Who Are the New Stars?

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Sometimes it feels like it’ll take YEARS before we’ll ever become known in our fields.

And while that may be true for most people, it doesn’t have to be true for you.

Today, I’m thrilled to introduce the New Stars Panel for Get Known, Get Clients LIVE.

I’ve hand-selected these speakers because they’ve each become influential in a short amount of time.

During the panel, our New Stars will share how they zoomed ahead to create successful businesses, build premium brands, and land dream opportunities – and how you can do the same.


Primoz2Primoz Bozic – From computer science student working at $7/hour to premium business coach charging $400/hour

Primoz went from being a Slovenian computer science student with no connections, no experience and no business knowledge to earning over 6 figures with his online business.

He’s now working with Ramit Sethi as the online business coach for his Zero to Launch Accelerator program, where he coachePrimoz - Ramit event NYCs hundreds of Ramit’s students on building their online businesses faster.
Primoz also runs his own business on the side. He has created multiple successful online products  (ranging from $50 – ­$500), had $20K product launches, and secured 1-on-1 coaching clients for $400/h.

Primoz has been featured in Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, Ramit Sethi’s Zero to Launch, Derek Halpern’s Yes Engines, Branding Summit, Movement Marketing Summit, Sales Funnel Summit, as well as all major Slovenian newspapers.


JoanJoana Galvaoa Galvao – From entry-level employee to CEO of an international design studio serving industry leaders

Just one year before she was serving industry leaders like Derek Halpern, Lewis Howes, and Chris Ducker, Joana Galvao was commuting to her day job, dreaming of starting her own business.

Even though she was just starting out, she quickly began building powerful relationships with influencers. And soon, she becameJoana Chris Ducker the go-to designer for top entrepreneurs in the online world.

To handle the high demand for her services, she grew a team of 7, operating out of her design studio in Portugal.

Joana has been featured in Digital Arts magazine, the Guardian UK, The Branding Summit, and podcasts like the 6-Figure Side Gig & The Marketing Lifestyle Show.



Navid headshotNavid Moazzez – From Law School Dropout to 6-Figure Lifestyle Entrepreneur

After starting law school in Sweden, Navid realized that living a life chained to his desk was the last thing he wanted.

So he set out to learn everything he could about mindset, personal development, and the online marketing world.Navid

Fast forward to today, and Navid has made a huge name for himself as a blogger, podcaster, and branding expert. He runs his location-independent business from cool locations around the world like Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Navid hit his breakthrough moment by hosting an epic virtual summit late 2014 with 88 high-profile speakers. (Huffington Post has called Navid “the world’s leading expert on online summits.”)

Navid has been featured in Business Insider, Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post, INC, Yahoo Finance, The Guardian, Entrepreneur On Fire, Internet Business Mastery, Entrepreneurs-Journey, The Suitcase Entrepreneur and more.


What’s so great about them becoming New Stars is that now…

  • Primoz not only has his own successful business – he also works as a coach in one of Ramit Sethi’s programs, where he gets to change thousands of people’s lives in a high-touch way by helping them build online businesses.
  • Joana’s clients are some of the biggest influencers in the online world. Her work has been so successful, she has gone from solopreneur to owner and CEO of an entire design studio.
  • Navid gets to live the life so many of us have dreamed of – as a location independent entrepreneur, he’s able to travel the world while building his business. (He currently lives in sunny Mexico!)

And they each made the decision to start a business, and within 1-2 years, they had gone farther than most entrepreneurs do in 4-5 years.

What are the secrets for their rapid growth?

They’ll be sharing it all in the New Stars Panel at GKGC LIVE. (Hint: they’ve all mastered the secrets to building relationships with influencers.)

And they want to connect with you personally.

Will you be joining us?

Get the details + save your spot for Get Known, Get Clients LIVE here.

Who knows… Maybe you’ll become a New Star yourself. =)


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