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If you want to grow your business to the 6-figure, multi 6-figure, or even 7-figure level…

If you want to impact more lives and run a successful and profitable business…

…then this will be the most important message you read all day.

If you’re like a lot of my students and clients, you’ve likely tried a few things already to grow your business.

Maybe you…

    • Purchased online courses to uplevel your strategy. You gained knowledge but didn’t get feedback or support for your specific needs.
    • Signed up for a group coaching program, but after the first month you got distracted and didn’t follow through, making you feel like you wasted your money.
    • Joined various free communities on Facebook or LinkedIn to grow your network, but it felt like everyone was just trying to sell you something.

Impact Accelerator is designed to help you build YOUR rich life

You know you need to do something to start seeing bigger results in your business.

After all, your business is not only your passion and purpose… it’s also your livelihood.

The last thing you want to do is return to a corporate job and work for someone else. Especially when you have special gifts that are meant to be shared with the world.

Giving up a life of freedom and flexibility, where you get to call the shots, is not a trade you’re willing to make.


It doesn’t feel easy and fun. In fact, at times it feels like an uphill battle!

Deep down, you know the #1 best investment in your business is YOU.

Because even if you’re not as far along as you’d like to be, you’ve created magic in the lives of others.

Maybe you’ve experienced one of these situations…

    • After an incredible breakthrough session, clients say to you, “Wow. One conversation with you was worth more than three years of therapy!”
    • People in your programs write you heartfelt thank-yous and glowing testimonials for turning around their health, relationships, business, or finances — sometimes their entire lives!
    • You feel alive when you’re presenting to groups. People tell you, “My mind is blown. You’ve opened up my eyes! I feel so excited about what’s possible for me.”

You know it’s true.

Your work has the ability to transform countless lives, if only people knew who you were…

My passion is turning hidden gems (like you) into household names.

Because being a best-kept secret doesn’t pay the bills. It leads to overworking and underearning, none of which you want for yourself.

So how did I get into this world of mentoring entrepreneurs to grow successful businesses?

When I turned 30, I started my own publicity business. But I had two problems.

  1. One of my first clients was a total nightmare, making me fearful of attracting more people into my high-ticket offers.
  2. My business model was broken, making it difficult for me to scale.

I was stuck making $4,000/month, which wasn’t bad (after all, it was more than what I made at my nonprofit job), but I knew I was meant for more.

Meanwhile, I noticed a group of female entrepreneurs who had 6 and multi 6-figure businesses. They would hang out together and celebrate their wins on social media.

One night, I joined them for dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Over passion fruit margaritas I asked them…

“What’s your secret?”

I learned that they were in a mastermind led by a business coach who was advising them on the exact moves to make in their business. I remember thinking, “That’s exactly what I need!”

I knew I was hard-working and smart. I just needed a roadmap. I needed someone to personally guide me to 6 figures… and beyond.

But the price of admission wasn’t cheap. It would cost me $27,000 to work with this business coach in this mastermind group.

While this was a massive investment (and almost as much as I made in the first six months of my business), I said YES!

I didn’t want to live a life of regret wondering, “What if?”

I also knew I was merely scratching the surface of my potential — and that without support I wouldn’t be able to move forward with confidence.

So I did the bold, scary thing and enrolled in this premium mastermind. That was when my business and life changed forever.

In my first full year of my coaching business (thanks to the support of my business mentor) I made $157,000.

The next year, I doubled that to $330,000.

Three years later, I crossed a million dollars — and the next year I crossed two million.

What I achieved surpassed my wildest expectations! After all, there was a part of me that doubted if I could be truly successful in business.

You see, I consider myself to be a massive introvert and highly sensitive. I also used to be terrified of the camera and being seen.

Today, I’m passionate about helping more entrepreneurs (like you!) make massive leaps in your revenue and your impact, because I know it’s possible.

Let me show you how…


Whether you generate a million dollars in a single year or over several years, I truly believe you have what it takes to make millions AND impact millions.

Some mentors hide their best strategies from their students and clients. I believe in sharing them ALL with you.

That’s why in my Impact Accelerator mentorship program, I dive deep into my 3P framework that has earned me over $13 million in revenue in my first 10 years of business…

 and will continue to help me generate millions in the years to come.

Here’s how it works:


Generate top-tier publicity that positions you as an industry leader, allowing you to reach more people, increase demand for your services, and attract premium clients.


Create meaningful connections with colleagues and influencers who have audiences of buyers perfect for your offers, and build partnerships and win-win collaborations.


