Accelerate Your Business Growth On Your Own Terms

Coaching & Accountability for Impact-Driven Entrepreneurs who want to get to the next level.

Accelerate Your

Business Growth

On Your Own Terms

Coaching & Accountability for Impact-Driven Entrepreneurs who want to get to the next level.


Most Impact-Driven Entrepreneurs
Have This in Common

I want to know if any of this resonates…

You know you can change people’s lives, but you’re still a hidden gem


  • Trying to do all the things on your own (and it feels too complicated to to delegate and outsource)
  • Attracting the wrong kind of leads (who question your expertise and prices)
  • Feeling stuck in your business and unsure how to break through to the next level
  • Looking for a coach and community to hold you accountable

You know that if you could reach more people, you could change more lives, but you don’t have a clear plan you can trust to get you there.

You feel *beyond* ready to break through to that next level of business, so you can:


  • Attract dream clients who are pre-sold on your offer – they already see you as a trusted expert and are happy to pay your premium rates
  • Form win-win referral partnerships with other service providers and coaches who send a steady stream of qualified leads you way
  • Land podcast, media, and speaking opportunities, and receive requests from high-profile experts who want you to share your expertise with their audiences
  • Feel energized and fulfilled by your business – your clients get the best version of you each day, and you’re making a huge impact on the world
  • Enjoy an abundance of downtime to focus on things that fill you with joy and purpose

No, no, I’m not a mindreader; this is a common situation for most hidden gems… 

How common? To give you an idea…

Thousands of my students (and I) have been there, too.

And if you’re like a lot of my students, you’ve likely tried a few things already to grow your business, like maybe you…


  • Purchased online courses to uplevel your strategy. You gained knowledge, but lacked feedback and support for your specific and unique needs.
  • Signed up for a coaching program, and it really made you feel inspired and focused for a time, but you lost momentum just a few months after the program ended. 
  • Joined a number of free communities on Facebook or LinkedIn to grow your valuable network, but everyone was just trying to sell you something.

I need you to know, it’s not your fault.

Most courses give a one-size-fits-all formula, but they don’t meet you where you’re at with your stage of business. Or they don’t help you adapt those strategies to your unique needs. That’ll leave anyone stuck!

I want you to know that you ARE a superstar. 

(Otherwise, you wouldn’t be on this page right now… reading about how to create a joyful and successful business that impacts lives.)

And even superstars get stuck sometimes!

You might find it hard to believe, because (just as I once did) you’re watching other entrepreneurs…


  • Growing 6 and 7-figure businesses
  • Getting incredible recognition in the media
  • Filling their offers with dream clients
You’re hardworking, smart, and fiercely passionate about helping others, so you can’t help but wonder…

 “What do they know that I don’t?”


You know that if you don’t figure this out and keep doing what you’re doing, it will lead to burnout and frustration, and you might even start to think that your dream isn’t possible

And nothing hurts my heart more than when impact-driven entrepreneurs give up on their dreams. There’s a way to make sure that never happens to you, but first I think it’s important that we look at….

…why growing your business can feel so hard (especially when it looks so easy for others)…

The Surprising Truth
About Growing Your Business

While it’s true that growth can be challenging as you stretch yourself and try things you’ve never done before…

It can also feel joyful, rewarding, and empowering! (With the right support.)

You need that deep level of support to break through to those top-tier levels of your business.

And you’ve already tried a few courses and programs already, so by now you know that it’s rare to find the exact right strategy, mentorship, and community to truly support you and your unique business… 

(One size does NOT fit all! Ever try on size 7 heels when your feet are size 8.5? Ouch!)

…and even rarer to find a course or coaching program that gives you the resources you need to help keep up your momentum even after the program ends.


Our 5-Part Inevitable Success Framework that gives you the personalized and hands-on support you’ve been waiting for.



After experiencing life-changing growth in my own business and then helping countless clients reach their unique business goals, I realized there are 5 layers of support needed to guarantee success every time.


COACHING to support your unique business

It’s amazing what you can accomplish with the guidance of trusted mentors who have successfully achieved what you envision for your own business. 

And the truth is, it’s best to have multiple mentors with different backgrounds and specialties so that you can get personalized feedback to help you overcome and navigate your unique challenges, needs, and opportunities.  

That’s why Impact Accelerator has 4 expert coaches (including me!), giving you personalized feedback and attention. Plus, you get 35 coaching sessions over 9 months to keep you clear, focused, and on track – that works out to be about 1 call per week!




“The quality of coaches is next level – I recently had to go back to the kinds of training that I thought were brilliant in the past and I was blown away by what I used to think was good. Lynya, Jamie, Selena, and everyone they bring in – they’re incredible, generous, kind in how they deliver information and help you learn – it’s the kind of learning and heart-centered business strategy that I was never taught.”




