Why they joined Get Known, Get Clients (Meet Lauren, Mike, Grace and more!)

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Wow! I’m so excited about the amazing individuals signing up for Get Known, Get Clients.

I’ve been reading through the intake questionnaires, where students tell me about their business, challenges, and major goals.

(Many of you have shared that in some group programs, you feel like just a number to the instructor. GKGC includes personalized elements like this to help set you up for success! And btw — I personally read through every single intake questionnaire and Accountability Check-in form during the program.

If you’ve been thinking about joining GKGC, I want you to be as informed as possible. So today, I’m spotlighting a few people who have signed up, and are sharing why they chose to take action

Read on to find out why people are signing up for Get Known, Get Clients…

“GKGC is exactly what I’m looking for at this point in my business.”

Lauren Peters, Men's Relationship & Life Coach www.laurenpeters.co

Making the investment in GKGC felt like a leap, but I knew it was the right move for my business. What Selena is offering in this program is exactly what I’m looking for at this point in my business. And after getting to know her throughout her last course, I trust her and see her as a mentor.

In GKGC, I’m excited to get more comfortable with selling my services, so I can help even more people and grow my business!


Lauren Peters, Men’s Relationship & Life Coach

“I relate to Selena more than other experts.”

unnamed(2)Selena’s style of teaching is specific and individual, and she shares a lot of stories of vulnerability, so I can relate to her more than many other experts.

My primary goal in GKGC is to develop a solid foundation for my business. This will allow me to eventually move into my business full-time, and support my family while doing what I love.



Micheal Gulbin, Addiction Coach

“When it comes to expanding my reach and connections, Selena is the best teacher I’ve ever had.”

unnamed(3)I believe in going to the best resource for every topic when it comes to growing my business and growing as a practitioner who serves others with excellence. I’ve learned from experts like Marie Forleo, Eben Pagan, Eckhart Tolle, Brendon Burchard, Jeff Walker, Amy Porterfield, Callan Rush and Byron Katie. When it comes to expanding my reach and connections, Selena is the best teacher I’ve ever had.

I’m excited for Get Known, Get Clients to be the course that broadens my business to a bigger circle of influence and reach. With Selena’s help, I’m certain I’ll support more people in discovering inner peace, and cross the 6-figure mark while doing it!

Gracie Bell, Facilitator and Coach of The Work of Byron Katie

“I’m excited to apply ALL of Selena’s teachings to my business!”

unnamed(4)I can’t wait for Get Known, Get Clients to start, and to get more of Selena’s scripts and resources. In her last course, I discovered how foundational they are to building a successful business. For example, I used one of her testimonial outreach scripts and got 10 yeses in response! (And 4 of them were from my Influencers List!)

In GKGC, I’m excited to clarify my business model, build more relationships, create more opportunities, and apply ALL of Selena’s teachings to my business. I know this course will be transformational to me and my business!
Courtney Daniels, Custom Stationary Designer

“I’m confident that GKGC will provide me with the structure and strategy I need!”

unnamed(5)As an Asset Protection Lawyer, I know the value of having the right structure and strategy. And I’m confident that GKGC will provide me with both. Why? Because Selena has already proven that capability in her program INFLUENCE.

The fact that her words and actions exude a sincere interest in helping others move forward made my choice to work with her again all the easier. I’m also looking forward to enjoying the journey with great people who are working towards similar goals as mine.


Christian G. Hirschbiel, Lawyer


I am so honored to help each of these individuals get to the next level in their business! And I would love to support you too. =)

So now, I have a couple questions for you…

  • Do you dream of helping people transform their lives… and want to make great money doing it?
  • These goals are so possible for you, and Get Known, Get Clients gives you a clear strategy to make them happen.

I also want to give you an important heads up…

2015 is the last year that I’ll be offering Get Known, Get Clients as a live training program.

The next time I offer GKGC (which won’t be until 2016), the training webinars will be pre-recorded.

So this year offers a truly unique opportunity to get live coaching from me 3 times a month as you implement the material.  

That means that if you get stuck and need individualized attention, you can ask me your unique questions.

(And you can also submit your questions before the q&a calls, and I’ll answer them live. Calls will be recorded, so if you ever have to miss one, you’re covered.)

Finally, I want you to know that Get Known, Get Clients is all about taking action.

It’s one thing to have knowledge about some of these strategies in your head. It’s another to master these strategies, get personalized feedback, and implement them in your business.

This is what you’ll be doing in Get Known, Get Clients.

So if 2015 is the year to start building your six-figure business, I invite you to join me for Get Known, Get Clients.

 Register Here.



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