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The Secret to Six-Figures (Part 2)

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selenaIn my last email, you learned the 1st secret to skyrocketing your revenue — create a business model that sets you up to reach six figures.

Making more money isn’t just about raising your rates. It’s about creating valuable packages that give your clients transformative results.

However, developing these amazing offerings is only the first step…

Next, you need to be seen as the go-to person for the service you’re offering, so that your ideal clients choose to invest in YOU specifically.

After all, it’s a saturated marketplace. For example —

  • Thousands of health coaches are graduating from the School of Integrative Nutrition each month. And everyone (even your mother!) can call themselves a life coach if they’d like.
  • Every week, tens of thousands of people are leaving Corporate America to offer their services as entrepreneurs (i.e. business consulting, marketing, writing, tech support)

How can you make sure that you’re not just seen as a dime a dozen? What can you do so that your ideal clients choose to work with you over everyone else?

This leads us to Secret #2 …


At an event with some of my Publicity Mastermind clients

When you think of personal branding, what comes to mind? Maybe a fancy website or a clever tagline.

While these things can leave an impression, what’s most important is that you create an emotional relationship with people you’d like to work with.  I want your ideal clients to:

  • Deeply connect with your unique story of transformation. They see themselves in you, and would love to reach the same big goals you have!
  • Admire your intelligence and expertise. When you’re not in the room, they talk excitedly to their friends about how amazing you are.
  • Email you to say hello and get on your radar. They let you know they’re saving up to work with you one day. They have no doubt that you are the coach for them!
  • Feel lucky just to get on the phone with you, even if it’s only for 10 minutes. They are grateful for an opportunity to share their challenges with you and find out if you’re available to help them.

I want people to look up to you and respect your work. Because when that happens, they’ll pay a premium for your help.

One of the most powerful and fastest ways to create your personal brand is through affiliations.

What’s an affiliation?
It’s when you are associated with high-level brands or high-level people.

Let me give you an example…

An Unexpected Encounter with my Ex-Boyfriend

A couple months ago, I was ordering lunch at Chipotle when I heard someone call my name.

I turned around and saw a tall guy with long hair smiling at me. It was my ex-boyfriend Plato.

He excitedly called me over to sit with him and his friend.

Then he said to me, “Everyone’s been telling me about your big profile in Forbes Magazine. Congratulations!”

Really? This was news to me!

I laughed and told him, “I actually wasn’t profiled in Forbes, but I did write a piece for their website.”

Plato turned to his friend and said, “Oh she’s just really humble. Selena was featured in Forbes Magazine as one of the top business coaches in America!!”

I tried to correct him, but he wouldn’t listen. In Plato’s mind, I had full-page write-up alongside Warren Buffett and Beyonce.


Now let me show you the piece I actually wrote. It was a personal blog post for their website called, “I’m Excited About Turning 30 and Here’s Why.” It was all about taking the plunge to be an entrepreneur.


This is what happens when you are affiliated with high-profile brands, media, or leaders. People hear about just one press hit and turn it into a much bigger thing in their minds!

As an entrepreneur, these kinds of affiliations majorly elevate your brand — and your earning potential.

It also opens up doors to other big opportunities, like high-profile speaking gigs, invitations to join elite networking groups, and access to VIP clients.


Right now, I know it feels like you have to prepare for battle each time you get on the phone with a new person for a sales conversation. It’s frustrating to deal with the endless objections and their resistance. You know that if they would just sign up, you could really change their life.

But it’s like you have to talk them into believing how good you are. And when you finally tell them the price, there’s an uncomfortable silence. When they start talking again, they say things like, “I’m not sure if I can afford that” or “Let me talk to my partner and get back to you….”

It’s so annoying when you have to work 5X as hard as people who have built a great reputation. (And whose work might not even be as good as yours!)

But what if people were already sold before you even got on the phone with them? What if they would pay pretty much anything to work with you?

