elegant Royal (like me), a Chic Goddess, or a Romantic Storyteller? Book your session with Carrie and find out!

  • Portrait

This year, I discovered an amazing artist named Daria, who creates beautiful portraits that express the essence of you. 

They are the perfect holiday gift for the person who has everything. I’ve gifted these portraits to colleagues, clients, team members, friends, and family.

Portraits are $497.
Get yours here. 

              My Mom                                 Me!                             My Dad

  • Restaurant Gift Card

While we all love to eat and drink, it can be hard to select the right food or beverage as a gift. You may wonder: are they gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, sugar-free, or alcohol-free?

That’s why I like to buy gift cards to people’s favorite restaurants. It’s a great way to support a local business, and there’s bound to be something on the menu that the recipient loves.

Not sure what their favorite restaurant is? Just ask them or someone close to them!

  • Airbnb

Whether it’s a local getaway or a bigger bucket list trip, consider giving someone an Airbnb gift card

I’m also excited to share that now that I’ve moved to San Juan, my beautiful home in Palmas Del Mar (less than an hour from the city) is available for short-term rental on Airbnb!

It is in a private, gated community right by the beach with the most gorgeous views of the mountains and rainforest, golf course and ocean. Plus it’s next door to the Beach Club that both adults and kids love with a tropical, bungalow-style pavilion and water playland where you can enjoy a pina colada and a leisurely lunch.

The apartment sleeps 8 people and has a big jacuzzi bathtub, spacious living room, and balcony for gathering with family and friends.

  • So Money a Page A Day Calendar

My friend and past client Farnoosh Torabi is an award-winning personal finance strategist. Today you can access her brilliant financial wisdom in her brand new So Money calendar ($15.99). Every day features a tip, nugget of inspiration, or fact to help you stay on the right path with money — whether it’s saving for retirement, debt management or earning more. 

  • Your Private Cabana!   

If you like going to the beach like me, why not buy your own private cabana? 

My bestie Heidi bought me one for my birthday and I am in love! The best place to buy them is at business&pleasure. You can also buy cute beach umbrellas, chairs and tents on their website.


Now I’d love to hear from you! 

  • Did my holiday gift list help or inspire you?
  • What are some of your favorite gifts to purchase for others — or yourself?

Let me know right here on Instagram. I’m so curious and can’t wait to hear from you!


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