• Marie

    “Selena Soo is a woman you want on your side.”

    “A powerhouse of publicity and marketing genius, Selena Soo is a woman you want on your side. She’s connected, results-oriented, and beyond brilliant…. I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

    – Marie Forleo, Creator of MarieTV

  • Derek“She’s a master at building powerful relationships the right way.”

    “When I first met Selena, the first thing I thought was: ‘who is this woman and how is she seemingly friends with almost all of the influencers I know?’ I couldn’t Google her so I was confused. But after meeting her, and then understanding how she reaches out and connects with people, it started to make sense. She’s a master at building powerful relationships the right way. And if you’re looking to grow your network, I’d pay close attention to what Selena has to say.”

    – Derek Halpern, Online Marketing Expert

  • Cat“Now I am a Huffington Post blogger!”

    “Selena’s teaching on how to reach out to VIPs inspired me to email Arianna Huffington. She responded personally, and now I am a Huffington Post blogger!”

    – Cat LeBlanc, Business Strategist

  • Rachel-Hofstetter“Selena is the ultimate connector”

    “Selena is the ultimate connector. Whether it’s a person, event, or media opportunity, Selena will help you make that important connection that will take your business to the next level!

    – Rachel Hofstetter, Former Editor at O, The Oprah Magazine and Reader’s Digest

  • Danielle-LaPorte“For the love of god, THANK YOU!”

    “Selena! This pitch is impeccable. Every angle, the whole spirit of it. Really, so good. I’m so impressed. You’re so in your zone. For the love of god, THANK YOU.”

    – Danielle LaPorte, Creator of The Desire Map

  • Nisha“Everyone needs to learn from Selena!”

    “To make our biggest impact in the world, we can’t do it alone. Each of us needs a circle of mentors, cheerleaders, and passionate supporters, who will lift us up and help us realize our full potential.

    I was thrilled to have Selena as a guest teacher in my Freedom Mastermind and Fierce Fabulous Free program. She teaches ambitious change-makers how to build authentic, win-win relationships to make a bigger difference in the world. Everyone needs to learn from Selena!”

    – Nisha Moodley, Life Coach

  • Stella-Grizont“Selena has got the brains, heart, and rolodex to transform the world.”

    “Selena has got the brains, heart, and rolodex to transform the world. She can turbo-charge any team with her ideas, tenacity, and connect-the-dots-and-people genius.

    – Stella Grizont, Former Managing Director of Ladies Who Launch

  • Alex-Jamieson“I landed a multi six-figure book deal!”

    “Selena is a publicity and relationships maven! With her help, I crafted a powerful book promotions proposal using my relationships with movers and shakers, and landed a multi six-figure book deal!

    “Selena’s view of relationships is so totally heart-centered. I feel powerful offering the value of my platform to other experts in a way where everyone wins, rather than asking for something that helps me alone. I highly recommend working with her to grow your brand in a thoughtful, powerful way.”

    – Alex Jamieson, Co-Creator of Super Size Me and Author of Women, Food, and Desire

  • Nitika“Selena helped me connect with hard-to-reach VIPs.”

    “When I was launching my TV show Naturally Beautiful on Veria Living, I turned to Selena for guidance on hosting a wildly successful launch party. Selena helped me pursue big sponsorships, as well as connect with some hard-to-reach VIPs. With her support, the event sold out with over 250 attendees and I had incredible influencers in attendance!

    Selena is one of the most well-connected people I know, and is truly generous with helping others to get the opportunities that lie behind closed doors. If you want to go places, get Selena in your corner!”

    – Nitika Chopra, Talk Show Host + Founder of

  • Christie-Griffin“Selena is a superconnector with a huge heart and Ivy League smarts.”

    – Christie Griffin, Editor-in-Chief at Richmond Bride and former Digital Director at FITNESS

  • janet-hanson“Selena was the mastermind behind securing press for my book.”

    Selena is a passionate self-starter. She was the mastermind behind securing press for my book More Than 85 Broads. Her natural ability to recognize synergies enabled us to land Macy’s as the sponsor for our book launch event.

    – Janet Hanson, Founder of 85 Broads (Now the Ellevate Network)

  • Alison-Leipzig“I got a 4-page spread in LUCKY magazine and a spot on the Today Show!”

