Wish It Were Easier to Land
“Ready-to-Invest,” Perfect-Fit Clients
(Without Posting on Social Media 5x a Week)?


Free Live Workshop Series with 7-Figure
Business & Publicity Mentor, Selena Soo


And you’re exhausted by the hustle…

You don’t have time to create endless content on every social media platform.

You’re tired of chasing your tail, throwing away money on low-converting funnels and expensive Facebook ads.

You’ve invested thousands (or tens of thousands) in your business with little to show for it (except a bruised ego).

You don’t have time to create endless content on every social media platform.

You’re tired of chasing your tail, throwing away money on low-converting funnels and expensive Facebook ads.

You’ve invested thousands (or tens of thousands) in your business with little to show for it (except a bruised ego).

The icing on the cake?

All the top business “gurus” tell you to post on social media at least 5x a week
“because that’s where your ideal clients are.”

STOP. It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way.

The reason it’s harder than ever to sell your offers isn’t just the state of the economy or bad advice. In fact, it’s a perfect storm that nobody’s told you about.

Until now…

Breathe, I’ve got you!

Let me be real for a moment…

Yes, it’s true, I’ve launched premium offers for the past 12 years…

Offers that range from $3,000 to $60,000…

But still, nothing prepared me for the challenges we’re all up against right now.

Because when a launch that traditionally did $1M+ in sales stalled at $300,000 (despite pouring boatloads of money into FB ads and 100+ affiliates), I knew something was drastically wrong…

And I had a decision to make.

I could keep doing what I was doing—with the very real threat of seeing everything I’d worked so hard for grind to a halt—or I could stop and do a reset.

So, I made a big, scary pivot. And, acting boldly and decisively, I turned a $300,000 launch into $1.3M… in just one week!

Since then, I have:


  • Tweaked, tested and improved ALL my offers (everything from sales & marketing to client delivery).
  • Gone from doing one high-pressure public launch per year to launching quarterly—with total ease and confidence.
  • Invested over $120,000 just last year (with multiple mentors and live events around the world) to figure out my next moves… and understand how and why the market is changing.

But you won’t have to invest $120,000…

Because as a 7-figure business owner AND customer, I’ve learned EXACTLY what works—and what doesn’t—when it comes to selling high-ticket offers and attracting ‘ready-to-invest’ perfect-fit clients.

I know the precise actionable strategies to take the guesswork out of today’s
challenging climate…

And I know this is exactly what high-integrity entrepreneurs desperately crave… 

Entrepreneurs like YOU—who just want to get back to delivering with excellence. 

That’s why I’ve poured everything I’ve learned into a proven 5-step roadmap, to help entrepreneurs and business owners attract high-ticket clients in today’s challenging market.

And I’m about to share it all with you, in this free live masterclass.


Your Proven 5-Step Roadmap to Attract High Ticket Clients in Today’s Challenging Market…

Get Ready to Transform Your Business.

Just Like My Clients…

“Wow! I sold 17 spots in my mastermind. I’m celebrating my first 6-figure launch!

Lindsey Wilson

High Performance Coach

“I couldn’t be happier with my results! I went from 8k months to 20k months.”

Claudia Miller

Career Coach

“I’ve established 2 affiliate partnerships and 10 referral partnerships!

“Plus, I tripled my business revenue and landed incredible media features.”

Erna Blooms

Brand Expert & Growth Action Coach

I earned almost the entire gross revenue I earned the year before in ONE month!

And best of all?

Even with my day job, I’m now on track to make 6 figures in my business this year!”

Emily Schickli

Self-care & Intuition Coach

Your FREE 5-Day Workshop Schedule

Here’s What You’ll Learn


Monday, June 10th, 12–1pm ET

How to Win in Today’s Challenging Market & Craft Your Vivid Vision 

In the past two years, many entrepreneurs have seriously struggled or gone out of business –but that doesn’t have to be you. Today I’ll teach you how the most successful business owners have learned to pivot, and continue to make 7-figures during challenging times.


  • What it REALLY takes to make 6 or 7 figures in today’s challenging market—and why what worked in the past, no longer works.
  • How to adjust your business model to attract high-ticket buyers, including the specific types of offers you need (and the types you should ditch).
  • How to craft a 3-year ‘Vivid Vision’ that’ll keep you inspired and motivated during tough times—and attracts dream clients and team members who help you grow.

BONUS: Show up live to get a private copy of my 13 page Vivid Vision, and your own Vivid Vision Workbook!


Tuesday, June 11th, 12–1pm ET

Create Your High-Converting Premium Offer

No more spinning your wheels! Let me show you EXACTLY what’s inside some of my bestselling premium offers of all time—and how to create yours.


