How to Build Win-Win Relationships with VIPs + Influencers

To help you land dream clients, boost your income and become a respected leader

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In this complimentary training, you’ll learn…

The secrets to getting big-deal people to promote your amazing work (even if you have a tiny list, are in the early stages of your biz, or aren’t sure you’re “established enough” yet)

The 3 must-have relationships to catapult you to the next level (all multi-6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs I know have this special advantage)

How to get thousands of dollars of expert business advice for free to solve your most burning problems

The story of my student who went from unknown to the top – within 6 months becoming the go-to service provider for industry leaders (think Derek Halpern and other online stars)... and her approach works in any field

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Nisha Moodley

“To make our biggest impact in the world, we can’t do it alone. Each of us needs a circle of mentors, cheerleaders, and passionate supporters, who will lift us up and help us realize our full potential.

I was thrilled to have Selena as a guest teacher in my Freedom Mastermind and Fierce Fabulous Free program. She teaches ambitious change-makers how to build authentic, win-win relationships to make a bigger difference in the world. Everyone needs to learn from Selena!”

– Nisha Moodley, Life Coach

“Before you reach out to that VIP or influential person in your field, get to know Selena Soo. She’s the go-to expert for teaching people how to create authentic, powerful relationships.

– Lewis Howes, Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Former Pro Athlete

Hello! I'm Selena Soo, a business + publicity strategist. I help visionary entrepreneurs like you reach more people and make your biggest impact. Thanks to the network of powerful VIP relationships I cultivated, I was able to reach 6 figures in my first year of business (and double my income each year). I want to show you how to use the exact same approach to build your dream business or career.