I hope your week is off to a great start! 

My students in Impacting Millions® are currently working through our podcast module. Many of them have already started pitching themselves for their dream media opportunities. 🎙️

This is a critical time because this is when fears & frustrations come up.

Have you ever said to yourself:

💭 I’m so afraid of being rejected…maybe I should hold off on this pitch.

💭 Why haven’t I heard back yet? Did I do something wrong?

These thoughts are normal…but to get the best results with publicity, you need to move forward, even when you’re feeling scared or uncertain.

Because I want to inspire you to go for your publicity dreams, I wanted to share a special interview I recorded with my long-time client Heather Chauvin for my Impacting Millions students (watch the interview on Facebook here).

Heather is a leadership and parenting expert, as well as the host of the Mom Is In Control Podcast.

In this interview, you’ll learn about how she pitched one of her dream podcasts…and finally got a YES after no response for months.

How did this happen? Heather didn’t give up…she chose to keep on going and follow up in a pleasant (and persistent!) way.

After you watch this interview (which will be well worth your time), please let me know on Facebook:

👉 What was your biggest takeaway from this conversation with Heather?

👉 Based on what you learned, how are you inspired to show up differently when it comes to going for your publicity dreams?


I look forward to hearing from you ! ❤️




P.S. The interview Heather landed was on Farnoosh Torabi’s So Money podcast. She talked about life, work, and money after battling stage-4 cancer. 


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