The essential guide to becoming recognized in your field

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How do you go from having a small handful of fans who rave about you… to building a passionate following of thousands — or millions?

Let me introduce you to my friend Dorie Clark.

Dorie is an author, marketing strategy consultant, and branding expert, who has written for Forbes, Entrepreneur, Harvard Business Review, and Business Insider. She’s on a mission to help rising experts get known and spread their important ideas.


Selena and Dorie


In her latest book, Stand Out, Dorie has interviewed 50 top thought leaders like Seth Godin, David Allen, and Daniel Pink to identify how these masters achieved success — and how you can do the same too.

Dorie shares that you don’t have to be a genius or even be in the top 5% at what you do to make it big. Instead, Dori says that becoming a global thought leader comes down to two things: identifying the ideas that stand you apart — and promoting them successfully.

This is how you can begin to built an audience that passionately embraces your vision.

In Stand Out, Dorie breaks down exactly how to identify what YOUR unique perspective is, and gives a step-by-step plan to building your audience of passionate followers.

If you desire to build a community around your ideas, and to reach hundreds or thousands with your message, I highly recommend you check out Dorie’s book here. The book is just under $20, but the wisdom you’ll get from it is priceless.





P.S. Want to start finding your “breakthrough idea” right away? You can get Dorie’s 42-page workbook with 139 questions to help you identify your stand-out ideas. Get it here (for free).


How she skyrocketed to the top in 6 months

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On Tuesday, I hosted a webinar called How to Build Win-Win Relationships with VIPs + Influencers.

One of people’s favorite stories was about a graphic designer named Joana — a recent college grad living in Portugal. (Here she is getting her diploma!)


What’s so special about Joana’s story?

Just six months after starting her business, Joana managed to land top clients who were industry leaders (think Derek Halpern and other online influencers).

Today, Joana’s business isn’t even one year old — and she’s already hit six figures!

So, how did Joana go from working her first 9-5 job, consuming content from her favorite experts during her free time…

… to getting hired by (and becoming friends with) the very experts she admired??

Here’s the secret to Joana’s success:

Joana became friends with ONE superconnector — who then introduced her (with a raving endorsement) to her VIP friends.

In Joana’s case, she developed a relationship with me.

Here’s how Joana and I became friends…

Joana emailed me last spring, sharing what a difference my work was making in her life. After a warm email exchange, she said that if I ever had any short-term graphic design needs, she’d be happy to help at no charge.

At the time, I actually needed some last minute help with a sales page. I took her up on her offer — and she completely transformed the page. I couldn’t believe how good it was!

This gave me the chance to experience the high quality of her work, her professionalism, and reliability. She was officially on my radar.

So when I was looking for an assistant to be by my side for 3 days in New York City for my Publicity Mastermind, and Joana applied, I chose her out of all the applicants.

At the event, I raved about her to my Mastermind clients. (I even put her portfolio up on my tv screen so they could see her work.)

Then, when I hosted a private party in my home, I introduced her personally to my VIP friends. Here she is with some of my party guests:

unnamed2 unnamed3 unnameds

A couple months later, Derek Halpern posted on Facebook that he was looking for a graphic designer.

I recommended Joana, and tagged her in the comments. With my coaching, Joana crafted the perfect email to this team, made it to the final design competition round, and ultimately got the job!

Since then, many of my private clients have hired her, as well as other influencers I’ve recommended her to. And, I’ve hired her for many of my own important projects.

She’s quickly become the go-to graphic designer for visionary entrepreneurs who desire to serve millions of people.

Now, I know you might be thinking, “Well, good for her. But how can I do this?”

Because, while you might know that having a powerful network is key to growing your business — you might not be sure HOW to do it.

After all, you may be saying to yourself —

  • What do I have to offer people who are at a higher level than me?
  • What if I reach out in the wrong way, leaving a bad impression on the influencers I admire?
  • How do I stand out from the hundreds — or thousands — of other people reaching out to them without seeming desperate or needy?

The truth is: there’s a right way — and a wrong way — to go about building these important relationships.

