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Marie-Forleo“A powerhouse of publicity and marketing genius, Selena is connected, results-oriented, and beyond brilliant when it comes to strategy, execution and follow-through.”

Marie ForleoMarketing and Lifestyle Expert

Danielle-LaPorte“Selena! This pitch is impeccable. Every angle, the whole spirit of it… For the love of God, THANK YOU.”

Danielle LaPorteAuthor

Derek Halpern“When I first met Selena, the first thing I thought was: ‘who is this woman and how is she seemingly friends with almost all of the influencers I know?’ I couldn’t Google her so I was confused. But after meeting her, and then understanding how she reaches out and connects with people, it started to make sense. She’s a master at building powerful relationships the right way. And if you’re looking to grow your network, I’d pay close attention to what Selena has to say.”

Derek Halpern, Marketing Expert

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