“I wanted to save time in my business by working with integrity-centered, trusted advisors who have already figured out ways to successfully achieve what I’m envisioning… that’s why I chose to work with Selena and her team! Since Joining Impact Accelerator…

  • I’ve gotten more high-ticket clients
  • Created additional streams of income
  • 90% of clients come to me pre-sold on my offer because of my amazing referral partners
  • I’ve enjoyed more bandwidth and energy in my business without without sacrificing the things I need to nourish my physical, mental, creative, spiritual health and well-being
  • I’m having FUN with sales conversations

Best of all – My clients get the best version of me each day…which makes me feel fulfilled & happy!”


Community to motivate you and hold you accountable

Having a like-minded community is key to your success. You need people to lift you, cheer for you, and hold you accountable.

We attract and select members who align with the genuine, supportive, generous, and fiercely passionate community that we built. We’ve seen so many powerful win-win partnerships and life-long friendships form as a result. 

I’ve curated an engaged, supportive, and high-vibe space like you’ve never experienced (and that’s because it’s filled with superstars like you!).



“I didn’t know if Impact Accelerator could be as impactful as getting a 1:1 coach, but looking back, I’ve come to realize that the community was imperative to so many of my breakthroughs and wins – so many amazing brainstorming sessions were had with my amazing peers!”



“Surrounding myself with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs has been game-changing for me! We connected and leaned on each other the whole way through!”


Capacity for swift growth in your business

We help our students grow their businesses in a big way. And when you work with us, it’s possible to actually double your business… and then some. However, when you don’t have capacity for fast and powerful growth, it can leave you stuck in your business. 

When you build that kind of next-level momentum in your business, it can sometimes feel overwhelming. But we want you to run a joyful business so that you can energetically show up for your clients. You can’t do that when you start creeping into burnout territory! 

That’s why we include capacity coaching intensives – to make sure you have the right systems, mindset, and the time in your calendar to support the swift growth of your business.



I feel fulfilled.

“The people in my personal life are commenting on how successful I am. I am no longer worried about money and I have a constant flow of income and clients. I feel fulfilled. Since Impact Accelerator, I landed an interview on TV (Money Matters) and my expertise has been featured in Forbes, Thrive Global and Influencive. I’ve developed a coaching program with my podcast co-host and we have a multiple 5-figure launch for our 6-month program! I now charge more and close more sales.”


Experiences to enjoy the journey

Sometimes we forget to celebrate and enjoy the beautiful journey of growing our business.

And the thing is – what’s the point of achieving your incredible goals if you can’t find joy in the process? 

We schedule intentional experiences to celebrate your big and small wins and appreciate the person you’ve become in the process. 

Finding joy in the journey attracts amazing opportunities because people can see your passion and gifts shine through when it comes from a place of joy.



The gold standard for developing a high caliber community of coaches and cohorts

“Team Selena sets the gold standard for developing a high caliber community of coaches and cohorts. It would have taken me years to meet this many brilliant, heart-centered visionaries on my own. Every event and workshop you produce is thoughtfully and masterfully done – which by example, gives me ideas for how to cultivate a high-value community for the difference makers I’m here to elevate. 

I’ve leveled up my mindset from freelancer to CEO and what a difference it makes to embody my authority NOW. Grateful, honored, and happy that I invested in IA. It was a quantum leap and the best decision I made last year! Selena, Jamie, Lynya, Lisa, and all the team members who create a seamless, supportive experience for us, you’re a blessing.”


Resources to quickly automate and systemize your business

I love resources because I love shortcuts, especially if it means spending less time doing (or avoiding) mundane tasks in my business.

We’ve focused on providing you with powerful resources that help you overcome very common obstacles that delay your success. 

These are the resources that are super essential to your growth, so you’re getting templates and processes that you can just plug into your business – helping you systemize and automate your way to a smoothly run business.




“I learned from IA what specific tasks I need to delegate. Hearing the stories and wins in the community allowed me to start delegating with ease! With fewer little nuanced tasks, I’ve had more time to focus on growth opportunities.”

These are the 5 layers to accelerating your growth and keeping you on track.

When you’re missing one of these layers of support, it makes it nearly impossible to achieve your incredible goals and dreams – and this is why many strategies (even when paired with online courses and coaching programs) don’t actually work. 

But there’s no stopping you when you have the right support paired with the right strategies!


Introducing the three core areas

I used to grow my own

multi 7-figure business

Impact Accelerator is your opportunity to dive into 
a deep level of support
from my team of expert coaches and me 
as we help you master the power of the 3Ps…



Discover how to land top-tier publicity that expands your reach and visibility and positions you as a trusted expert.