In Get Known, Get Clients, I’m going to teach you how to start building this kind of reputation, so that you can easily have people sign up as long-term clients.

Email 1 GKGC pic (1)

Get Known, Get Clients is a 6-month program that teaches you how to earn more and stand out as the go-to expert in your field.

I’ll be walking you through the 3-part system that I used to build my six-figure business so quickly. You’ll learn how to:

  • Create a business model that really works for you, that has potential to bring in a ton of money — double, or triple what you make now
  • Increase your value in the marketplace through building a powerful personal brand
  • Connect deeply with your ideal clients and audience, so you are the coach/consultant they want to work with
  • Pitch yourself to publications the right way so you can start landing high-profile affiliations
  • Build relationships with influencers, so you can get raving endorsements and VIP opportunities

You know your work is special and can directly impact hundreds (or thousands!) of lives.

I want you to stand out from the thousands of people doing work like you.

It doesn’t have to take 10 years to become an overnight success. You can speed ahead of everyone else when you have the right guidance and support.

If you’d like my personal coaching on this, I’d love for you to join me in Get Known, Get Clients.
Enroll right here to get my support and eyes on your unique business.



The Secret to Six Figures (Part 1)

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selenaYesterday was a blast! 932 people signed up for my live webinar, From $0 to Six Figures: 3 Simple Secrets to Skyrocket Your Revenue.

This is the only free, live training I’m leading in 2014, and I will not be sending out a recording.

However, I wanted to give something special to my readers. So starting today, I’m going to be revealing the 3 secrets from last night’s training in a 3-part email series.

You’ll be getting some of my very best strategies (for free), so make sure to read all of the way through. This first secret is what I paid my business coach close to $30,000 for.

Read on…

What’s the magic formula to making six figures?

Have you noticed that certain coaches and consultants seem to magically hit six figures in their first 1 – 2 years of business? Have you ever wondered how they do that?

Well, here’s the good news — today I’m going to reveal that to you. Because there IS a secret formula that many top experts are using… so please read carefully!

But first, I want to expose the flaws in the traditional coaching/consulting model, which keep many entrepreneurs stuck making very little money (even if they are charging high rates!)

The Traditional Model

Most coaches and consultants charge an hourly rate (i.e. $100/hour).

Now $100/hour is great money! If you were in Corporate America working 40 hours per week, this is actually equivalent to a $200,000 annual salary.

But as an entrepreneur, this kind of business model is setting you up for failure.

As a coach or consultant, people often approach us for an hour of our time. “Can we do a 1-hour session where you can help me with [X problem]?”

Or maybe they want to test out our services before making a commitment.

And here’s why — when people see you’re charging a high rate (i.e. $100/hr, $200/hr, $500/hr), they think:

“That’s so much money! I mean, I could talk about my problem for hours. Let me book just one session. I’ll try to get as much as I can out of that hour. Maybe if I like it, I’ll book another 1 or 2 sessions.”

Here’s the problem.

It’s very difficult to get people meaningful results in an hour.

In a single hour, there’s no way you can turn someone’s business around, transform their love life, help them find self-confidence, or take them from sick & tired to happy & healthy. You need A LOT more time. Months at least, if you’re looking to create long-lasting change.

But if people have unrealistic expectations of you and aren’t seeing the big transformation they were banking on for that expensive hour — how likely are they going to sign up for another one-hour session?Not very likely.

It breaks my heart to see coaches and consultants trapped in a broken model, where they are spending all this time hustling to get ONE client, only to get 1 hours worth of business.

Now Let’s Do the Math.

Say you were charging $100/hr and you wanted to make $4,000 per month. You would need to get up to 40 clients in a single month just to hit your revenue goals (40 clients x $100/hr = $4,000).

Over the course of the year, you’d need to get up to 480 clients (40 clients x 12 months), just to make $48,000.

Yikes! 480 clients? Where would you even find that many people?

