The first week of February was a busy week for me! In the span of seven days, I:

Attended a mastermind event in Los Angeles

I believe that masterminds (with a combination of training, mentorship, and community) are the fastest path to growth. That’s why they are always at the top of my business investment list!

Hosted my year-long mastermind group in Las Vegas

I feel privileged to work with such an extraordinary group of 6- and 7-figure entrepreneurs.

They include: a storytelling coach, a spiritual business advisor, a passive income expert, a lawyer, a systems and operations expert, a cash flow strategist, a podcast publicist, and an addiction and recovery specialist.

I got such great feedback from this retreat, with many clients saying this was their favorite one ever!

Pic from the Red & Black Party in my hotel suite at the SLS Las Vegas

Did a full-day video shoot

Video (especially unscripted video!) has been one of my biggest fears as a business owner.

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