Find out how to create win-win partnerships with people who promote your main, existing offer and who open up new doors for you.



Learn how to attract dream clients, increase sales conversions, and get people excited about what you have to offer.

We’ll coach you so that you can work the 3Ps smarter, not harder, while you grow your beautiful and joyful business. 

These are the exact same strategies I used to grow my multi 7-figure business, so I know they work

Tripled my revenue and boosted my credibility

“I have established 2 affiliate partnerships and 10 referral partnerships! From these partnerships, I’ve received over $15k of revenue from both new clients and referral commissions.

Plus, I created my first freebie offer to build my mailing list for an upcoming online course launch, tripled my business revenue, and landed incredible media features that super boosted my credibility. I am so grateful for the guidance from IA mentors and accountability support from the group!”

Erna Blooms
Brand Expert & Growth Action Coach

Positioned me as a credible expert in my field

“One big win was being invited to participate in an all day workshop on a panel of 11 experts in my niche.

Not only has this put me in front of an audience of over 1,400 ideal prospects (with almost 100% immediate positive feedback), it has resulted in website traffic/subscribers to my emails and courses, further teaching/speaking requests, and has positioned me as a credible expert in my field for other therapists.”

Jennifer Vroom
Meditation and Mindful
Communication Expert


“I have so much more confidence with sales calls, which has led to me closing more calls!

I also reached out to another entrepreneur whose program I did last year (he has a huge email list and has presented with Seth Godin and Naomi Simson) and we recently launched my course to his audience.

We ended up with over 500+ people at the masterclass and I closed $4,000 in sales!”




I feel connected, aligned, blessed, honored and on the TOP of the world

“I feel connected, aligned, blessed, honored and on the TOP of the world having surrounded myself with this tribe of Superstars that are fiercely passionate about the Impact they are making in the world.

Impact Accelerator gave me much needed consistency, clarity and confidence to get out there and share my VOICE and impact the world.



If any of these desires speak to you and you feel called to step into your full potential and get that support along the way, I have an invitation for you.

Join Us for Our 9-Month Accelerator to Make 2022 Your Most Epic Year Yet! 

Impact Accelerator is our next-level coaching program for impact-driven entrepreneurs, who are ready to create a successful and joyful business on their terms.

And we only open our doors once a year to a small group of people to give our incredible students that level of personalized feedback and attention that most programs are missing.

Here’s just a teeny glimpse into what

our incredible clients have come

to expect from Impact Accelerator:

Get personalized feedback and support for YOUR unique business
Reach your 6 and high multi 6-figure income goals
Land top-tier media opportunities and expand your visibility
Become a respected and recognized expert in your niche
Delegate with confidence and ease
Attract dream clients who are already pre-sold on your offer
Get the resources and accountability you need to keep your momentum

…and so much more!

We are so EXCITED to get to know our 2022

This powerful experience kicks off on January 3rd, 2022,
and runs through to September 20th, 2022!

I never knew I could sell high-ticket offers and make such a killing!

“I signed up for Impact Accelerator because I knew I desperately needed support to create my high ticket offer, position my brand as an authority, and grow my audience. And it totally paid off. I created a referral program to my 3-month high ticket Pilates training and to my 9-month Mentorship which has created a waitlist of 73 women who are very excited for my next launch in January. And, what’s more, since January I have made $195,976.00. Wow, I’m still amazed!”

Jaqueline Martin

Pilates Coach

Doors close on October 22nd, 2021.

Here’s What You Get Inside

Impact Accelerator.

We are so passionate about overdelivering and setting our students up for success! And so my team and I poured our hearts and souls into making Impact Accelerator a coaching program that will change your life and the trajectory of your business in the most joyful and exciting way!



Total Value: $27,282

The Kick-Off Orientation Call

Start on a high note! You’ll learn about the 7 success principles, how to raise the bar and embody excellence, and how to create time to schedule your success. Plus, we’ve organized activities in small breakout rooms to boost connections with your peers, so you start benefiting from your community right away.

Your 90-Day Game Plan

Every quarter, we’re going to hand you a 90-day game plan – these are specific steps you’ll take to make sure you’re working those 3Ps. You’ll know what you need to do to design and guarantee your success.

(3) Quarterly Goal-Setting Sessions

Every quarter, we will work intensively on getting clear on YOUR unique goals and YOUR specific action plan.


Because when you have a clear and specific action plan, you’ll be able to grow your business without getting derailed by indecision, second-guessing, and spending time on things that don’t actually move the needle in your business. 

Let’s make sure your incredible goals happen for you!

(27) Coaching Calls in Publicity, Partnerships, and Promotions

Yes, you read that right!  

