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How to be memorable (it involves ice cream) =)

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A few weeks ago, I had the amazing honor of being interviewed by John Lee Dumas for his podcast, Entrepreneur on Fire.

EOF is one of the top 10 podcasts on iTunes (check it out here). It gets half a million unique downloads per month and features guests such as Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin, and Gary Vaynerchuk.

Needless to say, I was so incredibly grateful for the opportunity, and I wanted John to know that.

If you were in this situation, what would you do?


How would you stand out & make your thank you deeply felt?

Most people would probably say thank you after the interview, or maybe even send a follow-up email. But that’s not particularly memorable or meaningful.

I decided to send John a thoughtful, creative gift that would surprise him and bring a huge smile to his face.

I sent him four pints of my favorite gourmet ice cream. Mouthwatering flavors like goat cheese with red cherries, Bangkok peanut, sweet potato with torched marshmallows, and wildberry lavender.

This was of course accompanied by a heartfelt note, expressing my deep gratitude.

What happened next?

You guessed it — I got an email from John. The subject line was “OMG you are my favorite!”

He was so thankful, and told me that the ice cream was the best gift he’d ever received since starting the podcast (and he has interviewed over 300 people).

He asked me when I would be in San Diego, saying we need to hang out!

Why do I share this story with you?

Because I want to help you be remembered, and I want to help you build powerful relationships with people you care about it.

A main reason why I was able to quickly build a six-figure business is because of my relationships.

I go above & beyond for my clients, colleagues, mentors, and friends in the media. I make people feel special and deeply appreciated. And this is something that you can do too!

  • Are there people in your life who have helped you, who perhaps don’t know the full extent of your gratitude?
  • Are there people you deeply admire, who you really want to build a relationship with, but you think you have nothing to offer them?

If the answer is yes, I encourage you to reach out & let them know how much they mean to you! And remember, you want to be memorable!

I know many people who THINK they are building a relationship with someone, when really they are not.

For example, say you want to get the attention of an influential person.
Maybe you like their status updates on Facebook, or respond to a few of their newsletters saying “great email!”

Maybe they’ll respond back, but the truth is that there are 100 or even 1000 other people doing the exact same thing. So within a few minutes, it’s possible they’ve already forgotten about you. You haven’t really made an impression.

Now I’m not saying NOT to do these things at all, but what I’m saying is that this alone is not enough. 

The only way to stand out from the crowd is to go above & beyond — be so thoughtful and generous that people are literally shocked!

I personally do this several times a month.

One recent example:

A friend who is a magazine editor is leaving her prestigious job to move to the South and be with her fiance (they have a long-distance relationship).

I reached out to congratulate her and find out if she has a new job yet. When I learned that she didn’t, I offered to help. I invited her over to my apartment for afternoon tea, asked what opportunities she was looking for, and then offered to make introductions that could lead to a potential dream job.

If you have an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life, go ahead and do it!

Now at this point, you are probably thinking one of two things:

1) “Selena, this takes a lot of time! I’m so busy!” 

Yes, you’re absolutely right. It is time-consuming. It may even be inconvenient.

That’s why you should only do this when it comes from a genuine place. You care about the person so much that the act of giving IS the reward. You are not simply helping someone to get something in return.

2) “I would love to be helpful, but I don’t know how to help! How do I know what the person needs?”

If it’s someone who you are close to (or having a conversation with), just ask! Say, “What is your biggest need right now? Is there any way I can be helpful?”

If it’s an influential person who gets 100s of emails a day, don’t make the busy person do the work. They probably don’t have the time to type up a long response to explain their situation & what kind of help they need. It’s your job to figure that out (and it’s not as hard as you think)! This guest post I wrote for my friend Ramit Sethi called “How to get the attention of your favorite expert” outlines specific ways you can add value to influencers.

Now I’m turning it over to you. What was your biggest takeaway from what I shared? 

I love hearing from my readers, so please do not hesitate to leave a comment below!

Wishing you much success in your relationships & in your business.



I’m hiring two assistants (see job description + please share!)

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I’m excited to share that my company is growing… and I’m hiring!

I’m looking for two extraordinary individuals for the positions of Operations Assistant and Client Care Assistant. 

