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There’s a lot of buzz going around about Ramit Sethi’s new Zero to Launch program.

That’s no surprise! He’s one of world’s top online education leaders. He’s built his entire business on creating real financial results for his students. When his students implement his material, many times they end up doubling or even tripling their income.

And if you think there’s no way you could do it, remember that Ramit started his multimillion dollar business from a blog he began in his college dorm room (while wearing big fuzzy slippers).

We all have to start from zero and work our way up.

I was so excited when Ramit asked me to be a part of his Beta program for Zero to Launch. Ramit has been the single biggest influence on building my online business, and is now one of my most important mentors. To be honest, what I’ve learned from him has been WAY more valuable than what I learned in business school (which was a $100,000+ investment!).

The 3 Most Important Things I Have Learned from Ramit

#1) How to convert one-time readers into passionate customers for life

In ZTL Beta, Ramit took us way into our ideal client’s psychology, emotional triggers, and deepest desires. He showed us how to find the exact words, positioning, and strategies to connect deeply with them. He taught us how to train readers to start looking at us as their personal mentors and advisors.

With Ramit’s help and guidance, my guest post for IWT converted into $30,000+ of revenue.

The day the post went live, it felt like Christmas. Emails were pouring in from new readers. Over 200 people commented on the blog. People were reaching out to me asking to be my clients.

One woman said she read the whole article and then went to my website and read every blog post. She later became one of my star clients in the Publicity Mastermind.

You might be thinking, “But Selena, not everyone gets to write on Ramit’s blog…”

The point is not about getting published on an A-lister’s blog. It’s about knowing how to convert one-time readers into life-long customers. The secret to this is about knowing how to cut through all of the noise and competition for your readers’ attention so that they want YOUR help solving their problems.

(And you do need to know how to pitch yourself to guest post for high-traffic sites, which is why Ramit covers that extensively in ZTL!)

Here’s an example of one of the many emails I receive on a daily basis, because of the writing strategies I’ve learned from Ramit:

You don’t have to be famous or spend 10 years getting experience making mistakes and trying to figure out the strategies for success. You can just follow Ramit’s guidance and start building an engaged and committed list (hungry for your products) right away.

#2) Passions don’t create freedom — systems create freedom.

I happen to be someone who is incredibly passionate about the work I do. But the search for “passion” stops most people from creating what you really want, which is freedom.

If your business is based 100% on clients, and then you fill your client load — guess what? You’re not hanging out on the beach — you’re on the phone all day with clients!

What if you could create a business that gave your customers huge results AND gave you the freedom you really want?

Ramit takes us into the SYSTEMS behind creating profitable info products. Everything from how to know which idea is the most profitable, to how choose a price, how to get traffic, and how to sell them.

Ramit’s course is different from everything out there because he teaches you how to make your business work for YOU, instead of you becoming its slave.

If you have a big desire to have your own freedom AND to make a big difference, Ramit can show you how to create a product that can change people’s lives — starting with your own.

#3) Successful people just get started.

You might wonder if you’re ready for Zero to Launch. I don’t even have a website yet, or a blog…

Our ZTL Beta group had people from all levels — those who were just starting a business and those who had already hit six figures. No matter what level we were at, each of us was learning tons of brand new concepts each week that blew our mind.

Have you ever seen one of Ramit’s emails, where he refers to himself as “your surrogate Asian father”? He cares immensely about your success. He has spent millions of dollars developing his systems to make sure that his products are world-class and that his students get serious results.

He holds you to a higher standard that you hold yourself, leading you to do and accomplish more than you thought possible.

When you’re learning and implementing these kinds of advanced techniques in Zero to Launch, it’s so valuable to get feedback from other smart, highly motivated individuals who’ve been studying Ramit’s methodology. Having the ZTL community on Facebook is like having your own mini-focus group that you can access 24/7 (which alone is worth a huge investment).

So, is Zero to Launch right for me?

Ramit’s products are life-changing. If you want to learn how to start a business, learn from one of the most successful people in your field who knows online business inside and out.

Ramit has sold products and programs for $4.95, $197, $1,000, $4,000, and even $12,000. He understands how this works at all levels. How many people do you know who can do that?

Plus, what’s unique about Ramit is that he has students for life. What does this mean? It means that because Ramit’s material is so good and leads to major financial results, people keep coming back and buying more. I myself have purchased 6 of his products!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could create a product that you know people would buy and add real value to their lives?

And not only that, but because your product is so good and you are able to communicate it’s value, people buy from you over and over again?

If you want a business with customers hungry to buy your products, it’s a no-brainer. Get yourself in Zero to Launch!

Want to find out more? Check out details about ZTL here, and case studies here, here, here, and here!



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7 Responses to “My Zero to Launch Review”

  1. Akshay Vasudevan

    Thanks for the great review Selena. Can’t wait to purchase this course on Sunday!

  2. Isabelle

    Selena, thank you for the review and for sharing your experiences so generously. You just lit up when you talked about reaching and helping more people and actually getting paid for doing what you love and connecting people.

    I happen to be one of the people who found you through that particular guest post and have been following you every since! As you say, systems are important to create results that are possible to replicate again and again, and that’s one of the reasons why I’ll be joining the course.

    • Selena Soo

      Hi Isabelle, I’m so honored you found me through Ramit! And you will love Zero to Launch. It’s such an amazing program and group of people. I’ll see you inside the Facebook group!

  3. JoJo Fildi

    I thank you Selena for leading me to Ramits work. My husband and I have spent the last month reading his posts and emails…he is so bloomin clever.
    Also, you stood out to me, because of your love of being of service to others, and going the extra mile for clients- I feel comfortable when I’m giving, and want to include this part of me into my new business.

    • Selena Soo

      that is so wonderful JoJo! Yes, Ramit is the smartest. =)

      Look forward to seeing you in the course!

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