I love these sessions because we dive deep into the specific challenges and opportunities YOU’RE facing. 

This is where we work with you to master the art of landing top-tier publicity and win-win partnerships and designing offers that you’re excited and proud to share with the world! 

  • 9 Publicity Calls with our Senior Media Coach, Lynya Floyd 
  • 9 Promotions Calls with our Head of Programs and Director of Sales, Jamie Gulino Davis
  • And 9 calls with me — all about partnerships!

You’ll have the opportunity to sign up for hot seats, where you’ll get personalized feedback and attention. Our students have the most inspiring breakthroughs during our hot seats!

(1) 1:1 Deep-dive session with
Senior Media Coach, Lynya Floyd


You’ll get a private 45-minute session with Lynya Floyd! You can use this call to:

  • Come up with tons of fresh story ideas to pitch to the media 
  • Prep for a podcast interview or media appearance so that you feel confident in how to position yourself and your signature offer
  • Discover how to make yourself irresistible to business publications and podcasts

Lynya has worked as an editor at Glamour, Essence, Seventeen, Heart & Soul, Parenting, and more. Not to mention her articles have appeared in publications such as O, Money, and Fitness. Trust that 45 minutes with Lynya is PURE MAGIC.

(9) GSD Calls (for getting stuff done!)


Do you ever get stuck focusing on things that keep you busy but don’t move you forward in a powerful way? I’m excited to share that we’re holding space and dedicated time to help you prioritize your needle-moving activities (like writing a pitch, updating your offer, writing that blog article). Each session will be guided by either me, Jamie, or Lynya, and we’ll be making sure you get stuff done!


Impact Accelerator Online Community

Our community is truly unique in how powerfully everyone shows up for one another! Ask any of our members, and they’ll tell you that our supportive community is game-changing and unlike any other group out there.

We are very intentional in the people we select for this program and protective of the beautiful community we’ve built. This is for you if you want to be in the same room as influential, inspiring, and motivated entrepreneurs. 

Lifelong friendships, mentorships, and partnerships (all 3 of my favorite kinds of ships!) have come from this powerful group. 

Plus, you’ll find out that doors start to open fast when you surround yourself with people who have done or are doing the things you want to accomplish!

(3) Networking Salons with
Partnerships Manager, Megan Seamans


These networking salons are designed to help you make deep and meaningful connections with your Impact Accelerator peers. Expect to come away with new business besties, collaborators, and promotional partnerships! 

These sessions will be facilitated by our resident cheerleader and your soon-to-be biggest fan, Megan Seamans.

Impact Accelerator Directory


Our directory includes information about each member, including a description of the people you serve and your signature offer. Our students often look for reputable partners they can refer business to, and this rolodex makes it so much easier for you to find each other!

Total Value: $3,997

(4) Capacity Intensives with Leadership Mentor, Lisa Fabrega

We help our students grow their businesses in a big way. And when you work with us, it is very possible to double your business and then some. 

But I want you to think about this: do you have the capacity to double your business? 

Not having capacity is what gets a lot of entrepreneurs stuck and overwhelmed in their business. 

That’s why we brought Lisa Fabrega inside the program – to help you avoid the potential tidal wave of overwhelm that can happen when you don’t do the work to remove your capacity blocks. 

We structured this to work with you on your goals every quarter and then work on your capacity to support your goals right after. That puts strategy and capacity hand-in-hand, which is precisely how it should be. 

These capacity intensives are deep – they’re 2 hours each and are in a hot seat format where we’re digging into your specific business challenges.

Total Value: $6,994

(2) Two-Day Impact Accelerator Virtual Retreats

These private (and virtual) retreats are where we go deep into your business and have 2 full days together for connection, fun, and transformation.

Plus, we’ve hand-selected inspiring guest speakers to help you move the needle in your business. 

These are the same retreats we offer our top-level mastermind clients, and they’re investing $30,000 to be in the mastermind.

(1) Ticket to Impacting Millions LIVE 2022

You’re invited to Impacting Millions LIVE 2022, our annual red carpet (virtual) event, and my vision is to put many of you in the spotlight as our successful case studies. 

This isn’t just an opportunity to grow and connect; it’s also an opportunity to be seen as an expert in your niche!

Total Value: $3,997

Impact Accelerator Membership Site

All of this is beautifully organized inside our site – our resources, templates, recorded calls, and training resources.

7-Figure Business Tools 

I’m giving you the tools and resources I used to scale my business and you can start using them now to set yourself up for success.

You get…

  • Powerful tools and resources on how to structure a successful launch, as well as our best resources on the 3Ps.
  • Job descriptions for over a dozen of the most important roles to grow your online business. This is going to save you tons of time! (Not having these can massively delay your growth!)
  • Our most popular Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)! Here’s the thing – if you want to be freed up to be that CEO in your business, you will have to delegate things to other people. And that’s where SOPs come in! I know how overwhelming it can feel when you think about having to take the time to create them, and that’s why we’re just going to hand you the SOPs we use the most!

