When I was in Tulum, Mexico in December, I worked with an amazing local photographer named Jose Insunza to capture images from my mastermind retreat.

I learned that aside from event photography, he also specializes in creating surreal images that only exist in people’s imaginations and dreams

He just delivered this unique image, which he created for me as a special gift. I’m so touched by the story behind it, which you can read about here.

Jose saw me as a human dreamcatcher, because my passion is elevating people with an important message and making their dreams come true.

Learn more about the story behind the image, and the time we spent together in Tulum, here.  

All my best,

P.S. I understand that the symbolism of the dreamcatcher in Mayan and Native American culture is so important, and as a learning spirit, I wanted to find out more. Here’s an article about the legend of the dreamcatcher and its deeply-rooted meaning.


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