Create premium offers that you love, and follow a proven process to sell them, allowing you to have a successful and profitable 6-figure, multi 6-figure, or 7-figure business.

Now here’s the thing: I know my process works, but I’m going to be honest with you. Results don’t happen overnight. It takes months to get these three systems in place.

That’s why when I work with people, I require a minimum of nine months together.

If you’d like to work with me and my two senior coaches to…

  • Massively increase your visibility, so your perfect clients can find you
  • Become a highly sought after leader in your industry
  • Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs who become your business besties
  • Create premium offers that allow you to easily reach your big revenue goals
  • Launch your services, group programs, and courses with clarity and confidence

…then I have a special invitation for you.


Impact Accelerator is my high-touch coaching & accountability program for impact-driven entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level.

Unlike other programs where you’re just a number, in our program you’ll feel deeply seen and supported.

Why? Because we spend time creating a direct relationship with you.

My senior team and I take the time to intimately understand your business so we can give you the customized support and accountability you need to succeed.

When most people join group programs, they’re excited for the first week or two, but then get distracted and fall behind… leading them to never receive the full benefits that the program offers.

Other times, they feel completely overwhelmed because they’re exposed to so many different strategies (Write a book! Start a podcast! Get on TikTok!) — rather than focusing on the essential, needle-moving tasks that will actually make them money.

Our high-touch business mentoring program will help you stay focused as you take meaningful action toward your goals. That’s why so many of our clients say that joining Impact Accelerator was the best investment they ever made in their business.


After helping thousands of clients reach their unique business goals, I realized there are five essential elements needed to support your success:

  • 1:1 Support
  • Group Coaching
  • Experiences
  • Training
  • Community

In Impact Accelerator, we use these five elements to help our clients use publicity, partnerships, and promotions to grow a successful and joyful business.

Will you be next?


Total Value: $7,091

1:1 Welcome Call ($397 value)

1 Business Audit with Selena ($2,000 value)

1 Cash Injection Session with Ashley ($1,500 value)

1 Publicity Planning Session with Sharon ($1,500 value)

2 Personal Success Calls ($997 value)

9 Email Check-Ins ($697 value)

Impact Accelerator is a personalized program where you’ll receive significant 1:1 attention with your coaches. You’ll have a dedicated Client Success Manager who’ll check in with you via email, text, and Zoom throughout the nine-month program.

If you’re struggling and need support, we’ll be there for you — whether it’s prioritizing your question on a hot-seat call, reviewing your copy, or recording video feedback for you.

“The people in my personal life are commenting on how successful I am. I am no longer worried about money, and I have a constant flow of income and clients…. I now charge more and close more sales.”

— Blair Kaplan Venables
social media marketing expert

Total Value: $27,382

The Kick-Off Orientation Call
($397 value)

Start on a high note! You’ll learn about the seven success principles, how to raise the bar and embody excellence, and how to create time to schedule your success.

Plus, we’ve organized activities in small breakout rooms to boost connections with your peers, so you start benefiting from your community right away.

3 Quarterly Goal-Setting Sessions
($3,997 value)

Every quarter, we will get clear on YOUR unique goals and YOUR specific action plan.

Why? Because when you have a clear and specific action plan, you’ll be able to grow your business without getting derailed by second-guessing and spending time on things that don’t actually get results.

Let’s make sure you reach the exciting goals you set for yourself this year!

27 High-Touch Coaching Calls
($14,991 value)

Here’s how that breaks down:

  • 9 publicity coaching calls ($4,997 value)
  • 9 promotions coaching calls ($4,997 value)
  • 9 partnership coaching calls ($4,997 value)

This is where we work with you to master the art of landing top-tier publicity, win-win partnerships, and designing premium offers that you’re excited about and proud to share with the world! We’re happy to review your launch plans, sales pages, email copy, media pitches, partnership outreach emails, and so much more.

Our clients have the most inspiring breakthroughs during our hot-seat calls!


18 Copy Clinics
($7,997 value)

In our bi-weekly Copy Clinics, you’ll get professional tips and personalized feedback on your copy from our in-house copywriter. You’ll learn how to write words that sell your offers and make a lasting impact.

“Since joining Impact Accelerator:

• I’ve gotten more high-ticket clients

• I’ve created additional streams of income

• 90% of clients come to me pre-sold on my offer because of my amazing referral partners

• I’ve enjoyed more bandwidth and energy in my business without sacrificing the things I need to nourish my physical, mental, creative, spiritual health, and well-being

• I’m having FUN with sales

• Best of all — my clients get the best version of me each day… which makes me feel fulfilled & happy!”