And if you wanted to make $100,000, you’d need up to 1,000 clients (1,000 clients x 100/hr = 6-figures).

As you can see, it is virtually impossible to succeed in this kind of business model!

So now, I’d like to introduce the first secret to creating a successful six-figure business —

 Email 1 pic

The High-End Model

Instead of offering hourly coaching or consulting, I recommend you create a 6-month package and charge about $5,000.

What you offer your clients during the 6-months is up to you and there are plenty of ways to be creative. For instance, if you have a coaching model, then 3 – 4 sessions per month is a great foundation for this kind of offering.

Just 10 clients who renew at this level creates a six-figure income (10 clients x $5,000 x 2 times = $100,000). At the absolute most, you’ll need 20 clients to hit $100,000.

If you want to make six figures, isn’t it so much easier to get 10 – 20 clients and give them your all, versus having scattered conversations with up to 1,000 clients paying you an hourly fee?

Furthermore, with six months of focused attention, you can create really powerful changes in your clients’ lives. And that’s what they’re really paying for!

Now, I know what you may be thinking:

  • “I just can’t imagine people paying me this much!”   OR
  • “That might work for some people, but will this work for me?”

I want you to know that every coach and consultant has the ability to create high-end offerings — using the skills and experience you have right now. If you’re looking to charge more, you don’t have to go back to school or get 2 more years of experience.

The six-month packages I just showed you is one way — there are also other proven models that are very lucrative. (And if you’re just starting out, we can work up to these prices.)

But in the meantime, we still need to get you set up on a business model that will allow you to eventually grow into a six-figure business.

If you’d like my support with this, I’d like to invite you to learn about a new program I’m offering called Get Known, Get Clients.

Email 1 GKGC pic (1)

In Get Known, Get Clients, you’ll learn how to:

  • Earn more right now with the exact skills you have.
  • Create a business model that really works for you – that has potential to bring in a ton of money – double, or triple what you make now
  • Create high-value programs that get your clients amazing results
  • Develop a clear plan for finding your ideal clients, and get them super excited about working with you.
  • Position yourself as the go-to expert for your service — so people are willing to invest meaningful money to work with you.
  • And this is JUST the start of it.

Get the program details right here.

I know that you are capable of making great money in your business. You just need expert guidance and an easy to follow, step-by-step plan to get you there!

If 2014 is your year to start building a 6-figure business, join me today for Get Known, Get Clients!

I can’t wait to work with you!



WEBINAR: Learn How to Build Your Own 6-Figure Biz!

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I’m excited to share that I’m hosting at live webinar on Tuesday, 5/13 called “From $0 to Six Figures: 3 Simple Ways to Skyrocket Your Revenue.

FB poster_webinar_threesecrets

Here’s what you’ll learn on the webinar:
  • How to build the foundations to a 6-figure business. (I’ll share simple ways of restructuring your business model that I personally used to hit 6 figures.)
  • How to build a brand that people fall in love with (I’ll reveal why certain coaches/consultants seem to have that special “thing” — and how you can have it too.)
  • The shortcut to getting the big opportunities that lead to big revenue (I used this one early on to book a ton of new clients.)
This is the ONLY time this year I’m offering free live training. To make this super accessible for you, I’m offering it at 2 convenient times.  Get the details and sign up here.

My Zero to Launch Review

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There’s a lot of buzz going around about Ramit Sethi’s new Zero to Launch program.

That’s no surprise! He’s one of world’s top online education leaders. He’s built his entire business on creating real financial results for his students. When his students implement his material, many times they end up doubling or even tripling their income.

And if you think there’s no way you could do it, remember that Ramit started his multimillion dollar business from a blog he began in his college dorm room (while wearing big fuzzy slippers).

We all have to start from zero and work our way up.