I would have LOVED to get my hands on these tools when I was growing my business.

If you did the math, then you already know that’s a total value of $44,261!

What’s the Investment?

We’re not pricing Impact Accelerator at $44,261 because we want to make it accessible for you to join us, and we want to make sure that you’re getting the investment back many times over.

That’s why we’ve priced Impact Accelerator at $11,997 for 9 months of transformation!

And we’re offering some incredible payment plans… meaning you can get started right now with $997 down! More on payment options below.

This is your opportunity to get high-touch support from me and 3 of my most trusted coaches and harness the power of publicity, partnerships, and promotions – the 3 core areas I’ve used to grow my own multi 7-figure business…



Will you take the leap with us?

You Can Get Started Now With $997 Down and Monthly Payments Starting December 1st


Full Pay

One-time payment, and get our Full-Pay Bonus — An additional private 1:1 with Lynya Floyd, my senior media coach.

TOTAL: $11,997


Accelerated Plan

$997 now, plus 6 monthly payments of $2,083 starting December 1st, 2021

TOTAL: $13,495


Extended Plan

$997 now, plus 12 monthly payments of $1,125 starting December 1st, 2021

TOTAL: $14,497

We intend for this to change your life and to change the trajectory of your business. Will you join us to make 2022 an incredible year?

Do you have questions or need help figuring out if this program is right for you?

$25,000 in 3 months from one new offer

“I was afraid about whether I could afford to invest in a program like this – it was 10x more than the previous investments I had made in my business. so that was a big quantum leap for me. 

I’m so glad I did – Because of IA I was able to refine those coaching offers so that they were super clear, so that they were compelling and deeply aligned to who I am and how I want to serve my clients. 

And the incredible thing is my closing rate went from 40% to 80% afterwards because I was so aligned to the offer. As somebody who had been terrified of sales, I am no longer afraid and it’s actually something I enjoy doing. And I was able to make $25,000 in 3 months from one new offer, which was so cool.”

Stephanie Zhong</span>

Brand Strategist & Story Coach

Was able to generate over 14k in just 21 days

“I knew I would waste years of my life trying to figure out how to make my business successful. Yes, I had tried some online courses, but they didn’t hold me accountable or inspire me to keep taking action the way the IA calls and super supportive IA Facebook group does!

When I joined IA I didn’t have the 10k+ available to join the program, but I’m glad I did, because with the help of IA, I was able to generate over 14k in just 21 days! What a way to get the ball rolling!”

Claudine Chicheportiche

High Performance Mindset Coach

Even with my day job, I’m now on track
to make 6 figures in my business this year!

“I leveled up more than I could have imagined through the help of Selena, her team, and other women in the program who helped me grow, stretch, and believe in myself in a way that I didn’t even realize I really needed.

Through IA, I created my first bite-sized offer which helped me earn almost the entire gross revenue I earned in 2020 in ONE month!

And best of all? Even with my day job, I’m now on track to make 6 figures in my business this year!”

Emily Schickli

Self-Care and Intuition Coach

The mentor I was looking for

“Being salesy has always been one of my greatest fears, so learning how to sell powerfully, with integrity and heart, has been incredibly helpful. And by getting clear on my offers and communicating them, instead of inconsistent 10k months, I’ve had consistent 10k months and can’t wait to get to a consistent 15k and beyond!

It has been game-changing for me to discover I can impact millions by connecting and building relationships with other like-minded entrepreneurs, instead of having to do it all on my own.”

Sherry Lukey

Trauma and EFT Specialist for Entrepreneurs

In summary…



You’ll enjoy support and accountability from me and 3 of my most trusted coaches as you work to master the same marketing strategy I used to grow my multi 7-figure business…

… Using the Inevitable Success Framework: Coaching, Community, Capacity, Experiences, and Resources to make sure you’re getting the personalized feedback and attention that you need for your unique business. 

9 months of transformation

starts in January 2022,

and you’ll get all of this next-level support:




(1) Kick-Off Orientation Call  $297 VALUE

Your 90-Day Game Plan $997 VALUE

(3) Quarterly Goal-Setting Sessions $5,997 VALUE

(27) Coaching Calls in Publicity, Partnerships, and Promotions $15,997 VALUE

(1) 1:1 Deep-Dive Session with Senior Media Coach, Lynya Floyd *enrollment bonus!* $1,497 VALUE

(9) GSD Calls (for getting stuff done!) *enrollment bonus!* $2,497 VALUE


Impact Accelerator Online Community PRICELESS!