Jaleh Zandieh
leadership and inclusion expert

Total Value: $7,988

1 Premium Offer Mastermind ($1,997 value)

1 Money Mastery One-Day Virtual Intensive ($1,997 value)

1 10x Your Productivity One-Day Virtual Intensive ($1,997 value)

1 Content Genius One-Day Virtual Intensive ($1,997 value)

I believe in doing fewer things, but doing them better. That’s why with certain key areas of business, it’s important to go deep (vs. stay surface level) in order to create meaningful transformation.

In Impact Accelerator, I select three topics to do a one-day, deep-dive intensive around.

For 2024, they are:

Vivid Vision — getting crystal clear on the dream business and life you want to create.

10X Your Productivity — leverage your team and systems to reduce your workload by 30% – 70%, including hiring affordable, top talent overseas.

Content Genius — have a content plan that primes and converts prospects into high-ticket buyers.

These private (and virtual) retreats are where we go deep into your business but also connect, have fun, and develop lifelong connections.

“Every event and workshop you produce is thoughtfully and masterfully done — which, by example, gives me ideas for how to cultivate a high-value community for the difference makers I’m here to elevate.”

— Stephanie Zhong
brand strategist and story coach

Total Value: $10,985

Publicity Training & Resources ($1,997 value)

Partnerships Training & Resources ($1,997 value)

Promotions Training & Resources ($1,997 value)

Get Known, Get Clients Training & Resources ($2,997 value)

Cash Injection Intensive ($1,997 value)

You get the tools and resources that I used to scale my business. You can start using them from day one to set yourself up for success.

You’ll get templates and processes that you can just plug into your business — helping you systemize and automate your way to a smoothly run business.

Impact Accelerator clients across multiple industries and business types have used these resources to save tons of time and quickly structure their business for success.

I would have LOVED to get my hands on these tools when I was growing my business.

“I learned from Impact Accelerator what specific tasks I need to delegate…. It’s allowed me more time to focus on growth opportunities.”

—Shaunda Necole
lifestyle blogger and coach

Total Value: $4,788

Accountability Partner ($1,297 value)

We’ll pair you with another Impact Accelerator client who is at a similar level as you. You’ll cheer each other on and provide accountability as you work toward your exciting business goals.

3 Rich Relationship Mixers ($1,797 value)

These networking events are designed to help you make deep and meaningful connections with your Impact Accelerator peers. Expect to come away with new business besties, collaborators, and promotional partnerships!

Impact Accelerator Client Directory ($697 value)

Our clients often look for reputable partners they can refer business to, and this virtual Rolodex makes it so much easier for you to find each other!

Impact Accelerator Online Community ($997 value)

Our community is truly unique in how powerfully everyone shows up for one another. Ask any of our members, and they’ll tell you how inspiring and supportive our community is.

“I didn’t know if Impact Accelerator could be as impactful as getting a 1:1 coach, but looking back, I’ve come to realize that the community was imperative to so many of my breakthroughs and wins — so many amazing brainstorming sessions we’ve had with my amazing peers!”

— Haley Hoover
intuitive artist and success coach

“Surrounding myself with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs has been game changing for me! We connected and leaned on each other the whole way through!”

— Cheryl Furer

These five layers will accelerate your growth and keep you on track to building your business.

When you’re missing one of these layers of support, it makes it infinitely harder to achieve your incredible goals and dreams — and this is why many strategies (even when paired with online courses and coaching programs) don’t actually work.

But there’s no stopping you when you have the right support paired with the right strategies — and that’s what you get in Impact Accelerator.

Selena Soo is a publicity and marketing strategist for visionary entrepreneurs, experts, and authors who want to reach millions with their message. Her strategies have helped her clients land media in places like O, The Oprah Magazine, Forbes, Amy Porterfield’s Online Marketing Made Easy Show, and Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger Podcast. Through dozens of multi 6-figure and 7-figure launches, Selena has generated over $13 million in revenue in her first 10 years of business. She has also built more than 400 affiliate and referral partnerships. She’s passionate about helping online business owners to create and launch their premium offers. A former New Yorker, Selena is living her dream life in sunny Puerto Rico.