If you are interested in being a part of a company with a big mission to change the world, and want to work virtually using your organizational or communication skills, I encourage you to take a look at the two S2 Groupe job descriptions!

Check out the job descriptions and fill out the application here.

With gratitude,


My debut on DailyWorth (5 ways to gain instant credibility)

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Hope you are having a wonderful day! Right now I’m in Miami for a few days with friends. I get to wake up to this spectacular ocean view. Totally loving my life right now. =)

More exciting news — I just published my debut article on DailyWorth, one of the most popular websites and newsletters for women on all things money, career, and entrepreneurship. They featured my article as a lead piece in their newsletter today, which is great visibility for my business considering that DailyWorth has 750K email subscribers!

5 Ways to Gain Instant Credibility in Your Industry
 is one of the best pieces I’ve ever written about how to position yourself as a star in your field. I hope you enjoy it!

And if you find the article helpful, I would love, love, love if you could leave a comment, sharing which of the 5 tips you liked the best.

I am always so grateful when people leave comments on my articles, and I read and respond to every single one. Check out the article here.

Talk soon & happy holidays!


Why Expressing Gratitude Matters: 5 ways to say “thank you” to colleagues, mentors, and friends

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Photo credit: Stephanie Badini

Photo credit: Stephanie Badini

Have you ever gone above and beyond to help someone? Perhaps you spent two hours on the phone with them offering advice in your area of expertise. Or maybe you connected them to a valuable resource or person to help them with their career, relationship, or health.

Sometimes, you may even rearrange your schedule and cancel existing commitments to help someone during a time of great need. In the moment, the person you are helping may say a quick “thanks!”, but after that you never hear from them again.

This happened to me last year. A colleague who was unemployed reached out to me. She had been job-hunting for months and was stressed out, frustrated, and losing hope. Every day she’d been sending out her resume, but getting no response. She asked for my help, and I ended up connecting her to the president of a major company looking to hire someone just like her. Two months later, she got a senior level position with a 6-figure salary!

I found out about this when she announced her new job on Facebook. While I was excited to hear the news, I felt a little unappreciated and forgotten about. In fact, I only heard from her several months later when she had another favor to ask of me.

This happens all the time. We get busy and forget to thank people for their help. But gratitude is so important. When we forget to thank someone, they feel less motivated to help us again. But when we do thank someone in a thoughtful, heartfelt way, it makes the person feel deeply appreciated and wanting to help you even more.


Here are five specific ways to express gratitude this holiday season and beyond:

1) Send an email.

Just sending a short, thoughtful email is something we all can make the time for. You can make your “thank you” truly felt by the recipient when you share how specifically they have helped you.

As an example, you could say: “It was great to meet you last week! Thank you for recommending that book to me — I bought it right away! I’m already half-way through and it’s amazing. I can already see how I can apply some of these insights to my career.”

Share what impacted and moved you, and the results of putting their advice into action. This allows the recipient to know the difference they have made in your life, which makes the act of giving even more fulfilling to them!

2) Handwritten card or note sent by postal mail.

I heard a statistic recently that nowadays, only 3% of mail is handwritten. The rest is bills or junk mail! The receiver of a beautiful handwritten note or card will feel so special and excited to open up a real piece of thoughtful mail. The fact that you took the time and effort into writing a note by hand and mailing it the old-fashioned way shows someone how much you care.

3) Take them out for a nice lunch or dinner.

Another way to show your gratitude is to take someone out to lunch or dinner. You could reach out and say, “I want to thank you for all the ways you have supported me this year. I would love to take you out to your favorite restaurant. It’s on me!” Many people are too busy for coffee dates in the middle of the day, but taking someone out to a fancy dinner is an unexpected treat that will definitely make you stand out.

4) Thank them publicly.

We all have our own public platforms where we share information — whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, a blog, or a newsletter. You can use any of these platforms to publicly express gratitude towards someone who has made an impact you. I love when someone posts something nice about me on Facebook or promotes one of my articles. Not only does it feel special to get recognized publicly, but you are also introducing the recipient to potential new fans or friends.

5) Send a gift.