(3) Networking Salons with Partnerships Manager, Megan Seamans *enrollment bonus!* $1,497 VALUE

Impact Accelerator Directory *enrollment bonus!* $497 VALUE


(4) Capacity Intensives with Leadership Mentor, Lisa Fabrega $3,997 VALUE


(2) Two-Day Impact Accelerator Virtual Retreats $5,997 VALUE

(1) Ticket to Impacting Millions LIVE 2022 $997 VALUE


Impact Accelerator Membership Site $997 VALUE

7-Figure Business Tools *enrollment bonus* $2,997 VALUE

And you can get started now with a payment of $997!

And because we love to overdeliver,

you’ll get these extra special bonuses, too.

Cash Injection Intensive with Selena and Jamie

$997 VALUE

Holy cow – this session is seriously next-level! 

This is where Jamie and I come to you live with a 90-minute intensive to help you inject some serious cash into your business before we even kick off Impact Accelerator. This session will take place on October 27th, 2021… because we want you to start experiencing transformation even before the new year arrives. We’ve had students use what they learned in this session to make back their Impact Accelerator investment and then some!

You’ll learn how to quickly implement some of our favorite strategies for low-ticket, mid-range, and high-ticket offers. Get ready for some profit-making magic!

Story Idea Workshop and Pitch Session with Lynya

$997 VALUE


This live session with Lynya Floyd is all about helping you create pitches that the media can’t resist. Plus, she’ll fill you in on how to develop unique and exciting story ideas that stand out in a sea of typical and overused story angles. And of course, there will be time for hot seats and your questions.

Wait… there’s more!

Pay in full when you join and
get an additional 1:1 with Lynya!

$1,497 VALUE

1:1 sessions with Lynya Floyd are a powerful way to take your publicity to the next level! When you pay in full, you automatically get a private 45-minute session to get personalized publicity-winning support.

This will be your SECOND 1:1 opportunity with Lynya inside of the program! It serves as an impactful way to guide you through any obstacles (or OPPORTUNITIES of which there will be many!) you came across after your initial session.

My business has grown more this year than any other year!

“The thing that I love most is just the level of professionalism – it was a big investment, the most I’ve invested in a business program like this – every single week and month – the value was delivered. It was just unreal, the access we had to amazing content and resources AND the community of other people in the program was worth its weight in gold. I have made amazing relationships with women who I adore, my business has grown more this year than any other year!”

Casey O’Roarty

Founder of Joyful Courage,
a conscious parent education company

Want You to be 100% Certain That This Is the Perfect Fit for You and Your Business


And so I have a heart-centered team of people who have set aside time to chat with you 1:1…

…whether you have a quick question and it’s a 5-minute call, or if you want to spend 45 minutes or an hour explaining your business to my team so that we can understand your business model and needs.

My team will let you know if this is the right fit for you because this is something me and my expert team of coaches have poured so much time, energy, and love into – we want the right people in our program. So if it isn’t right for you, we’re going to be completely transparent.

“I was so afraid of making connections and building relationships…now I love it and have exploded my earnings!”

Nikki Takahashi

Brand Designer and Website Developer

Hi, I’m Selena, and I love helping entrepreneurs (like you!) build powerful and long-lasting relationships with influencers, the media, and clients in a thoughtful, authentic way.

Although I identify as introverted, my friends call me a “super connector” because of how I’m always connecting the dots between people, ideas, and opportunities. 

Early on in my biz when I was living in NYC, I noticed a group of successful female entrepreneurs on social media posting their incredible wins: they all had 6 and 7-figure businesses, were working with dream clients, and scaling their businesses

At the time, I was feeling stuck in my business, and I wondered, “What’s their secret?”

After (somewhat nervously) reaching out to them, asking them to dinner, and enjoying a few Passion Fruit Margaritas at a popular Mexican restaurant one night, they shared their secret…


They were all in this mastermind together, and an incredible business coach was guiding and mentoring them forward in their businesses.

..I remember thinking, “That’s what I need!” 

The not-so-great news? It was a $27,000 investment. (I remember feeling my heart leap into my throat at that number!)

At the same time, deep down inside, I knew that this was my next step because I had no idea how to grow my business on my own

I needed community and personalized feedback so I could take clear and bold action. 

And I’m glad I took that step because it changed my life!

(And fortunately, there was a payment plan.)

I went from barely covering my rent to $10,000 within the first month of joining (while somehow spending LESS time working)

Within 3 years, I was making over $700,000 in my business. Without support, guidance, and personalized feedback from a mentor who had already achieved the things I wanted in life, I don’t think I would have figured it out on my own.

This transformational experience lit a fire in my belly to help others create joy and profit in their businesses. 