Ashley Brasseaux is a marketing and launch strategist who has directed multi 6-figure campaigns for entrepreneurs and influencers. Ashley has supported her clients in generating millions in revenue and growing their email newsletters and social media followings. She’s also transformed client offerings by upleveling messaging and sales strategies, resulting in 4x returns. Ashley loves connecting with others, bringing big visionary ideas to the table, and helping them on their entrepreneurial journey. A world traveler, Ashley can be found taking coaching calls from tropical destinations like Hawaii or Mexico.

Sharon Stokes is a senior media coach who has served as a TV producer for close to 20 years, producing interviews with notable personalities including Oprah, Richard Branson, Marie Forleo, Lewis Howes, Gabrielle Bernstein, and Jim Kwik. Her credits include Canadian productions such as The Marilyn Denis Show, Entertainment Tonight Canada, and Your Morning. Sharon is also a certified life coach and fitness instructor who has shared her expertise with The Huffington Post, Reader’s Digest, and Bustle. She has appeared on various podcasts and TV and radio shows. She will arm you with the knowledge and tools to land high-profile publicity opportunities.

Here’s what people are saying about

“I knew I would waste years of my life trying to figure out how to make my business successful.

Yes, I had tried some online courses, but they didn’t hold me accountable or inspire me to keep taking action the way the Impact Accelerator calls and super-supportive Impact Accelerator community does!

When I joined Impact Accelerator I didn’t have the $10k+ available to join the program, but I’m glad I did, because with the help of Impact Accelerator, I was able to generate over $14k in just 21 days! What a way to get the ball rolling!”

— Claudine Chicheportiche
high performance mindset coach

“I signed up for Impact Accelerator because I knew I desperately needed support to create my high-ticket offer, position my brand as an authority, and grow my audience. And it totally paid off.

I created a referral program to my 3-month high-ticket pilates training and to my 9-month mentorship, which has created a waitlist of 73 women….

And, what’s more, since January
I have made $195,976.
Wow, I’m still amazed!”

— Jaqueline Martin
pilates coach

“Being salesy has always been one of my greatest fears, so learning how to sell powerfully, with integrity and heart, has been incredibly helpful. And by getting clear on my offers and communicating them, instead of inconsistent $10k months, I’ve had consistent $10k months and can’t wait to get to a consistent $15k and beyond!”

—Sherry Lukey
trauma and EFT specialist for entrepreneurs

“Not enough can be said of this community. It is so special. The genuine support and encouragement has really been game-changing.”

— Hannah Strenger
queer business guide

“I leveled up more than I could have imagined through the help of Selena, her team, and other entrepreneurs in the program who helped me grow, stretch, and believe in myself in a
way that I didn’t even realize I really needed….

I earned almost the entire gross revenue I earned the year before in ONE month! And best of all? Even with my day job, I’m now on track to make 6 figures in my business this year!”

— Emily Schickli
self-care and intuition coach

“I really love the way Selena and her team are so invested in their students. They provide a nurturing environment, they’re easy to talk with, and they’re so much fun!… They overdeliver and hold you accountable in your action plans. I knew that if I wanted to take my business to the next level then I needed to join Impact Accelerator.”

— Shannon Villalba
attorney and holistic business coach

“My closing rate went from 40% to 80% because I’m now so aligned with what I offer. As somebody who had been terrified of sales, it’s now actually something I enjoy doing. And I was able to make $25,000 in 3 months from one new offer, which was so cool.”

— Stephanie Zhong
brand strategist & story coach

“The thing that I love most is just the level of professionalism. It was a big investment, the most I’ve invested in a business program like this — and every single week and month, massive value was delivered. As a result, my business has grown more this year than any other year!”

— Casey O’Roarty
founder of Joyful Courage, a conscious parent education company

“I feel connected, aligned, blessed, honored, and on the TOP of the world, having surrounded myself with this tribe of superstars who are fiercely passionate about the impact they are making in the world.”

— Dijana Llugolli
launch and scale strategist
for online experts

“One big win was being invited to participate in an all-day workshop on a panel of 11 experts in my niche.

Not only has this put me in front of an audience of over 1,400 ideal prospects (with almost 100% immediate positive feedback), it has resulted in website traffic/subscribers to my emails and courses, and further teaching and speaking requests.

It has positioned me as a credible expert in my field for other therapists.”

— Jennifer Vroom
meditation and mindful communication expert

“I have established 2 affiliate partnerships and 10 referral partnerships! I also tripled my business revenue and landed incredible media features that boosted my credibility.”

— Erna Blooms
brand expert & growth action coach

What's your investment?

So you’re probably wondering just how much Impact Accelerator costs…

If you did the math, then you already know that Impact Accelerator has a total value of more than $60,231!