    Just six months after launching my Body Confidence Coaching business, Selena helped me score a 4-page feature spread in LUCKY magazine, followed by a spot on the Today Show. Before Selena, I had no idea how to get high profile publicity. Selena helped me craft what to say to get the attention of big players in the media and build a relationship with them. If you want to be known as a star in your field, then you need Selena in your corner!

    – Alison Leipzig, Body Confidence Coach and Graphic Designer

  • Ratana“My revenue has doubled!”

    “Thanks to Selena’s approach, I’ve built valuable relationships that have led to recurring business opportunities. My revenue has doubled and I couldn’t be happier!”

    – Ratana Therakulsathit, Storytelling Coach + Marketing Strategist

  • Nagina“Over $30k in the first 6 months.”

    “Selena’s powerful connection strategies helped me generate over $30k in the first 6 months of my part-time health coaching business.”

    – Nagina Sethi Abdullah, Weight Loss Nutrition Coach

  • David“My revenue grew more than 250%.”

    “Selena’s relationship building strategies help me boost my bottom-line! In the last year, my business revenue grew more than 250%.”

    – David Tang, Lawyer

  • Lewis“She’s the go-to expert for authentic, powerful relationships.”

    “Before you reach out to that VIP or influential person in your field, get to know Selena Soo. She’s the go-to expert for teaching people how to create authentic, powerful relationships.”

    – Lewis Howes, Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Former Pro Athlete

  • Isabel-Foxen-Duke“I landed front-page articles for The Huffington Post and in-studio interviews on HuffPost Live!”

    Selena strategically helped me to restructure my business model so that within a few months, I doubled my revenue and had a waiting list of clients. She also coached me in taking my visibility to the next level — which helped me to land viral, front-page articles for The Huffington Post and in-studio interviews on HuffPost Live.

    – Isabel Foxen Duke, Emotional Eating Expert

  • Lisa-Fabrega“Selena will help you get your message out there in the bigger way.”

    Whenever one of my clients wants to increase their visibility in the media, I always recommend them to Selena. Selena has a keen understanding of what is needed to get your message out there in a bigger way, yet she doesn’t sacrifice integrity and authenticity in the process.  Her savvy understanding of publicity, networking and the fact that she is a super-connector, helps too. I invited Selena to be a guest speaker in my Rise Mastermind program and she blew the women away, several of them signed up to work with her and I’ve loved watching their media profile increase since then.  Highly recommend Selena–she knows her stuff!

    – Lisa Fabrega, Women’s Leadership Coach

  • Devin-Tomb“Anyone Selena brings my way, I immediately trust.”

    “Selena has quickly become my go-to resource when I need an expert in, really, any industry.  From my days at Glamour and Seventeen, and now at Self, I love collaborating with Selena. She is easy to work with, super responsive, and brings me fresh ideas. She is so passionate about her clients and only works with the best. Anyone she brings my way, I immediately trust.


    – Devin Tomb, Senior Editor at SELF Magazine

  • Kristen“Her teachings have created a wealth of influential connections for me AND my clients.”

    “In the worlds of online marketing, business coaching, and personal development, Selena is one of the most connected people I know.

    Selena also advised me on how to land and make the most of media opportunities, like recently getting featured in The New York Times. She has a generous heart and an impeccable reputation. If you ever have the chance to learn from Selena, TAKE IT. Her teachings have created a wealth of influential connections for me AND my clients.”

    – Kristen Domingue, Life Purpose + Branding Coach

  • Vicki-Salemi“Selena is a PR media maven with stellar contacts.”

    “Selena is a PR media maven with stellar contacts and impeccable working relationships to make your PR endeavors leap off the page.”

    – Vicki Salemi, writer for Forbes, U.S. News & World Report and Mediabistro

  • Lauren-Ruotolo“The ultimate connector”

    “Selena is great at creating win-win partnerships. She is the ultimate connector and I enthusiastically recommend her!”

    – Lauren Ruotolo, Former Director of Entertainment Promotions at Hearst Magazines

  • Michael“The backbone of most entrepreneur success stories…”

    “The powerful relationship strategies Selena teaches are the backbone of most of the entrepreneur and solopreneur success stories you see online.”

    – Michael O’Neal, Host of The Solopreneur Hour Podcast

  • Andi-Bartz“Selena really thinks like an editor — essential when pitching the media!”

    Selena is inquisitive and thoughtful and really thinks like an editor—an essential skill when pitching the media.”

    – Andi Bartz, Deputy Editor at Natural Health Magazine and Fit Pregnancy Magazine

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