But I know that $27,000 does not feel accessible to most people, so that’s why I created Impact Accelerator… With the help of my 3 most trusted coaches, of course!  

Introducing 3 Superstar Coaches to Support You and Your Unique Business

Shannon Villalba


They over deliver and hold you accountable

“I really love the way Selena and her team are so invested in their students. They provide a nurturing environment, they’re easy to talk with, and they’re so much fun! 

From branding visionaries to capacity coaches to Jamie and Lynya who can give you the insider track on how to create a blueprint for sales, for creating partnerships, and for even making yourself stand out for media pitches… they over deliver and hold you accountable in your action plans.

I knew that if I wanted to take my business to the next level then I needed to join Impact Accelerator.”

Lynya Floyd


Lynya Floyd, senior media coach, is a 20+ year media veteran who has worked extensively behind the scenes and in front of the camera. She’s served as an editorial director, journalist, and editor at places like Family Circle, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and Essence. As a media coach, she’s helped our students and clients get into top business publications and podcasts like Fast Company and Entrepreneurs on Fire.

Lynya is also a health and wellness coach who has appeared on The Today Show and Dr. Oz. She will arm you with the tools and knowledge you need to land high-profile publicity opportunities of your own.

Jamie Gulino Davis


Jamie Gulino Davis serves as my head of programs and director of sales. A powerhouse of knowledge, experience, and fiercely positive energy, she brings a wealth of valuable teaching in the areas of high ticket offer conversions, team development, leadership, relationship building, and strategic thinking.

Before joining my team, Jamie’s experience included over a decade in the top four percent of realtors in the Buffalo, New York area and bringing in more than 1 million dollars in evergreen sales for a personal development company in one year. She regularly provides amazing powerful instruction for our amazing students.

Lisa Fabrega


Lisa Fabrega is a leadership coach who helps ambitious women expand their capacity to handle more growth, wealth & success. For more than 10 years, she has helped entrepreneurs, corporate executives, Academy Award nominees and Nobel Prize organization candidates break through boundaries that have been holding them back from their next level. Her signature approach enables clients to reach their highest levels of success and impact.

Lisa has addressed thousands of people both on stage as a keynote speaker as well as when she appeared on podcasts including The Unmistakable Creative, Her Rules Radio, and Tell Me A Story with Debra Silverman. She’s also been featured on CNN, Yahoo! News, and Oprah Daily. She splits her time between Florida and California with her 2 rescue dogs, Luna and Sadie.

The whole experience has been game-changing

“Not enough can be said of this community. It is so special. I am touched by all the connections I have made and to have Selena, Jamie, Lynya lead by example and to lift us all up and to be able to share our triumphs with the community and have that just genuine support and encouragement – I mean, the whole experience has really been game-changing.”

Hannah Strenger

Queer Business Guide

Is Impact Accelerator Right for You and Your Business?


Our group of impact-driven students spans industries like this:


I’ll be completely honest with you…

If you don’t have your business idea or proven offer (as in, you’ve never sold anything before), it’s probably not right for you. If you’re still in that dreamer, idea phase, then there are other ways we can help you, but it’s not through Impact Accelerator.

Impact Accelerator is a great fit for you if…

  • You have clients, but you’re ready for more and better clients
  • You’re trying to reach your highest level of success and impact and need accountability and support to take bold action on your dreams
  •  You want to break through to 6 or 7-figures in your business, but you’re not sure how

And if you want to make double sure that this is a fantastic fit for you, I encourage you to book a call with my incredible team – they’re super lovely and will be able to answer any of your questions!

You might be wondering…


The fact that you’ve read this far and you’re on this page means that Impact Accelerator is speaking to you. You already know the techniques you’re using to reach the highest levels of your business just aren’t working.

You know it’s time to try something new because if you stay where you are, you’re worried you’re going to burn out. And the longer you keep going without making progress, the more likely you’ll start to believe your dream isn’t possible for you!

(And it IS possible for you!)

So, if you’re done being a hidden gem, and you’re ready to step up as a superstar, I have an invitation for you. Join me, my team of expert coaches, and our next-level community to tap into a steady stream of accountability, support, and guidance.

Now is the time to…

  • Feel fulfilled and joyful in your business
  • Impact thousands, even millions of lives
  • Increase your prices and attract high ticket clients
  • Be recognized as the trusted expert in your industry
  • Enjoy a steady stream of leads who are pre-sold on your offers


Ready to take the leap?


“Do I have time for this?”
As you know, our program is comprehensive and intensive – there’s so much that you’re getting from it!

On that note, you might wonder if you even have time to make this commitment.
The truth is, you have to decide what’s most important to you. (We make time for the things that are most important to us.)