But we’re not pricing it at $60,231, because we want to make it accessible for you to join us, and we want to make sure that you’re getting the investment back many times over.

That’s why we’ve priced Impact Accelerator at just $9,997 for nine months of transformation!*

And we’re also offering two different payment plans… meaning you can get started right now with just $997 down!

This is your opportunity to get high-touch support from me and my two senior coaches in the three core areas — publicity, partnerships, and promotions — that I’ve used to grow my own multi 7-figure business…

*The investment will be going UP in 2025, so lock in our best pricing ever today.


Pay-In-Full Bonuses:

1) Rich Relationships Mixer with Selena’s Inner Circle ($1,500 value)

Meet and network with Selena’s Inner Circle of friends, including best-selling authors, podcasters, and 6- and 7-figure entrepreneurs. 

2) Behind-the-Scenes of the Impact Accelerator Launch ($1,500 value)

Get a complete breakdown of our Impact Accelerator launch — what we made, how much we spent, what strategies we implemented, and more.

Fast-Action Bonuses:

1) Sales Page Review ($1,000 value)

Get your sales page personally reviewed (only for the first 10 people who sign up)!

2) 20-minute pocket call with Ashley ($500 value)

3) 20-minute pocket call with Sharon ($500 value)



TOTAL: $9,997


$997 now
+ 4 payments of $2,500

TOTAL: $10,997


$997 now
+ 8 payments of $1,375

Total: $11,997

If you’re ready to rise to the highest level of your business and scale your impact and income, I invite you to join today.

If you have questions or want to talk with our team to find out if
Impact Accelerator is right for you…

Impact Accelerator is worth it even if you were able to get only…

  • One new high-ticket client
  • One piece of premium publicity
  • One new relationship that put you in front of thousands

The fact that you’ve read this far means Impact Accelerator is speaking to you.

You already know the techniques that you’re using to reach the highest levels of your business just aren’t working.

You know it’s time to try something new… because if you stay where you are, you’re worried you’re going to burn out — or run out of money. And the longer you keep going without making progress, you’ll start to believe your dream isn’t possible for you!


Join me, my team of expert coaches, and our next-level community to tap into a steady stream of accountability, support, and guidance.

Now is the time to…

  • Feel fulfilled and joyful in your business
  • Impact thousands, even millions of lives
  • Increase your prices and attract high-ticket clients
  • Be recognized as the trusted expert in your industry
  • Enjoy a steady stream of leads who are pre-sold on your offers

Ready to take the leap?

Your Future Coach,

P.S. Let’s review everything you get with Impact Accelerator

You’ll enjoy support and accountability from me and two of my most trusted coaches as you implement the marketing strategies that I used to grow my multi 7-figure business.

Using the Inevitable Success Framework — 1:1 Support, Group Coaching, Experiences, Training, and Community — we’ll make sure you’re getting the personalized feedback and attention that you need for your unique business.

During your nine months of transformation, you’ll get all of this next-level support:

1:1 Support

1:1 Welcome Call $397
1 Business Audit with Selena $2,000
1 Cash Injection Session with Ashley $1,500
1 Publicity Planning Session with Sharon $1,500
2 Personal Success Calls $997
9 Email Check-Ins $997
Total Value:        $7,091

Group Coaching

Orientation Kick-Off Call $397
Quarterly Goal Setting Sessions $3,997
Publicity Coaching Calls $4,997
Partnerships Coaching Calls $4,997
Partnerships Coaching Calls $4,997
Copy Clinics $7,997
Total Value:        $27,382


Premium Offer Mastermind $1,997
10X Your Productivity 1-Day Virtual Intensive $1,997
Content Genius 1-Day Virtual Intensive $1,997
Money Mastery 1-Day Virtual Intensive $1,997
Total Value:        $7,988


Publicity Training & Resources $1,997
Partnerships Training & Resources $1,997
Promotions Training & Resources $1,997
Cash Injection Intensive $1,997
Get Known, Get Clients Training & Resources (enrollment bonus) $2,997
Total Value:        $10,985


9 Momentum Mapping Calls $2,497
3 Rich Relationship Mixers $1,297
Accountability Partner $1,297
Impact Accelerator Client Directory $697
Impact Accelerator Online Community $997
Total Value:        $6,785

Total Value:


Total Investment (Full Pay):


Live Event Access:



If you complete the program requirements, and don’t make your investment back, we’ll refund you 100% of your investment.