The right way can help you speed ahead of everyone else in your industry, like Joana did.

The wrong way can lead to damaged relationships, awkward interactions, and missed opportunities.

This is something I want to make sure you know how to do the right way.

Because I know how frustrating it is to see certain people shoot up out of nowhere and get all the attention… especially if you’ve been “paying your dues” for what feels like forever.

So today, I’m excited to announce that I’m offering you my secrets to build the VIP relationships that can shortcut your success.


(Go here to see the details.)

Here’s just a tiny bit of what you’ll learn in INFLUENCE…

  • The 12 most powerful ways to add value to influencers – even the ones that seem “out of your league.” (This is how I developed relationships with Marie Forleo and Danielle LaPorte.)

  • My 5-step system for identifying the key influencers that can 3x your business growth (And some of them are just a few steps ahead of you!)

  • How to ask a VIP for help the right way, so that you get a yes (instead of a very awkward no)

  • The secrets to approaching VIPs – what to say and do, so they don’t just dismiss you along with the rest of the crowd trying to get their attention.

  • The Follow-Up Formula – my simple system for leaving a memorable impression and creating a long-term relationship. (I’ll share when to follow up, how often, and exactly what to say and do.)

… And so much more.

Now, I believe in hard work. It takes dedication, commitment, and consistency to build a successful business.

But I also believe in shortcuts.

And I’m going to teach you exactly how to build the relationships that can give YOU the shortcuts in INFLUENCE.

Even if you’re just getting started.

Even if you’re a lifelong introvert (like me).

Even if you aren’t sure what you have to offer.

You CAN create these connections and relationships.

Sign up for INFLUENCE here.

How to create the Oprah Effect in your business (NEW Course)

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Have you ever heard of the “Oprah Effect?”

Basically, it means – if Oprah endorses you, your business will explode.

For example, in 2008, Oprah endorsed Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth in her book club. A New Earth then shipped 3.5 million copies in the first month after its selection.


For every business or industry, we have a different person who represents our version of Oprah – someone who, just by saying your name, can 10x your growth.

  • If Tim Ferriss mentions your product in his blog, your sales will go through the roof.
  • If Marie Forleo interviews you on MarieTV, people will jump at the chance to work with you (because you’re no longer the “best-kept secret”).
  • If Danielle LaPorte tags you in her Instagram photo, you could end up with 600 new email subscribers in a matter of days…

..And that’s exactly what happened to my client Julie Parker.

Julie has a digital magazine called inspired COACH Magazine, where she features top coaches and experts. She wanted to interview Danielle LaPorte, one of the biggest names in the coaching industry.

However, Danielle constantly gets requests for her time and energy. Julie wanted to make sure to ask in the right way. With my coaching, Julie wrote an email that she stood out from the thousands of other “asks” in Danielle’s inbox.

And guess what happened? She got a YES!

When the interview was released, Danielle posted a photo on Instagram of herself on the magazine cover…


…leading to 600 new email subscribers for Julie (within just days of the post)!

This has also led to numerous hard-to-reach VIPs reaching out to Julie, asking if they can be featured in upcoming issues. Inspired COACH is now fast becoming recognized as one of the most prestigious digital publications in the coaching industry.

Julie has also gotten premium clients from the exposure, resulting in five figures of additional revenue!

So, Julie got to experience the “Danielle Effect”!

Now a question for you —

Which influencers could catapult YOUR growth if they endorsed your work or even just mentioned your name?

Now, you might be thinking:

I’m nowhere near the level of the VIPs who could help me. What do I have to offer them? (I don’t have a digital magazine, podcast, or popular blog!)

Well, here’s the good news…

You too can add tremendous value to the VIPs and influencers you admire. Even if you’re just starting out, don’t live in a major city, or feel like you have nothing anything to offer.

I’m teaching that (and so much more) in my new program, INFLUENCE: Turn People You Admire into Your Friends, Mentors, and Clients. (You can see all the details here.)

You see, over the years I’ve developed a unique, heart-centered approach to building a network – an approach that focuses on genuine connection and adding massive value.