I was so excited when Ramit asked me to be a part of his Beta program for Zero to Launch. Ramit has been the single biggest influence on building my online business, and is now one of my most important mentors. To be honest, what I’ve learned from him has been WAY more valuable than what I learned in business school (which was a $100,000+ investment!).

The 3 Most Important Things I Have Learned from Ramit

#1) How to convert one-time readers into passionate customers for life

In ZTL Beta, Ramit took us way into our ideal client’s psychology, emotional triggers, and deepest desires. He showed us how to find the exact words, positioning, and strategies to connect deeply with them. He taught us how to train readers to start looking at us as their personal mentors and advisors.

With Ramit’s help and guidance, my guest post for IWT converted into $30,000+ of revenue.

The day the post went live, it felt like Christmas. Emails were pouring in from new readers. Over 200 people commented on the blog. People were reaching out to me asking to be my clients.

One woman said she read the whole article and then went to my website and read every blog post. She later became one of my star clients in the Publicity Mastermind.

You might be thinking, “But Selena, not everyone gets to write on Ramit’s blog…”

The point is not about getting published on an A-lister’s blog. It’s about knowing how to convert one-time readers into life-long customers. The secret to this is about knowing how to cut through all of the noise and competition for your readers’ attention so that they want YOUR help solving their problems.

(And you do need to know how to pitch yourself to guest post for high-traffic sites, which is why Ramit covers that extensively in ZTL!)

Here’s an example of one of the many emails I receive on a daily basis, because of the writing strategies I’ve learned from Ramit:

You don’t have to be famous or spend 10 years getting experience making mistakes and trying to figure out the strategies for success. You can just follow Ramit’s guidance and start building an engaged and committed list (hungry for your products) right away.

#2) Passions don’t create freedom — systems create freedom.

I happen to be someone who is incredibly passionate about the work I do. But the search for “passion” stops most people from creating what you really want, which is freedom.

If your business is based 100% on clients, and then you fill your client load — guess what? You’re not hanging out on the beach — you’re on the phone all day with clients!

What if you could create a business that gave your customers huge results AND gave you the freedom you really want?

Ramit takes us into the SYSTEMS behind creating profitable info products. Everything from how to know which idea is the most profitable, to how choose a price, how to get traffic, and how to sell them.

Ramit’s course is different from everything out there because he teaches you how to make your business work for YOU, instead of you becoming its slave.

If you have a big desire to have your own freedom AND to make a big difference, Ramit can show you how to create a product that can change people’s lives — starting with your own.

#3) Successful people just get started.

You might wonder if you’re ready for Zero to Launch. I don’t even have a website yet, or a blog…

Our ZTL Beta group had people from all levels — those who were just starting a business and those who had already hit six figures. No matter what level we were at, each of us was learning tons of brand new concepts each week that blew our mind.

Have you ever seen one of Ramit’s emails, where he refers to himself as “your surrogate Asian father”? He cares immensely about your success. He has spent millions of dollars developing his systems to make sure that his products are world-class and that his students get serious results.

He holds you to a higher standard that you hold yourself, leading you to do and accomplish more than you thought possible.

When you’re learning and implementing these kinds of advanced techniques in Zero to Launch, it’s so valuable to get feedback from other smart, highly motivated individuals who’ve been studying Ramit’s methodology. Having the ZTL community on Facebook is like having your own mini-focus group that you can access 24/7 (which alone is worth a huge investment).

So, is Zero to Launch right for me?

Ramit’s products are life-changing. If you want to learn how to start a business, learn from one of the most successful people in your field who knows online business inside and out.

Ramit has sold products and programs for $4.95, $197, $1,000, $4,000, and even $12,000. He understands how this works at all levels. How many people do you know who can do that?

Plus, what’s unique about Ramit is that he has students for life. What does this mean? It means that because Ramit’s material is so good and leads to major financial results, people keep coming back and buying more. I myself have purchased 6 of his products!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could create a product that you know people would buy and add real value to their lives?

