Where are your ideal customers? (it’s where you least expect)

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This weekend I was in Philadelphia at the “Bestseller Blueprint” conference with my client Kaneisha Grayson.

Selena Soo - New York, NY

Kaneisha is the author of Be Your Own Boyfriend (to be released on Valentines Day 2013).

The book is about how to find personal happiness, live a more “orgasmic” life, and pursue your passions.

Since Kaneisha is based in Austin, Texas, we communicate mostly over Skype video. It was so much fun to finally meet in person and spend the entire weekend together.

During the conference, we came up with several pages of creative ideas to promote Be Your Own Boyfriend (BYOB).

Here are three distribution ideas that we are really excited about:

  • College Sororities
    • Turn BYOB into a “fundraiser in a box.” Sell the book in bulk to college sororities for $7 per piece and throw in cute heart-shaped lollipops (like the ones on the book cover above).
    • Sororities can sell these on campus for $20 a piece (earning them a $13 profit) and then donate the funds to a local women’s charity.
    • It’s a win for us, a win for the sororities, and a win for local nonprofits.
  • Hair Salons
    • Hair salons across the country are struggling (as evidenced by how many participate in Groupon-type deals).
    • They make the most money through retail products (i.e. shampoo, conditioner), not the actual haircuts.
    • Have BYOB on display at the front counter and use it as a sales incentive for clients who purchase $50 or more of haircare products.
  • Passion Parties
    • Known as the “ultimate girls’ night in,” Passion Party hostesses make money by throwing fun parties and selling sensual products.
    • We can create customized BYOB books with the Passion Party logo on it for hostesses across the country to use as a sales incentive.

The moral of the story — it’s important to promote your products and services in places you’d least expect to find them.

For example, if Kaneisha were only promoting her book in traditional bookstores, she would be competing against tens of thousands of books. The competition would be fierce.

By having other people promote her book at no cost (and helping these people grow their profits in creative ways), Kaneisha grows her audience, reach, and sales.

What about for your business? Where could you be promoting yourself that you are not already?

Let’s say you are a business coach. The absolute worst place to promote yourself would be in an online directory of coaches. You’re being listed side-by-side a hundred other coaches (which makes you look like a commodity) and it’s hard to stand out.

You want to go where your ideal clients are (but not those in your field).

For example, a great place for a business coach (or any coach for that matter) to find new clients is Summit Series.

Summit Series is an invitation-only event that attracts a hip crowd of business leaders — think Tony Hsieh (Zappos), Lauren Bush (FEED), and the CEOs of the coolest tech start-ups.

It requires some work to get an invite, but if you’ve spent the time to build a premium brand for yourself and a strong network of influencers, it’s not as hard as you might think.

So back to you — where are you currently promoting your business? What has worked and what hasn’t?

If you liked this post, or have an idea to share, please let me know in the comments section of the blog.

Thank you!


“Elevate Your Brand” Course + Application Details

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Have you noticed that in every industry, there are a few people and companies that get all the attention, while the rest struggle to get noticed? They command the highest prices and have the most loyal customers. They also get more business than most of their colleagues combined. Why is that?

On the weekend of October 20th & 21st, I’ll be teaching a weekend intensive called “Elevate Your Brand.” We’ll spend two days together diving deep into your business. 

The goal is to help you build your brand, so that you can attract high quality clients and grow your business.

Selena Soo - New York, NY

Photo credit: Stephanie Badini


  • #1: Clarifying your business goals (and ideal clients)
    • Develop your short-term and long-term business goals
    • Become clear on what makes you valuable and unique
    • Identify your ideal clients
  • #2: Branding
    • Develop messaging that draws in new clients. Infuse your personality into your company. Tell your story.
    • Convey your brand in a clear and compelling way across all platforms — your website, social media, and any other kind of messaging and visual communication
  • #3: Marketing, Sales, and Relationships
    • Learn a brand-new approach to sales, with relationship building as the foundation. After all, sales is all about someone making the decision to invest in a relationship with you, because they trust you and believe in what you have to offer
    • Understand what your ideal customers are really looking for, and learn how to build a meaningful relationship with them
    • Identify the right pricing and service offerings for your business
    • Discover the most effective ways to bring in new clients, as well as how to avoid time-wasting tasks
    • Connect with the influencers and strategic partners who can help you bring in new business
  • #4: Public Relations
    • Use advanced techniques to get meaningful press and develop relationships with the media
    • Learn how to leverage your press, so that it actually translates into sales and new business

What you learn in these two days could completely change the trajectory of your business. In fact, I’d be surprised if it didn’t.


  • I’m limiting this class to 8 – 10 people. Why? Because I want to give each of you personalized attention and solutions for your specific challenges.
  • Before the course even begins, I’ll spend time studying your website and copy, looking at your social media profiles, and strategizing on how I can help you achieve your goals.
  • We’ll then spend October 20th & 21st diving deep into your business. I’ll introduce you to my step-by-step system for elevating your brand. We’ll apply this framework to your specific business, come up with solutions to your biggest challenges, and create a plan of action.
  • I also want to hold you accountable to implementing what you’ve learned. After the course is over, we can schedule a 30-minute phone call to make sure you follow-through, and I can also answer any new questions you have.