This approach is what has allowed me and my clients to experience our own version of the Oprah Effect.

And you can experience it, too.

I want you to imagine a new, exciting reality…

  •  You’re endorsed by top players in your field, and have so many people who want to work with you that you have a waiting list for your 1:1 services.
  • The next time you launch a program, product, or book, you know it will be a success (because you have high-level colleagues and friends who will tell their community or mail their list for you).
  • You have highly successful mentors who will happily drop what they’re doing and help you out when you’re in a bind.
  • You confidently walk into an event full of your industry’s A-List players, who approach you to say, “I read your recent blog post,” or “I bought your course.”

That is what can happen when you know how to build authentic, win-win relationships with busy, influential people.

And you don’t need to “have it all together” or be super charismatic to build these powerful relationships. (Take it from me — someone who’s naturally shy and introverted.)

I’d love to show you how to build your very own network of VIPs and influencers… so you can experience how this can catapult YOUR business to a whole new level.

Take a look at all the details here.

I’ll see you inside!


Ever feel like you don’t fit in? (my story)

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People are always surprised when I tell them that I’m an introvert (and socially awkward at times).

For so much of my life, I’ve struggled with shyness and felt like a fish out of water.

unnamed(1)This goes way back to high school, when I moved from Hong Kong to attend an all-girls boarding school in Tacoma, Washington.

It was huge culture shock for me. I couldn’t find common ground with the girls at my new school, who would wear lots of makeup and talk about boys and sex.

Instead of going to parties, I spent lots of late nights alone in my tiny dorm room at my desk — reading books and studying for tests. While I ended up being at the top of my class, I certainly was not winning any popularity contests. I felt very lonely, and I didn’t have many friends.

Even 10 years later when I was in business school, I felt totally out of place.

My classmates were brilliant, ambitious, and kind… but I just felt like I couldn’t connect with them.

After class, they would hang out at bars — talking about sports, politics, or their latest consulting interview… and I had nothing to say to add to the conversation.

Sitting there for what felt like hours + pretending to be somewhat interested (even though I was bored out of mind!) was incredibly uncomfortable and painful.

Meanwhile, there was another world that I longed to be a part of….
The exciting world of personal growth, online marketing, and entrepreneurship.

My favorite experts were people like Marie Forleo, Danielle LaPorte, and Ramit Sethi.

I would read every blog post and watch every video they published. I devoured their advice (forwarding their newsletters to all of my friends telling them, “You’ve got to check this out!”).

I dreamed about one day creating an amazing lifestyle business, just like they had.

Even though these people had no idea who I was, I felt like they were my friends (or at least the friends I wanted to have).

We spoke the same language. They understood my dreams and ambitions. And I saw pieces of myself in them.

Fast forward to where I am today… and I can hardly believe what I’ve created.

Today I have a thriving multi-six figure business doing what I love the most — helping visionary experts, authors and coaches share their great work with the world.

And many people I once admired from a distance are now my dearest friends, mentors, and even clients.

I feel like I’ve finally found my tribe and my calling. I’ve never felt more at home.

While I’m terrible at small talk and I’m not the loudest or most noticeable person in the room, there’s one thing I’m really good at… and that’s connecting with influencers. People that I’m passionate about and believe in.

I know how to reach out and get a response, deeply connect, add a ton of value (even when on the outside it looks like I may have nothing to offer them)… and build a long-term relationship from there.

And I have to say… this is the biggest secret to my success.

Because here’s the thing. You don’t build a 6 or 7 figure business alone. You build it with the help of others.

All of us need:

  • Powerful mentors and coaches… who are crazy smart and deeply generous.
    Those things that you’re struggling to figure out? They’ve mastered them. With their help, you can accomplish in 1 year what might take others 3 years or more.
  • Successful colleagues who are fun to be around and have an amazing reputation. Once they get to know you + your work, they’ll happily send ideal clients your way.
  • Superconnected individuals who have influence and reach. They can connect you to amazing visibility opportunities (i.e. podcasts, guest posts, TV, magazines) that would be difficult to get on your own, allowing more people to learn about your great work.