And not only that, but because your product is so good and you are able to communicate it’s value, people buy from you over and over again?

If you want a business with customers hungry to buy your products, it’s a no-brainer. Get yourself in Zero to Launch!

Want to find out more? Check out details about ZTL here, and case studies here, here, here, and here!



Want to be involved in a book launch I’m part of?

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selenaEver wondered what it takes to launch a bestselling book?

I have a unique opportunity for you to join me in experiencing it from inside!

My client Farnoosh Torabi is releasing her third book, When She Makes More, on May 1!

Who is Farnoosh?

torabi_farnoosh0764RTsmallFarnoosh is a personal finance & lifestyle expert who has been dubbed “the next Suze Orman.” She’s helped millions of people manage their money on her #1 Yahoo! web series Financially Fit.

What’s the book all about?

  • We all know that it’s important to lean into our careers, but what about leaning into our relationships? Farnoosh’s hope is that every woman will not only have a deeply fulfilling career, but also a great romantic relationship.

  • Now here’s the problem — when women like us make more than men, it can actually threaten our love life!

  • It can be a hard to find a man who isn’t intimidated by our success. And studies have proven that when women make more, their relationships are vulnerable to greater infidelity and divorce.Farnoosh Book Cover 2

  • But here’s the good news — there’s a better way! A breadwinner herself, Farnoosh has discovered the 10 rules us women need to know, so we can have an amazing career AND an equally amazing relationship that stands the test of time.

There’s already a lot of great buzz for When She Makes More.

People like Tony Robbins and Barbara Corcoran have endorsed the book.

Amazing press has been secured for the book, like spots on Today Show & MSNBC’s Morning Joe, and write-ups in, Entrepreneur, Marie Claire, and Money.

I’m so excited about this book and I want you to join me!!

Here are some of the perks you’ll get from being part of our VIP launch team:

  • One 30-minute group coaching call with Farnoosh and the Launch Team prior to the launch of the book, where you’ll get the inside scoop on our launch strategy

  • A free, electronic PDF review copy of the book in advance of the publication date

  • Exclusive access to Farnoosh and the other launch team members in a private Facebook Group.

  • A “Thank You” and link to your website or blog on Farnoosh’s blog!

To be a part of the VIP launch team, apply HERE!

When it asks how you learned about the launch team, just say “Selena Soo’s newsletter.”

I hope to see you on the launch team!


if you’re not feeling fear, you’re not doing it right

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It’s been an exciting month for my clients in the Publicity Mastermind.

Among their successes have been TV spots, paid speaking gigs, and doubling clients!

Check it out —




And here’s a media hit my client Nadya Andreeva (author of Happy Belly) recently got. Nadya and Ashley Parrish (editor-in-chief, DailyCandy) met last fall at the Publicity Mastermind VIP dinner party.

Daily Candy Nadya

It’s so exciting to see my clients developing relationships with the media AND attracting high-end, dream clients! This all happened in just a matter of months…

I remember last year when life coach Caroline Zwick signed up for the Publicity Mastermind. At the time, it didn’t make a lot of “sense” for her to make a big investment.

She wasn’t where she wanted to be financially, but she knew that to get to the next level, she would need to make a big leap. So she did (even though it was scary)! And now she’s attracting dream clients and able to turn away people who aren’t a fit for her.

I can totally relate to where Caroline was several months ago.

Back when I started my business, I was hearing a lot of buzz about “masterminds.” It seemed like all the successful entrepreneurs I knew were in masterminds — some investing close to $30,000 a year.

I thought to myself, “I would never spend that kind of money on coaching. That’s so much money!”

But then I started talking to some of the women in these masterminds.

Each person was making a lot more money, launching successful programs, and had influential friends supporting their success.

I asked them if they could have done it on their own. They laughed and said “no way!” Their coach was guiding them through unknown territory — giving them the exact steps to reach their big goals.

I started to think that working with a high-end coach might be a good idea for me too.

