He made 10x his investment (+ other INFLUENCE success stories)

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Today, I’m excited to introduce a few of my students from the last round of INFLUENCE.

I’m so proud of the results they achieved, in a relatively short amount of time!

Here’s a quick snapshot of a few successful students.

  • BJ Pivonka built relationships with 2 millionaires he’d previously admired from afar. One is now BJ’s client, and the other is now a mentor — and more importantly, they’re now great friends he can jump on a call with anytime.
  • Singer/Songwriter Rapha Bergdís got a one-on-one meeting with her industry idol Derek Sivers of CD Baby (and Derek then followed up with HER, saying to stay in touch!).
  • Amy Shah built a relationship with Food Babe and was invited to be on her expert panel of advisors.
  • Introvert Melissa Ng developed a friendship with her #1 favorite expert Jonathan Fields, which led to getting invited to be on his podcast.

Keep reading to see what’s possible when you enroll in INFLUENCE.


“I’ve already made 10x the price of INFLUENCE”

email1“Before taking INFLUENCE, I felt invisible to other top performers. I looked up at them like they were Greek Gods with no idea how to make a difference in their lives. Everyone said “give value” but no one ever actually said what value is, or how/when to give it.

In INFLUENCE, Selena gave me a road map to develop relationships with the people I looked up to. Today, I have regular phone calls with influencers who are now my friends and mentors.

Less than a month after the course, I had a guest post accepted on Navid Moazzez’s blog. It was my most successful guest post by far (with triple the opt-in rate of any other guest post I’d done before). We are now friends and talk all the time.

I’ve also developed relationships with 2 millionaires who, before, I was just a paying customer for. Now they’re my friends, and one became a client (the 2 projects I’ve done with him total about $5,000).

The other became a joint venture partner. He’s also a highly-paid business coach who charges thousands of dollars, but for me, he says to just send him a Facebook message and he’ll hop on calls whenever I need it because I’m ‘family.’

I’ve already made 10x the price of INFLUENCE. Thanks Selena!”

BJ Pivonka

Elite Performance Coach for Athletes, www.bjpivonka.com


“Being taken under an influencer’s wing transformed my life and business!”

unnamed“Before INFLUENCE, it seemed so difficult to stand out in my space and build critical relationships in the competitive music industry.

Using Selena’s methods in INFLUENCE, in just a few weeks I landed a session with a well-known producer, shot with a top fashion photographer for a fraction of his rates, and got a former music industry superconnector to informally mentor me.

My latest INFLUENCE win was meeting and befriending Derek Sivers, music marketing expert and founder of CD Baby, the largest independent music seller. He invited me to a conference this summer and gave me 3 hours of his time, skipping all his meetings just to chat… And then he followed up with ME first, saying to keep in touch! I wouldn’t have reached out to him if it weren’t for INFLUENCE.

I also received complimentary admission to an invite-only event in New York City, where I got hands-on mentorship from top influencers and the chance to have dinner with Ramit Sethi!

I am beyond excited of what’s to come. I really feel how being ‘taken under someone’s wing’ can help your business and life. Thanks so much Selena!”

Rapha Bergdís

Singer/Songwriter, www. raphabergdis.com


“I’ve built relationships with the founder of MindBodyGreen, influential bloggers like the Food Babe, and industry leaders like Dr. Joel Kahn.”

unnamed“Before I worked with Selena, I didn’t know what I was supposed to offer influencers. I just thought being helpful and being around was enough. Then, thanks to Selena, I realized I should think of what I can specifically help with.

I’ve been able to build relationships with the founder and editors at MindBodyGreen, influential bloggers like Vani Hari (Food Babe), and other industry leaders like Dr. Joel Kahn.

Now, my email list has grown to almost 8,000 subscribers — mostly from MindBodyGreen, but also from other health and wellness sites. And this is a result of contributing guest articles and knowing how to build relationships with the editors.

Taking INFLUENCE transformed my business. I now have an incredible network of influencers I can lean on for collaboration and support. My confidence in my business has grown by leaps and bounds. I feel like the sky is the limit!”

Amy Shah, MD

Medical Physician and Online Health Coach, www.amyshahmd.com

“My favorite influencer spoke about me on stage
and invited me to be collaborate with him!”

unnamed“As a lifelong introvert, I struggled to spark connections with other people in my industry. I tried writing emails to influencers in my field, but I didn’t get any responses.

Looking back, I thought I was providing value, but I was actually staying very surface-level.

I was tired of waiting for responses to my emails, so I signed up for INFLUENCE.

Using what I learned in INFLUENCE, I was able to connect with one of the influencers I admired and related to the most – Jonathan Fields, an award-winning author and mission-driven entrepreneur.

This connection has resulted in some amazing opportunities – Jonathan invited me to his Good Life Project conference, where he spoke about me on stage as an example of ‘how to delight.’  We collaborated on a one-of-a-kind 3D gift for the attendees, and I’ve also been invited to share my story on his podcast!”

Melissa Ng

3D Printing Mask Maker, www.lumecluster.com


These are just a few of the success stories from my INFLUENCE students.  They all have very different businesses and backgrounds.

But they were all able to use INFLUENCE to take their businesses to a whole new level.

I’d love to show you how to do the same — so you can turn the people you admire into friends, mentors, and clients.

Want my help? Learn more about what INFLUENCE offers you here.

Who knows… Maybe you’ll be one of my next big success stories. =)



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