When it comes to your business, I truly believe there is nothing more precious or valuable than your relationships.

Why am I telling you all of this?

Because this is exactly what I want to help you create — an amazing network of people who care about you, believe in you and won’t let you fail!

That’s why I’m hosting a special webinar called How to Build Win-Win Relationships with VIPs + Influencers… that help you land dream clients, boost your income, and become a respected leader.

In this complimentary training, you’ll learn…The secrets to getting big-deal people to promote your amazing work (even if you have a tiny list, are in the early stages of your biz, or aren’t sure you’re “established enough” yet)

  • The secrets to getting big-deal people to promote your amazing work (even if you have a tiny list, are in the early stages of your biz, or aren’t sure you’re “established enough” yet)
  • The 3 must-have relationships to catapult you to the next level (all multi-6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs I know have this special advantage)
  • How to get thousands of dollars of expert business advice for free to solve your most burning problems
  • The story of my student who went from unknown to the top – within 6 months becoming the go-to service provider for industry leaders (think Derek Halpern and other online stars)… and her approach works in any field

Let me show you how to take your business to the next level — reserve your seat on the webinar here.

Can’t wait to share more with you!




Wow! I’m so proud of each of these women.

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Hope your 2015 is off to a great start!

I’ve been so thrilled to start 2015 by celebrating my clients’ huge successes. I wanted to share a few of those with you today.

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 5.26.07 PMThe So Money Podcast
with Farnoosh Torabi

My client Farnoosh Torabi just launched a daily 30-minute podcast called “So Money.”

She has incredible special guests like Tony Robbins and James Altucher, who join her to share their real and personal stories about money. They’ll be talking about successes, fears, and failures, and tips for you to create a financially abundant life.

Check it out here!


Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 5.34.11 PM(1)Tara Cousineau, PhD’s debut in Huffington Post

My client Tara Cousineau, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and self-esteem expert. She’s also one of the 12 ambassadors for the global DOVE Self Esteem Project, and working on her first book.

She recently became a contributor to the Huffington Post. They featured two major pieces of hers in a single week!

Learn more here.


womenfooddesireWomen, Food, and Desire
by Alex Jamieson

My client and colleague Alex Jamieson, the co-creator of Super Size Me, just released her book Women, Food, and Desire this month! She received a multi-six figure book deal for this important piece of work.

In this book, she shares how our cravings are the gatekeepers of our deepest longings and desires. Join me in celebrating Alex in becoming an Amazon #1 bestselling author!

Learn more about the book and get a free copy of Alex’s Cravings Cure Cookbook here.


daniellelaporteinspiredcoachJulie Parker’s
inspired COACH magazine cover
with Danielle LaPorte

Julie Parker is a client in my Publicity Mastermind, who runs Beautiful You Coaching Academy, a coaching certification program that sells out each time she offers it!

She also provides a beautiful online magazine, called inspired COACH. Check out her cover model!

Getting Danielle on the cover is a huge win that’s drawing even more attention to Julie’s popular magazine.

Check out the issue here!

I’m so proud of my clients and their creative projects.

Now I want to hear from you —

What big projects do you want to launch this year? (A Podcast? A live event? A group program?) Reply back and let me know! I love knowing what my readers are up to. =)



My personal branding tips in Fast Company

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When I first launched my website, it felt totally unnatural to put my photo front and center.

Will people think I was arrogant?
Who am I to think I’m a big expert?

After spending the majority of my career behind the scenes, I had to overcome a lot of fears in order to put myself out there in a big way.

As entrepreneurs, self-promotion is not optional. In order to get your message to more people, you have to develop a strong personal brand in the public’s eye.

By building your brand and your reach, you’re able to help more people and change the world.

I was recently interviewed for an article for Fast Company’s “How I Get It Done” section, where they share “unconventional advice, tips, habits, and hacks from the most creative people in business.”

I shared some simple steps to take to develop your brand in a way that feels authentic to you.

The article just went live! Read more here.