  • The #1 reason why premium offers are easier to fill than
    non-premium, especially in today’s economy. (Seriously,
    this will blow your mind!)
  • The anatomy of a high-converting premium offer, along with my pricing recommendations for you.
  • Live Q&A with my Head of Marketing Ashley Brasseaux on how to confidently sell your premium offer—even if you’ve never attracted high-ticket buyers before!

BONUS: Show up live to claim the exclusive top market research questions for creating premium offers
(that people can’t resist)!


Wednesday, June 12th, 12–1pm ET

How to Create a Million Dollar Network With Lucrative Partnerships

Did you know that over 80% of the entrepreneurs who bought my Impacting Millions program (which generated over 7 figures for five consecutive years) came from affiliate partnerships?

Yes, it’s true: referral and affiliate partnerships are responsible for millions in my business. The good news? They can work for you too—no matter the size or shape of your business.


  • How I’ve personally recruited over 400+ affiliates and referral partners to promote my business—and how you can do it too.
  • 6 biggest mistakes almost ALL entrepreneurs make with new partnerships (and what to do instead).
  • The secret reasons why successful entrepreneurs refer business to some people (and not to others).

BONUS: Show up live to claim the EXACT email I used to get people to refer 24K clients to me!


Thursday, June 13th, 12–1pm ET

How to Land Publicity Wins From Your Dreamiest Vision Board

Being a best-kept secret might feel safe, but it prevents you from reaching the people who most need your help. That’s why I’ll show you how to land big visibility opportunities that help you reach thousands of people—and call in high-ticket clients, who’ll pay high-ticket prices.


  • My step-by-step process to landing top-tier publicity, even if you’re an introvert and don’t feel 100% ready.
  • 6 HUGE publicity mistakes I see so many entrepreneurs make (spoiler: at least one will make you scream, “OMG! That’s me!”)
  • Live Q&A session with our Head of Publicity Sharon Stokes, who’s worked with many of the biggest personal brands & thought leaders of today (including Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson and Glennon Doyle) and personally coaches dozens of our VIP clients.

BONUS: Show up live to claim your proven headline formulas to land major media!


Friday, June 14th, 12–1pm ET

Cash Injection Strategies

You know it, I know it: this climate is tough. That’s why, if you need a quick revenue boost—this last workshop is for you. Don’t miss it!


  • Get my top 4 cash injection strategies (plus several, real-life examples for each).
  • Exactly what to do if you REALLY don’t have the time—but desperately need the money.
  • How to spot lucrative opportunities everywhere, so you have consistent revenue year-round.

BONUS: Show up live to claim the simple email I sent to land a 10K VIP day client.

Honestly, I could charge multiple thousands of dollars for this.

But instead, I’m giving you everything for free.

Meet Your Mentor

I’m a 7-figure business and publicity mentor for visionary entrepreneurs, experts, and authors who want to reach millions with their message. My strategies have helped my clients land media in places like O, The Oprah Magazine, Forbes, Amy Porterfield’s Online Marketing Made Easy Show, and Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger Podcast.

Through dozens of multi-6-figure and 7-figure launches, I generated over $13 million in revenue in my first 10 years of business. I’ve also built more than 400 affiliate and referral partnerships, including many with industry leaders such as Laura Belgray, Kate Northrup, James Wedmore, and Danielle LaPorte.

I’m passionate about helping online business owners successfully create and launch their premium offers, whatever the obstacles in their way. 

And I’d love to help you do the same. Join my High Ticket Accelerator and build a thriving business full of high ticket clients you absolutely love.

is for you if ANY of these resonate:


  • You want to take the guesswork out of how to grow your business in today’s challenging climate.
  • You don’t want to post on social media 5X a week to find your ideal clients.
  • You can’t understand why calling in your people felt so much simpler a couple of years ago — and so damn hard now.
  • You want a clear roadmap for a high-income business that can weather any storm.
  • You’re ready to seriously level-up…
  • And you’d love to learn from a 7-figure business mentor (who identifies as an introvert and doesn’t post on social media 24/7!) who knows exactly what you need to do NOW to thrive, not just survive, in any economy and under any circumstance…

Here’s What People Are Saying About 

High Ticket Accelerator

You’re not alone, and

I’ve got your back.

Because here’s the deal…

What you’ll learn in this masterclass isn’t
taught (for free) anywhere else. 

In fact, the proven strategies I’ll give you could easily land you a $5,000 client, a premium piece of publicity,
a lucrative partnership, or a surprise cash injection.

So ask yourself, can you afford to miss out?*

*Yes, the workshop series will be recorded and you’ll have replays for a limited time.

But if you join me live, I promise the value you get will far outweigh your investment in time.

If you’re an action taker and implement the proven strategies I share,

this could be THE thing that completely turns your business around this year.