So I reached out to the best coach I could find. We got on the phone, and as we talked I felt like she totally “got me.”

I knew deep in my heart that if I gave this my all (and put my trust in her), I would be able to reach my goals too.

With my heart beating, I gave her my credit card number.

Did this decision make any logical sense based on my current revenue? On the outside, no. But on the inside — yes!

I knew that I was smart and hardworking. I knew that I had something very special to offer. And I knew that I would do whatever it takes. I just needed someone to show me the way.

Ultimately, it wasn’t about making an investment in a coach. I was really making an investment in myself and my highest potential.

In the words of our favorite R&B artist Beyonce —


Believing in myself (and making that investment in my business) changed everything for me.

Was it scary? Absolutely.

And so is every day of being an entrepreneur.

Every day, I have to put myself out there in vulnerable ways. I have to act in the face uncertainty, make tough decisions, have uncomfortable conversations, and invest in my business — often before the money has revealed itself.

I feel the fear, and I do it anyways.

This is what being an entrepreneur is all about: having so much faith in your vision & potential that you feel an inner drive to move forward, even in the face of fear.

Applications are open for the Publicity Mastermind.

Because of the involved nature of this work, I only mentor a small number of clients that I am truly passionate about — individuals put on the planet to fulfill their unique mission of helping thousands, or millions, of people radically change their lives.

When you have the right support system, relationships, and strategy, you are unstoppable.

I’m willing to give you my all. Are you willing to give your all?

Apply here.



From $0 to my first $38K month (full story in this 30-min podcast!)

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A few weeks ago, I told you about my interview on John Lee Dumas’ podcast, Entrepreneur on Fire. 

It was just released and you can listen to it right here! (It’s a quick 30 minutes — check it out on your lunch break!)

John & I chat about:

  • My last full-time job before starting my company, where I was an underpaid and overworked nonprofit employee.
  • The aha moment that changed everything (I used to say to myself: “All I want to do is to help people, but I just don’t know if I’ll *ever* be able to make any money doing what I love.“)
  • How I made major revenue leaps! Going from zero dollars in the first few months of my business to making $4,000 per month and recently my first $38,000 month (this all happened in a year and a half!).
  • My unique business philosophy that John Lee Dumas called “the keys to the kingdom.”

If you’re thinking about applying for my Publicity Mastermind (now or in the future), you’ll definitely want to tune in to the interview

I share specifics about how I help my clients fast-track their success, along with the investment details for the Mastermind.

Talk to you soon!



What’s the big secret to getting dream clients?

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Question for you today —

If you are so good at what you do, why don’t you have a waiting list of people lined up to work with you?

After all, your clients repeatedly tell you that you’re changing their lives. They send you emails in tears, saying, “Yesterday’s session helped me more than 3 years of therapy! I’m so grateful that I finally found you!!”

They’ve ended destructive cycles of emotional eating, escaped soul-crushing jobs to start dream businesses, or finally put an end to toxic relationships.

You have no doubt that you have something powerful to offer.

And yet, getting new clients is still a struggle. What’s up with that?

For example —

You’ve got a sales call with a potential client — someone you’d absolutely love to work with.

She’s unhappy, frustrated, and on the verge of giving up. She tells you the problems she’s been struggling with in silence….for years.

It’s so clear to you that if she just started working with you, everything would change. You could help her put an end to her suffering and create a more joyful, fulfilling life.

The call goes amazingly well. But when it comes time to tell her the price and invite her to sign up, there’s an awkward silence. She squirms and finds excuses.

“I can’t afford it right now… I don’t know if I have the time to do this … I need to check with my partner first… Can I get back to you?”

You hang up the phone, and a wave of self-doubt hits you.

  • Am I ever going to get to the next level with my business?
  • Why is this so hard?!
  • Why don’t people get the value of what I have to offer?

A few days later, you send a follow up email …. and she doesn’t even respond.