Is there any idea that particularly resonates with you in the article? Let me know in the comments on I’ll be reading each one!



How to grab a TV producer’s attention (new guest post!)

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My client Christine Egan was recently on FOX News!

She’s the author of The Healthy Girl’s Guide to Breast Cancer and one of my star clients in the Publicity Mastermind. Here she is speaking to Dr. Manny and Dr. Laura Berman (Oprah’s go-to sex therapist) on how breast cancer can make your sex life better.


My friend Paula Rizzo, an Emmy Award-winning producer, booked Christine for this segment. I asked her to share the insider scoop with my readers about what TV producers are looking for — and she agreed!

Here’s what Paula had to say!


Every day, I receive hundreds of pitches from experts, authors, and coaches who want to reach the masses with their message.

But the chances are — if their specialty or topic doesn’t immediately grab my attention, I won’t give it a second glance.

So today I want to give you my insider tips to grabbing a producer’s attention — and keeping it!

1.  Give a unique and timely angle.

Producers have seen it all. In order to get noticed, you need a unique and innovative angle. (Giving “5 ways to burn fat” won’t cut it anymore.)

Look for a recent study or news story that supports your angle or think about how you can dispel common myths that the general public believes. Another option is to give a counterintuitive tip like, “eating bacon is actually really good for you!” (I wish this were true.)

However, make sure to be smart about this. Your angle should fit your expertise and also be a topic we want to hear about. Recently, I was pitched by an entertainment lawyer who wanted to talk about Ebola. It made zero sense and he didn’t get booked.

If it’s not easy for me to see the connection, I’ll lose interest and move on.

2.  Include clear takeaways in bite-sized chunks.

In your pitch, be very clear about what you will be giving the audience. How will you be making their lives better? What better decisions will they make after watching your segment?

Your tips should also be actionable and specific. Rather than saying “be more passionate and you’ll be happier,” say: “write down 3 non-negotiable self-care actions you’ll infuse in your life starting today.”

Remember that producers are used to writing short copy that is very conversational. Talk to us in our language! Organize your ideas in bullet points, because they make digesting information in emails quick and easy.

Be succinct, concise and keep it simple. The same goes for in-person chats and on-camera interviews.

3.  Provide video media clips. 

Sending a pitch without a video clip is like putting up a listing for a home without any photos of it. What’s the point?

We need to see you on camera! It’s just the way the business works — if you don’t look good and sound good, you don’t get booked. It’s simple.

If you don’t have an actual media clip to share, shoot something with your webcam so the producer can see and hear you. Do your best with lighting and makeup. Even if it’s a YouTube video of you talking straight to camera or someone interviewing you off camera, it will be helpful.

4.  Realize when a producer is just not that into you.

It happens… Sometimes it’s not a match. Take the rejection gracefully and don’t push back, get snippy, or pitch more angles in desperation.

Plus, one rejection doesn’t mean we won’t ever book you. Take a breath and preserve the relationship. Some of my best guests weren’t a fit the first time around, but I kept them in the back of my mind. Then, when something relevant popped up, we were able to work together.


I hope you enjoyed Paula’s insider tips! She is one smart cookie. =)

In addition to her work in TV, Paula runs a productivity site called

She also has a book coming out next month called Listful Thinking: Using Lists to be More Productive, Highly Successful and Less Stressed.

This powerful guide has been endorsed by David Allen (international bestselling author of Getting Things Done), Gretchen Rubin (NY Times bestselling author of The Happiness Project), and many more. I think you’ll love it too. Get the first chapter here — completely free for my readers.



My client’s 3-page spread in SELF Magazine

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Happy Thanksgiving! If you’re in the U.S., how are you spending the holidays? I’m excited to be heading up to the Kushi Institute, a macrobiotic healing center in the Berkshires, with my mom.

As I reflect on what I’m most grateful for, I want to take a moment to thank YOU for being a part of my community. Thank you for letting me into your inbox each week — it means so much to me. I love sharing my ideas with you, and most importantly, helping you achieve your dreams.