Sending a gift is another way to give back to someone who has given to you. A client of mine gave someone who referred a client to her a Starbucks gift card and said, “Coffee is on me for the month.” The person receiving the gift loved that!

Another example is a woman who I’d recently helped who sent me a card, a book, and gorgeous bouquet of flowers. It was such a sweet gesture that made me feel so appreciated. As a result, she is always on my radar, and I want to continue to help her.

And if you don’t know what kind of gift to give, you could ask that person’s friends or even colleagues or assistant. You could say, “I’d like to give Jane a thoughtful gift. What does she like? Here are a few ideas I have.”

This holiday season is the perfect time for you to reach out to the colleagues, clients, mentors, and friends who have made a difference in your life this year, and to tell them exactly how they have done so. 

Now I’d LOVE to hear from you. in the comments below, please share one thoughtful or creative idea on how you are going to give back this holiday season & beyond.

Publicity Mastermind Weekend

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After months of preparation, I just had my much-anticipated Publicity Mastermind weekend retreat.

My Publicity Mastermind is for visionary entrepreneurs, experts, and authors looking to make it big — both online and in the mainstream. Through our work together, my clients are making powerful connections with influencers + the media, expanding their audience and platform, and creating a solid plan to generate more revenue in their business.


A few highlights from the weekend — 

Guest speaker Devin Tomb (lifestyle editor at Self;  formerly of Glamour and Seventeen) joined us at the Mastermind retreat and revealed the secrets to capturing the attention of mainstream media. She also offered each of my clients personalized feedback on their own branding & messaging, giving them an inside edge to score major press coverage.  

On Saturday night, my Masterminders showed up at a trendy Manhattan restaurant for our VIP dinner party — ready to shine, speak in front of the room, and share their message with close to 50 influencers & media from places like Huffington Post, Redbook, Fitness, Shape, Women’s Health, Seventeen, Cosmopolitan, and DailyCandy. They also chatted with top literary agents + successful bloggers who run multimillion-dollar businesses. 

Connecting with influencers face-to-face and developing meaningful, personal relationships is the fastest way to get the opportunities of the lifetime.

6-figure book deals, A-list mentors, big speaking opportunities, and powerful media mentions … rarely do you get these opportunities based on hard work alone. Knowing the right people (and getting them to care about you) is a key step to making this a potential reality for you.


It was a magical weekend. The culmination of my 10 years of building powerful relationships, which I can now share with my clients — allowing them to reach more people + make a bigger difference in the world.

If you’d like to learn a bit more about my Mastermind clients, I have two blog posts to share. The first is from Julie Stubblefield (lean fitness + business expert) who shares her top 3 tips for connecting with influencers. The second is from Jennifer Racioppi (women’s health + success coach) who talks about overcoming her introversion, being courageous, and showing up in the world in a much bigger way.
I’m so proud of my clients for playing big, investing in their dreams, and doing the work they were put on the planet to do. I look forward to sharing more with you in the coming months!


The Fastest Way to Stand Out as a Leader in Your Industry

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Starting a business or even a new blog can feel like an extremely daunting process.

It’s hard to go even one hour of your day without being reminded of someone out there who’s already much more successful and famous than you are. Just hopping on Facebook, someone pops up on your feed with an article that went viral on Huffington Post, or posts a new photo that gets hundreds of likes. You want to be happy for that person, but deep down you are wishing that someone would acknowledge the amazing work that you do.

And not just that — but since people don’t know who you are, no one is reaching out to work with you.

Imagine if you were seen as a leader within your industry or niche. People would read your blog posts and actually act on the advice you give — because they trust that your advice can get them results. You’d have have more email subscribers, and people waiting to find out when you were launching a program or product. You could start being choosier about who you work with AND charging premium prices for your work. But that’s ONLY going to happen if you are respected and recognized as being the best at what you do.

Maybe you think — Ok, If I can just get on tv, or land an article in Huffington Post or The Daily Love, everything would change. So you spend hours sending pitches, and hoping and praying that your big break will happen.

This happened recently to my friend Jane, a health & lifestyle coach. Jane knew she really needed to stand out from the other coaches who were doing something very similar. So, she created a spreadsheet of 100 potential speaking events, and pitched herself individually to each one.