It’s moments like these when you feel so frustrated. After all, all you want to do is help people. Your prices aren’t even that high! Other coaches (who aren’t even as good as you) charge twice as much, while giving their clients less 1-on-1 time.

So what’s the secret to getting dream clients?

It’s about being widely respected for your work. It’s about being seen as that go-to person in your field.

When someone complains about their problems (to a friend, trusted colleague, or group of people), your name always comes up.

They say: “You’ve got to check her out! She’s the best at helping people with exactly this! Do you want me to make an intro?”

Imagine this being your new life:

  • Potential clients get “crushes” on you before you’ve even chatted. They are so excited for the opportunity to jump on a call with you (after all, you’re in such high demand and have to turn most clients away).
  • Your sales conversations are relatively quick and to the point. Sometimes you have to pinch yourself, because it’s almost too easy. Your ideal clients are ready pull out their wallets + start investing in your services right away.

Becoming seen as the go-to expert isn’t something that just magically happens. It’s a choice that you make.

It’s an intentional goal you set — which we create a strategy and plan around in the Publicity Mastermind.

If you want to reach your full potential (in terms of the # of people you help + the money you make), you can’t do it alone. You need to start treating your business like a real business and get a team.

In the Publicity Mastermind, you’ll have the opportunity to develop powerful relationships with high-level referral partners, A-list mentors, and the media. People who will promote your work to their audiences and send dream clients + amazing opportunities your way.

Applications are now open for the Publicity Mastermind. Spots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

(Applying is risk-free. If I review your application and think there could be a strong mutual fit, we will have an exploratory conversation.)

Ready to take your business to the next level?
Apply here today:




ANNOUNCING: The Publicity Mastermind

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Admit it. Aren’t you tired of seeing certain people in your industry get all the attention?

– Hundreds or thousands of social media followers “Like” each picture they post of their organic lunch

-They’re often quoted in magazines and invited to give keynote speeches at large-scale events

-It seems like every list you’re on is promoting their new video series, program, or soon-to-be best-selling book

Meanwhile, you’re spending all day hustling to get sales conversations, feeling like you have to talk someone into working with you. At networking events, you keep a giant smile on your face (after all, you are selling happiness and well-being), but inside you are feeling so frustrated at continually needing to prove yourself over and over.

It’s not that you want all the attention or need to feel special.

It’s that you feel a deep, spiritual responsibility to help a LOT of people.

Thousands — or possibly millions.

Your unique story and way of helping people could change so many lives… if they only knew who you were.

There is no way that you can make that kind of impact when no one knows you from “Lucy the Life Coach.”

In order to reach the masses with your message, you have to stand out and build your platform.

Standing out is not about feeding your ego with Facebook “likes.” Here’s what standing out REALLY means:

  • When your ideal client is fed up with with her weight and unhappiness, you’re the health coach she dreams of working with to help her to transform her life.
  • Powerful affiliate partners and referral partners are happy to introduce you to their lists — because they know the incredible value you offer — allowing you to get in front of thousands of people who need your services.
  • Because you have built a passionate following and achieved media attention, you easily land a top literary agent and publisher, who will help you get your book and ideas out to many thousands (or even millions) of people around the world

So what is the fastest path to reaching the masses with your message?

It’s about knowing the right people — people who care about you, believe in you, and will open up doors for you.

There are few mentors out there who can teach you the ins and outs of how to build relationships with the people who stand in front of the biggest opportunities of your career, and even host VIP events where you will be introduced to them as the next big stars they need to know.

I am one of those mentors. And today, the 2014 – 2015 Publicity Mastermind is open for applications.

This is a 1-year high-level coaching program where you’ll work one-on-one with me + become a part of an incredible community of like-minded, visionary entrepreneurs.

In the Publicity Mastermind, you and I will create a customized strategy to help you reach your long-term and short-term goals. You’ll be part of a tight-knit community of passionate change-makers who are also deeply committed to their unique mission.