I also want to share some exciting news — my Publicity Mastermind client Daphne Cheng was recently featured in SELF Magazine!

Daphne is a vegan chef who runs a high-end vegetable supper club in Tribeca. She’s worked with companies like Lululemon and Whole Foods, and catered for celebrities like Vera Wang, Alec Baldwin, and Lea Michele. Here’s a photo of her magazine spread, and some of the decadent vegan Thanksgiving recipes she shared (like butternut squash polenta with shaved apple).

Daphne Cheng_Self_November 2014Learn about Daphne’s story and the obstacles she overcame below.

What inspired you to become a vegan chef?

DapDaphne: When I was a teenager, I viewed food as the enemy. A simple quest to lose some baby fat at age 12 quickly spiraled out of control, becoming an addiction fueled by perfectionist tendencies.

I was consumed by thoughts of food, but ate as little as I could get away with. I fanatically read cookbooks and articles about nutrition to learn all I could about how to lose more weight.

The anorexia worsened over the course of two years, until I reached 86 pounds on my already small frame.

Then one day, I saw a picture of myself. For some reason, I was finally able to see myself the way I really was — nothing but skin and bones. It woke me up.

Using the knowledge of food that I had gained through my obsessive disordered behavior, I began to heal myself. By cooking plant-based, healthful cuisine, I was able to nurture my body back to health.

That’s also when I discovered my passion for cooking. It’s strange to me now to think that I ever chose to starve myself. Now, I love food and have the deepest respect for it.

Today, my goal is to elevate plant-based cuisine to a respected, fine dining level. I want more people to experience how vegan cuisine can be a really delicious cuisine (and has so many possibilities beyond imitating meat). I love creating innovative dishes with flavor combinations you’d never expect — like apricots with jalapenos!

What made you decide to join Publicity Mastermind?

What do you enjoy most about the program?

Daphne2Daphne: I’m working on opening a restaurant in New York City called Pastiche. After plans to work with a potential investor fell through, I had to figure out a new path to get where I wanted.

I realized that publicity would give me more credibility. It could help me get investors and also a book deal. Soon, I discovered Selena and the Publicity Mastermind, and it felt like a great fit!

Self-promotion can feel very challenging for me. I was very, very shy when I was younger and still struggle with it. I also don’t want to appear too pushy or sales-like. Selena is providing me with tools and guidance for pitching and reaching out to people in the right way.

Selena also empowered me to speak to a room full of 50 VIPs and media guests at the Publicity Mastermind dinner party.  It was an amazing opportunity to speak in front of people who write for places like Glamour, Oprah Magazine, Entrepreneur, and more. One person even offered to tell the producers at the Food Network about me!


I’m honored to work with Daphne and help her promote her amazing work. To learn more, visit Daphne’s website here and get her SELF Magazine Thanksgiving recipes right here.

Our next Publicity Mastermind retreat is February 2015 in New York City. If you’d like to join us, submit your application here.

Sending you my best wishes this holiday season!


5 ways to be an audience favorite (new guest post!)

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Last week, I had my Publicity Mastermind event. Masterminders flew in from around the country (and world!) for our 3-day retreat.

It was so exciting to watch them give their speeches at the VIP dinner party. The room was packed with magazine editors & writers, publicists, literary agents and influential entrepreneurs.


You can learn more about my mastermind clients and see photos from the evening here!

Speaking in public is so powerful — you never know what opportunities it could lead to. From giving speeches at the VIP dinners, people have been offered opportunities like TV appearances, book offers or magazine contributions.

Today, I want to dive a bit deeper into how to give a powerful talk. I’ve invited my friend Alexia Vernon, a public speaking coach who specializes in TED talks, to share her expertise with you. Here’s Alexia!


womanFor more years than I care to admit, I was a really “good” speaker, but I wasn’t “great.” I wasn’t transformational or soul-stirring (i.e., the kind of speaker who has audience members running up to her afterwards to sign up for her programs).

I couldn’t understand why. I’d spent nearly a decade overcoming my paralyzing fear of public speaking. People told me I was a great speaker and that I was so polished.

