She quadrupled her income in 2 months (+ more GKGC success stories)

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Today, I’m excited to introduce you to my students from Get Known, Get Clients — who are proof of what’s possible.

During our 6 months together, their businesses and lives transformed. And today, I want to share a few of their stories. Here’s a peek…

  • Cat (Business Strategist) booked 5 new clients after launching her premium coaching program, earning $25K
  • Rachel (Massage Practitioner) cut her workweek in half while doubling her income
  • Marcos (Purpose-Driven Life and Business Coach) maxed out his client load in the first month he launched his premium offering
  • Julie (Founder of Fit Mom Revolution) built up a Facebook following of 12,000 fans
  • Lexi (Alternative Therapist) quadrupled her income 2 months into the program

Keep reading to see what’s possible when you enroll in Get Known, Get Clients.

Rachael Scott — Massage Practitioner —

“I doubled my income while cutting down my workweek!”

Before taking Selena’s course, I had a broken business model.   The rates I was charging were so low that I couldn’t live my vision without  compromising my financial health.

 While plenty of people wanted to work with me, I was offering my services  at a budget rate. I needed to find a way to connect with people who saw the  value in having someone completely dedicated to their healing journey’s  work, and willing to pay premium rates.

 When considering GKGC, I hesitated for a moment over the investment,  but realized that if I didn’t get help soon, my business would collapse  because it was unsustainable. Since there was a guarantee, I decided  to take the risk and try my best.

And I’m so glad I did.

In GKGC, I created a new, premium offering that was an in-depth rehabilitative experience.

At first, I lost clients who were just looking for a discounted massage. But the clients who remained became my bedrock and consistently send their friends and family to me for care.

As a result, I was able to double my income — while cutting down my workweek!

Now, my life is so different! I used to work six days a week, and now, most of my weekends are 3 and 4 days long. I spend more time with my daughter, with my friends and family. I paid off all my credit cards within the first three months and have been saving to buy a spot to build my custom dream home. I spend a lot of my free time doing whatever I want, including charity and community involvement.

I don’t worry about my business surviving anymore — because it’s thriving!


Cat LeBlanc — Business Strategist–

“I launched my premium coaching program and got 5 new clients and made $25K!”

I started GKGC very early on in my business. Because I was still new, I wasn’t really charging enough to make decent money. I wasn’t where I wanted to be.

At first, I was completely resistant to signing up for GKGC, because I’ve taken a lot of courses. But it was the fact that I would get to ask Selena questions personally on the calls that made it a good choice for me, and the fact that Selena talked about creating premium offerings.

My favorite part of GKGC was that I felt like I was getting coached, not just doing another e-course. I really felt that I got valuable coaching from Selena, and not just content. On top of that, the content was very well laid out and high quality with lots of actionable pieces like scripts to use, example emails, pitches, and other resources.

GKGC pushed me to put a premium coaching program out way sooner than I otherwise would, and helped me get over the fears that were stopping me. Doing so really upped my positioning in the market amongst my peers, and led to me earning $25,000, with 5 new clients in my $5K program. That alone covered the cost of GKGC many times over!

I also got inspired to pitch myself to Huffington Post through GKGC and got in. I LOVE having that logo on my website.

All of these results were major steps forward in my business journey. I’m so proud to have accomplished them within a year of starting my business.


Marcos Salazar — Purpose-Driven Career and Life Coach —

“Get Known, Get Clients is one of the best investments I’ve made in myself and my business.”

GKGC gave me a very clear, step-by-step plan to get clients — in an effective and authentic way.

One of the most valuable parts of the program was learning the best ways to structure my offerings and pricing from Selena.

As a result, I launched a premium coaching package in the very beginning, and was charging double the rate of my competitors. Within the first month, I had maxed out on clients in my coaching program and had to turn clients down.

I’ve generated tens of thousands of dollars from implementing Get Known, Get Clients strategies. Taking this course put me on the fast-track to growing my business and being where I am today!


Julie Stubblefield — Founder of Fit Mom Revolution —

“I went from having a very small following to having  12,000 followers on Facebook.”

When I joined GKGC, I was transitioning my in-person personal training business into an online business. I needed help building my audience and creating, structuring, and selling programs for them.

Though GKGC, I got incredible clarity on my message, who I’m speaking to, and exactly how to communicate with them. And that changed my entire approach.

I realized that when you have this clarity, building a community of raving fans does not have to be hard… I went from having a very small following to having 12,000 followers on Facebook. I doubled my email list. I launched two group programs and 200% more enrollment in one, and 100% more enrollment in another. I also got media mentions in Redbook that elevated my brand.

My favorite part of the course was the live webinars. The way Selena’s mind works is phenomenal — she can take ideas that are abstract, and make them tangible and attainable. The community is also great, and full of collaboration and support.

Through GKGC, I am now impacting thousands of lives — and that gives me huge satisfaction every day.


Lexi Soulios — Personal Freedom Guide & Alternative Therapist —

“After a couple months in GKGC, I quadrupled my income!”

I started working with Selena after researching more than 30 business coaches. She really understood what was involved in building a service-based business from the ground up and focused on strategies that made sense and felt sustainable — like using better business models and developing quality relationships.

After a couple months of participating in GKGC, I had quadrupled my income (earning way more than the entire cost of the program). I also developed supportive connections with other program participants, and laid the foundation for a business that serves my goals and offers infinitely more value to the clients I care about.


For Rachael, Cat, Marcos, Julie, and Lexi, it’s not just that their businesses have changed…

Their entire lives are changing.

I’m hoping that Get Known, Get Clients becomes the program that changes your life too.

If you’d like to get my support, you can sign up for GKGC here.

I’d love to have the opportunity to help you grow YOUR unique business. =)



P.S. Quick reminder that today at 4pm EDT, I’m hosting a LIVE Q&A call and you’re invited. So if you’re considering joining GKGC and have a question, hop on the call with me today. (I’ll be staying on the line until all questions are answered!)

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