When I was in mid-twenties, I scored my dream job!

I worked at a nonprofit that helped underserved teen girls and the professional women who mentored them.

I organized mentoring events for 800+ people. I worked with over 100 brands like Club Monaco, Louis Vuitton, Bliss, and W Hotels on events and sponsorships.

The nonprofit also attracted some high-profile celebrity supporters like Jessica Alba and Bethenny Frankel, which I got to meet.

Looking back I was doing extraordinary things, but I had crippling low self-esteem.

I was making $42,000 year — and was afraid to ask for a raise. When I finally did, I got a no.

When my well-meaning boss had constructive feedback on how I could improve at work, I felt deeply hurt. I’d replay the “negative feedback” in my head like a broken record.

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