I now know that to consistently be an audience favorite, you must be a lot more than well-researched and accomplished.

Through studying the speakers who inspired me (and got paid the big bucks — like $10,000 per talk), I discovered five things that they each did in their talks. Today, I want to share them with you.

1)  Begin with a compelling story.

We’ve all heard speeches that started with the speaker thanking the event producer or listing their professional background. (Usually, those leave us bored and slightly distracted.)

Instead, you want to grab the audience’s attention from the moment you start talking. The way to do that is through telling a powerful story that takes the audience on a journey with you (just like in TED talks).

This is so essential because people aren’t looking for more information — they’re looking for inspiration! We all want to be entertained just as much as we want to be educated. A story allows you to connect on an emotional level, creating a powerful experience for the listener.

2)  Clearly articulate just one “idea worth sharing”.

When you look at the talks that have gone viral by speakers like Simon Sinek or Brené Brown, their talks are centered around just ONE unique idea.

I used to really struggle with this one. I either tried to cover far too many topics, or I would summarize what other people said rather than giving it my unique twist and voice.

Focus on just one key idea that hasn’t been heard before. This should be something that you want your audience to understand, be passionate about and spread along with you.

3)  Ask questions that prompt “aha” moments

When people experience a mindset shift from something you shared, they’ll feel a deeper connection with you. The way to do this is through asking questions that gets them to look at their challenges in a whole new way.

For example:

  • If fear were out of the equation, what daring action would you take in your business?
  • If you had 6 months left to live, what would you do in your life?

At the end of the day, your talk is about the people listening. If you can prompt an internal shift, the experience becomes more powerful for them.

4)  Stick to the allotted time frame for your speech (and be innovative in how you use it).

Rather than viewing 18 minutes or 30 minutes with your audience as a constraint, view it as an opportunity.

Here’s an idea of you should structure it:

  • 25% of your time should be spent in the intro, rousing their curiosity and interest.
  • 50% should be spent in the body of the speech.
  • 25% should be spent in the close, inspiring them and inviting them to take concrete action.

Remember: your goal is to make your audience as passionate about your big idea as you are. This is how they will be inspired to spread it!

 5)  Continue to engage with your audience after the event.

When you follow the four strategies above, you’ll likely convert audience members to fans (and in many cases, clients!).

Sometimes, they’ll sign up to work with you right at the event. Other times, they’ll need to get to know you better first.

Make sure to have a clear way for them to sign up for your newsletter list. You could offer free strategy sessions, give a free gift, or simply have a sign-up sheet in the back of the room.

Afterwards, follow up with your new subscribers, and nurture your relationship with them by sending them your best content.


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Two big announcements! (please read)

Posted on by Selena Soo, in 'Uncategorized'

Photo credit: Stephanie Badini

Photo credit: Stephanie Badini

I’ll make this quick! I’ve got two big announcements for you today.

1) This Friday, I’m offering a new, exciting way to work with me privately.

 I’ve received many emails from people who wanted to work with me 1 on 1, but weren’t quite ready for the Publicity Mastermind.

 I created the Visionary Entrepreneur Coaching Program for you.

 You’ll get 1-on-1 coaching with me, plus special group training.

This program is for you if:

  • You’re ready to become seen as the next sought-after expert in your field.
  • You’d love to build a powerful network that can help you grow your business faster.
  • You want to be more visible and share your work on bigger platforms (i.e. magazines, guest posting, podcasts, speaking).

You just need the right strategy and mentorship to achieve these goals.

I’ll be announcing all the details on Friday to my VIP list only. (I will not be sharing this publicly.) Get on my VIP list here.

2) I’m hiring two assistants!

I’m looking for two organized, reliable and warm individuals to join my team. I’m hiring for the positions of:

  • Client Happiness Assistant
  • Operations Assistant

Both positions are entry-level, with flexible hours and growth opportunities. Time commitment is 5 – 12 hours per week.

Apply here to be a part of my team!

(If you know of anyone great for these positions, please forward this email along!)


Selena Soo