And if it’s important to reach your highest level of success and impact, you’ll make time show up powerfully every week!

And I want you to think about what you’re spending your time on right now.

Inside Impact Accelerator, you’re spending time on growing your business. We focus on helping you implement and get wins and successes in your business.

Isn’t that how you want to spend your time?


Click here if you feel ready to make your biggest impact!

“Is this a smart investment for me?”
That’s the question I asked myself before taking that really big leap when I joined my mastermind program. So trust me, I know… an investment like this can feel scary.

But think of where you’ll be after working with 4 expert coaches through a proven program for growing a joyful and successful business. By this time next year, you could be…

  • Attracting dream clients who see you as a trusted expert
  • Expanding your visibility and reach
  • Scaling your impact and income

I know you want to invest wisely, and we’re super passionate about that too. We designed this program to help you get a 10x return on your investment and many of our students have proven how easy it is to make your money back many times over within just a few months of enrolling! While I can’t promise these same results, the tools are there and the possibility is there for you to do this too.

And so, if you can make that investment, we would love to have you in the program to support you in increasing your revenue so that you’re making your money back many times over.

You can get started today for just $997.


I’m ready to invest in my success!

“What if I’ve already learned this content?”
Impact Accelerator isn’t learning about content. Yes, we’ll be teaching you absolutely, but this is really about taking action and that deeper level of mastery!

And even if you already know about publicity, partnerships, and promotions, let me ask you…

Are you getting incredible publicity in your business? 

Do you have interviews on your dream podcasts? 

Do you have partnerships in your business where you have other people sending ideal clients your way? 

Are you having those successful launches? 

Are you obsessed and in love with your offers?

If you don’t have those things, there’s still more for us to do together in Impact Accelerator.


You can click here to reserve your seat today!

Impact Millions by Connecting and Building Relationships With Other Like-Minded Entrepreneurs

You’re here because you’re ready for more connections, more credibility, more profit, and more influence… and we’re ready to help you break through to your next level of success.

By now, you know that self-paced courses, googling, trying on your own, other coaching programs haven’t worked and you know that staying stuck and not getting support is not going to get you to your goals and biggest dreams. 

You know that if you don’t get any support and keep doing what you’re doing, no one will know about you and your life-changing offer – and you won’t get to make that impact. 

By now, you also know that we’ve designed a framework that actually helps you take action on the exact strategies I used to grow my multi 7-figure business so you can…

ENJOY not just the wins (which there will be plenty!) but the journey itself!


So if you’re ready to rise to the highest level of your business and scale your impact and income, I invite you to….

Join our community of

impact-driven entrepreneurs.

“Jamie, Lynya, Selena — they want ME to succeed, they want every one of us to succeed.”

Angelica’s biggest fear in joining Impact Accelerator was wondering if she was going to receive the results that she wanted to see? Not only did she gain tangible results, but she gained game changing results that she didn’t even know she needed. Find out how by watching her video.

Angelica Rodriguez
Executive Coach

“I went from making 8k months to 20k months within 9 months”

Claudia’s biggest fear and hesitation before joining IA was, “Will this work for me? Will this work for my business?” but she knew she had to do something because she wasn’t getting the results she wanted trying to do everything on her own. Inside this video, Claudia shares some of her biggest wins as well as the most surprising gift she found inside of Impact Accelerator

Claudia Miller
Career Coach

“From a 12k year to being very close to my first 6-figure year!”

Haley thought she wanted a 1:1 coach. Now she believes the group aspect was imperative to her many breakthroughs and wins. And she realized that growth doesn’t have to be slow and hard – it can be fluid and easy when you don’t have to go it alone. Get the inside scoop!

Haley Hoover
Intuitive Artist and Success Coach

“Best year in business!”

Through Impact Accelerator, Shaunda had her best year in business as a solo online entrepreneur, figured out how to delegate with confidence, and started earning 5-figure brand deals, but that wasn’t even her favorite part of Impact Accelerator. Check out this video to hear about Shaunda’s experience!

Lifestyle Influencer Blogger, Digital Content Creator, and Pinterest Coach

“The ROI was 3-4x the investment I made — my business is growing with so much ease!”

Hala was searching for support in her business, and what she found was an incredibly deep level of coaching support and connection opportunities. Now she’s attracting dream clients and  because of IA and has a group of likeminded business besties. Find out more inside!

Online Business Coach & Strategist for diverse entrepreneurs

“The benefits of IA were much bigger than just the publicity”

Anastasia doubled her revenue, outsourced her most time-consuming tasks and now can focus on what she really enjoys doing in business, and she is now seen as a respected expert in her industry. Discover how she got to this fulfilling place in her life!

Founder and CEO of Happy Bellyfish, Online Cooking School