And, you get to benefit from the knowledge and connections from the 10+ years I’ve spent cultivating relationships with online influencers, magazine editors, and leaders in the business and personal growth space.

You won’t find this kind of access from any other mastermind program, and it’s something I only offer the small group of people I serve in the Publicity Mastermind.

Applications are open today, and will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. If you want a mentor who is highly invested in helping you to stand out as a leader, make more money, and get your message out to more people, apply here now.
I look forward to hearing from you!



How to pitch to TV (+ fun pics of our private NBC tour!)

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Have you seen those segments on daytime TV, where they spotlight expert guests like life coaches and health coaches? They might be talking about what superfoods to add to your breakfast, how to know if it’s time for a career change, or how to find your soulmate online.

Ever wondered how YOU could book one of those spots on TV, so that you could share your work with a large, mainstream audience?

Earlier this month, my Publicity Mastermind Clients got the inside scoop on how to pitch for TV directly from NBC bookers, producers, and on-air talent… during our private VIP tour of NBC studios. (Big thanks to my friend Ellie Brett of Media Bombshell for setting this up)


Landing a spot in front of the camera starts with crafting an email that an extremely busy booker will open, read, and respond to. So how do you do this? blog2

First of all, some things to keep in mind —

  • People in the media tend to be busy, stressed, and constantly on deadline. Many of them will confess that they don’t read all their emails!
  • If the subject line isn’t compelling, they won’t open it. If the first sentence isn’t engaging, they won’t read the whole pitch.
  • I know this can feel unfair when you’ve spent days attempting to perfect for your pitch. But the things is — if they read and responded to all 500 emails in their inbox, they wouldn’t get any work done!

To have your shot at getting featured on TV, here are three key guidelines for crafting a pitch that gets noticed:


blog 31) Speak in everyday language.

When you’re on TV, you aren’t speaking to your clients or your colleagues — you’re speaking to the mainstream masses. One of the biggest mistakes I see people making is using terms that the general public doesn’t understand, for example: “holding the space,” “pure potential,” or “tapping into your feminine.”

When producing content for a mainstream audience, you want to break it down in a way that an 8-year-old would understand.

One of the producers told us that when in doubt, apply the KISS principle: Keep It Simple Silly. =)


blog 42) Be super concise and compelling.

Your email needs to have a compelling subject line that gets their attention right away. The body of your email should have a few quick sentences about who you are and what you have to offer, with a creative pitch idea that would grab a mainstream viewer’s interest.

Don’t send them your life story in six paragraphs! If they want more information, they will ask (or you can offer it up later). You just want to pique their interest, get them to respond, and start a dialogue.

Now keep in mind that the way television shows stay in business is through high ratings. Story headlines need to grab the attention of the masses, so lots of people will tune in. One example that Jacque Reid, New York Live co-host, gave us was, “5 Yoga Moves that Will Save Your Marriage.” This is applicable to a wide audience, while being sexy, controversial, and off the beaten path.


blog 53) Follow up consistently (and pleasantly!)

Don’t expect that by sending in just one email, you’ll be on TV the next month. These opportunities take time and require follow-up.

You might send a great pitch, but not hear anything back. Maybe that person is really busy, or only taking pitches related to the holiday season, a big sports event, or an election going on. Your pitch could be good, but just not right for this moment.

It’s not about being aggressive, but it IS about being pleasantly persistent. Follow-up in a week or two, send additional ideas, and be an ongoing resource to producers (i.e. if you learn they are working on a particular story, offer your help even if it won’t directly benefit your business).

Remember, it is more important to develop a long-term relationship or friendship, versus trying to force an opportunity to happen right away.

I hope you enjoyed these tips! And if you’d like to see more photos from the VIP tour, check out the album I created on Facebook! (We even got a group pic on the Saturday Night Live stage!)


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