The unfortunate thing is that Jane heard nothing in response. She was so frustrated and couldn’t figure out what she was doing wrong. She was being extremely proactive and the emails were well-written – so why no response?

Sending 100 random emails like Jane did is not effective. If you really want to get more visibility and stand out as a celebrity, you need to be endorsed by a leader. Oprah

For instance, imagine you were looking for a health coach, and there were two potential health coaches you were considering working with. You don’t know much about either one. But you do know that Coach A was Oprah’s health coach.

Which health coach would you choose?

Having an endorsement from a influential person in your industry is a game-changer. It sets you up as a high-end brand, so you can charge higher prices and have higher quality clients seeking you out. 

I tell you this from experience. From Day 1 of launching my website, I was fortunate to have testimonials from the leaders in my industry enthusiastically endorsing my work. This is part of how I was able to build a 6-figure business in just one year.

So, now, I’m sure you’re wondering, “That’s great Selena, but how do I get endorsements from the leaders in my industry?”

You have to add value to their lives, consistently over time.

The biggest givers are the biggest getters. If you offer value without expecting anything in return, you’ll stand out as someone who is an important person in their life. Generosity is a huge part of your relationship-building strategy.

By caring about them first, you get them to care about you.

When author Danielle LaPorte was launching her book, The Firestarter Sessions, I saw an opportunity to help and so I reached out. I asked Danielle if she would like me to pitch her book to O, The Oprah Magazine, which she emphatically replied, “YES!”

photo (36)So, I put thought and care into it. I created a beautiful care package with red fire paper bursting out of the bag, a red fire chocolate bar, Firestarter tattoos, and a copy of The Firestarter Sessions and hand-delivered it personally to Hearst Magazines. I then crafted an extremely personalized pitch letter to a specific O magazine editor. When I forwarded Danielle the pitch and sent her a picture to show her what I did, she responded by saying,

“Selena! This pitch is impeccable. Every angle, the whole spirit of it… For the love of God, THANK YOU.”

I later asked Danielle’s permission to use that as a testimonial on my website, and it’s still on my homepage today!

What I really want you to recognize is that Danielle didn’t reach out to me and ask me to do this. I decided to be a leader and see how I could help her. For busy influential people, it’s important that you do the work and figure out how you can help them. When you are adding value, they will naturally thank you in return. And with their permission, that can become a testimonial for your website!

So, I would love to know: How can you start adding value to the influential people in your industry?

Share with me in the comments below!

Quick Note!

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Photo credit: Stephanie Badini

Just a quick note, as I’m in the middle of going through the RSVPs for the Publicity Mastermind dinner party.

During the November retreat, my clients will be meeting editors from places like Huffington Post, Fortune, Self, Shape, and Fitness — as well as some of the biggest influencers from the blogosphere, book publishing world, and more.

We have a couple spots left in the Mastermind, and if you know in your heart that developing personal relationships with these influencers will fast-track your success, then I don’t want you to miss out. Apply Here.

ALSO — I just want to give you a heads up that over the next year, I’ll be doubling my business. As the demand for my services continues to grow (and my Mastermind grows in size), now’s the best time to work with me to get the most personal attention possible.

If you’ve been waiting to apply to the Publicity Mastermind, today’s your last chance.



Are you my next VIP client?

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Photo credit: Stephanie Badin

Photo credit: Stephanie Badini

Question for you today —

Have you noticed how certain coaches and experts have skyrocketed in their careers, gotten amazing press, and become industry darlings?

They’re admired, respected, and highly sought after. People line up and pay big money just to get a small piece of them in their online products or programs. They’re getting the big tv opportunities, the magazine spreads,
and the 6-figure book deals.

They seem to be part of an elite club that no one else knows how to get into. How did they get in?

Hard work and talent, yes. But that will only get you so far.

It’s about knowing the right people — who can give you access to those
once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, waiting behind closed doors.


For example, by knowing the right people, I was able to help coach Ali Leipzig get a 4-page feature in Lucky Magazine and a spot on the Today Show just six months after starting her business.

It’s through knowing how to meaningfully connect with influential people that had my friend Derek Halpern saying, “She’s a master at building powerful relationships the right way. If you’re looking to grow your network, I’d pay close attention to what Selena has to say.”

