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If you’re on this page, I know that you’re committed to growing your business and doing big things…

But maybe you’re feeling stuck. Does any of this sound like you?

  • You’ve invested in programs to get your business off the ground, but you’re still not clear about where to find your perfect client and how to price and structure your offers.
  • You feel like a best-kept secret. You know you can get people results, but you’re afraid that if you charge more people will balk at your prices.
  • You feel lost and unsupported. You’re willing to do the hard work. You just need a mentor to guide you and tell you what to do.
  • You’re afraid of (or frustrated with) sales. You don’t want to be pushy, but when you give people “space” to make their decision, you never hear from them again. You’re not sure what you’re doing wrong!

Here’s the good news. Staying stuck is a choice…and there’s a fast way out.

In my program Get Known, Get Clients, I help hard-working entrepreneurs like you finally launch their dream business. How?

I show you how to attract, enroll, and keep high-paying clients…who you absolutely *love* working with!

Too many new entrepreneurs will take any clients they can find. What ends up happening is they stay stuck with needy and demanding clients who make excuses (e.g. “I don’t have time to do this anymore” or “This is more than I can spend right now. Can you lower the price for me?”)

Once you learn my proven Get Known, Get Clients system, you’ll be able to easily enroll clients for your offers, whether they’re priced at $1000, $2500, or $5000+.

I’ll also show you how to keep these clients for the long-term, so the lifetime value of a single client could easily be $10,000 to $30,000!

Is this the solution you’ve been waiting for?

Book your private, 1:1 exploration call with my team to see how Get Known, Get Clients can help you go from frustrated and underearning to feeling confident, successful, and thriving!

It’s time to get serious about your business. It’s time for you to get the support you need and deserve.

All my best,


P.S. Check out these success stories from some of our students!


Dr. Siva Sundar

Relationship Coach

I am now fully booked for the next 5 months!

“I really wasn’t planning on buying GKGC, I just wanted to watch a free webinar to get some tips. But I signed up because I knew that if I could get my message out there like Selena does, my business would radically change. And it has.

Six months ago, I was trying to make my business profitable and find clients. Now, my monthly revenue has increased by 30%, I’m profitable, and fully booked for the next 5 months. The stress of “needing clients” has vanished. What a relief!

I know of no other coach who takes as much time as Selena to individually recognize her students and respond to them on Q&A webinars. Get Known, Get Clients exceeded my expectations. It’s the best possible investment I could have made in my business.”

Thank you Selena!

Dr. Siva Sundar

Relationship Trainer and Physician

I made six figures in Get Known, Get Clients!

“In the last six months, GKGC has helped me generate over six figures of revenue in my business!

Selena wants you to grow, pushes you outside of your comfort zone, and holds you accountable. The power in working with Selena is how much she truly cares. It shows in her comprehensive teachings and coaching. She does not let you give up.

The greatest gift of GKGC is the confidence it gave me to pursue what’s next. Thank you Selena!”

Tina Doshi

Photographer + Small Business Marketing Strategist

Isabel Foxen Duke

Emotional Eating Expert

I doubled my revenue and have a waiting list of clients!

“Selena strategically helped me to restructure my business model so that within a few months, I doubled my revenue and had a waiting list of clients.

She also coached me in taking my visibility to the next level – which helped me to land viral, front page articles for The Huffington Post and in-studio interviews on HuffPost Live.”

Isabel Foxen Duke

Emotional Eating Expert