She got a monthly column with Oprah + her own TV show!

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I was beyond thrilled when I heard that my client, friend and favorite business journalist, Farnoosh Torabi, would be hosting the new CNBC prime time series Follow the Leader.

In each 30-minute episode, Farnoosh spends 48 hours immersed in the life of a different superstar entrepreneur.

The goal? To find out what makes this extraordinarily successful business person tick — so we can apply these philosophies & practices to our own lives.

This called for a celebration, of course!

Earlier this month, I hosted a party for Farnoosh with 80 VIP guests. Here are some pics.

FTL Photo Collage (Revised).jpg
Top Row (left to right): Selena Soo, Gary Vaynerchuk, Ramit Sethi, Paula Rizzo, Nagina Abdullah,
Jenn Scalia, Kimra Luna.
Bottom Row (left to right): Katia Beauchamp (CEO, Birchbox), Farnoosh Torabi, Lucy Kaylin (Editor-
in-Chief of O, The Oprah Magazine), Selena Soo, Ann Shoket (Former Editor-in-Chief of Seventeen
Magazine), James Altucher, Farnoosh Torabi.

That same week, it was publicly announced that Farnoosh would be joining O, The Oprah Magazine as their new money columnist.  You can check out her debut column here, or on pages 54 & 56 of the May 2016 issue.

Tune in to CNBC tonight at 10:30pm for a brand new episode of Follow the Leader, featuring Birchbox CEO Katia Beauchamp!


 P.S. I did an interview on Farnoosh’s So Money podcast… check it out here!


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