It’s through knowing how to build long-term relationships with VIPs that I was invited to write a guest post for my friend Ramit Sethi, where he introduced me to his email list of 215,000 people, telling them to check out my work.

These are opportunities you can’t pay for. You can only get them if you are in the club.

I am sharing this with you today because there are 4 spots left in the Publicity Mastermind. Is one of them yours?

You don’t have to have a six-figure business or “have it all together” to be a candidate for the Mastermind. I’m looking for individuals who have star power, potential, and incredible drive. If this is you, then let’s explore working together.

Once these 4 spots are filled, the Mastermind is closed. If you are considering it, learn more and apply for my Mastermind here.





P.S. In just a few weeks, I am bringing together an incredible lineup of influential bloggers, experts, and magazine editors for my private VIP Mastermind dinner party, where I’ll be showcasing the amazing individuals in my mastermind.

You’ll have the rare chance to connect face-to-face with some of the biggest power players in the industry. If you want a place at the table, apply for the Publicity Mastermind here.

The first branding investment I made in my biz

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Photo credit: Stephanie Badin

Photo credit: Stephanie Badini

When you start a business + want to have a high-end brand that stands out from Day 1, what’s the most important investment to make?

I say hands-down that it’s high-quality photos.

If you’re choosing between people to work with, and one person’s profile picture is a cropped photo from a bar with friends while another has a beautiful professional headshot, who would you pick?

When you represent your brand in a professional way online, it sends out a message to your clients that says, “I’m a professional.” People also expect to pay more.

So early on, I hired photographer Stephanie Badini, a talented portrait and event photographer in NYC. Here are a few photos from our half-day shoot.

This investment has paid off many times over. Maybe you’ve noticed that I use my yellow headshot in every single email, as well as on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter).

I’ve used the photos Stephanie took of me for speaking events, telesummits, affiliate promotional emails, guest blogging, sales pages and the list goes on and on!

And I’m excited to tell you today that my photographer Stephanie Badini (who has covered red carpet galas and taken photos of celebrities like Gisele Bundchen) is offering an exclusive Fall Special just for my readers.

strong>Her packages normally cost upwards of $1250, but for a limited time, you can get a headshot & lifestyle portrait session with her for just $750 (that’s $500 in savings!).

To get this offer, you need to email her at by October 4 with subject line “Selena Fall Special.” There are limited spots, so if you know you need new photos contact Stephanie right away!

This is an amazing opportunity for you to get beautiful, high-quality photographs at such a great rate, so you can start showing up as a high-end brand right away.



something special I want to share (please read)

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Photo credit: Stephanie Badin

Photo credit: Stephanie Badini

Today is a very exciting day for me.

I just wrote an epic guest post for my friend Ramit Sethi (NY Times bestselling author and blogger), which was sent a few minutes ago to his entire email list of 215,000+ readers.

Why is this important, and why am I sharing this with you?

Because two years ago, I was in the same shoes as many of you.

I didn’t have a business yet, but in my heart, I just knew I was meant for so much more than the corporate 9-5. I wanted to become an entrepreneur and make a big difference in the world.

I looked up to experts like Ramit Sethi and Marie Forleo. I would read their weekly newsletters and watch all of their videos. I wanted to be a part of their world, but I hesitated in reaching out.

After all, they were a big deal. What did I have to offer them? I was just one of 100,000+ people on their email list. I was afraid of being rejected.

Fast forward to today. In less than two years, I’ve managed to build relationships with many of the most famous experts and authors in the business and personal growth space. They’ve become my mentors, clients, and in some cases my closest friends.

Having these influencers take me under their wing has totally changed my world.

I started my company just over a year ago, and today I have 6-figure business I love. I work with dream clients (I really have to pinch myself sometimes!), and I have the freedom to travel as much as I want.

I want to show you how to do the same, because the truth is, no one is teaching us how to do this the right way.

So I invite you to check out my guest post “How to Get The Attention of Your Favorite Expert.” And if you feel moved to do so, I would be incredibly honored if you would share this piece on Facebook. Below are some sample posts you can use (and feel free to tag me — I would love that!).


Selena Soo