I’m so excited for my first-ever in-person course, and I’d love for you to be a part of it.


Given the limited seats in the course, only 15 applications will be made available.
Completed applications are due by Friday, September 14th at 5pm EST.

If you’d like to take the course, please email me at Hello@S2-Groupe.com. The first 15 people will receive application and pricing information. 

If you think this course might just be what your business needs, I’d love to hear from you.


P.S. I’ve included a few endorsements below from people who are familiar with my work. 


“A powerhouse of publicity and marketing genius, Selena Soo is a woman you want on your side.
She’s connected, results-oriented, and beyond brilliant when it comes to strategy, execution and follow-through. I cannot recommend her highly enough!” -Marie Forleo (founder of MarieForleo.com)

“Selena’s ideas have transformed the trajectory of my business. So happy we found each other!”
-Kaneisha Grayson (author of the upcoming book Be Your Own Boyfriend)

“Selena! This pitch is impeccable. Every angle, the whole spirit of it….You’re so in your zone. For the love of god, THANK YOU.” -Danielle LaPorte (bestselling author of The Firestarter Sessions)







S2 Internship & Mentoring Program (Fall/Winter 2012)

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Hello friends!

I am looking for interns (college students & recent grads) for the fall/winter.

Below is the job description. We just started publicizing it and have already heard from a few great applicants!

I’d love for you to share this with anyone interested in a great resume-building opportunity, along with mentorship from myself.

Very best,


S2 Groupe (PR & Marketing Consultancy) Fall/Winter Internship

Location: East 29th Street, between Madison and Fifth
Start Date: Early/Mid September
End Date: December (exact date TBD)

About S2 Groupe
S2 Groupe is a start-up PR & marketing consultancy by Selena Soo. Through multi-platform strategies, S2 Groupe helps its clients increase their brand exposure and achieve their business goals. In particular, S2 Groupe is focused on helping clients in the small business, tech, women’s empowerment, and health spaces.

About the Internship Program: 

At S2 Groupe, students will have a chance to develop strong communication and professional skills to give them a competitive advantage in the workforce. Interns will receive (1) valuable experience in PR, marketing, and consulting, (2) personal mentorship to help them achieve their career goals, and (3) numerous networking opportunities.  While this is an unpaid internship, it is designed to be an educational and career-advancing experience where students will be doing meaningful work.

Internship responsibilities may include:
1)  PR & Marketing: Help develop PR and marketing strategy, participate in brainstorming sessions, create media lists, perform client research, and help write proposals.
2)  Social Media: Help implement strategy to increase Facebook and Twitter followings.
3)  Networking: Attend networking events to meet influential people in the media and PR.
4)  Business Management: Assist with creating spreadsheets to manage finances and clients, track event logistics, and screen expenses incurred by S2 Groupe.

What We’re Looking For:
1)   Extreme reliability, hard-working attitude, and ability to take initiative
2)   Strong organization and time management skills. Ability to manage multiple projects
3)   Outstanding verbal and written communication skills
4)   PR, marketing, social media, event planning, or publishing experience

If you have experience with and access to the Adobe Creative Suite (specifically InDesign & Illustrator) and/or WordPress, please indicate it in your cover letter.

To Apply:
Please email selena.soo@gmail.com with the following:
1)   Your resume
2)   A cover letter (sent as an attachment) explaining why you’re interested in the internship, what skills you have to offer, and why you’d be the perfect fit for S2 Groupe. Also, if applicable, include any links to works online you’d like to share. (i.e. blog, design portfolio)
3) Email subject line: “S2 Groupe Fall Internship: [YOUR NAME] 4)   Fill out survey at: http://tinyurl.com/ssmktg-form

Applicants are encouraged to apply by August 31st for priority consideration.
The final deadline to apply is Friday, September 7th.



S2 on ForbesWoman!

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Hi everyone!

These past two weeks have been pretty amazing. The highlight for me has definitely been blogging for ForbesWoman.

My first-ever blog post “I’m Excited About Turning 30, And Here’s Why” really struck a chord with people. In fact, it went viral with close to 1,000 shares on Facebook! It also got picked up by Glamour, which featured it in the “Inspired” section on its website (see story #6).

On a separate note, I’m super excited to announce that I’ll be launching a course this October called “Elevate Your Brand.”

It’s a weekend intensive on how to develop a powerful and compelling brand (for yourself, company, or both), secure high-profile press coverage, and connect with influencers to move your business forward. The end goal is to help you reach more people and increase your profits.

If you’re on my newsletter list, I’ll be sending out an email soon about course dates.

Hope you are all having an excellent day & I look forward to being in touch!


S2 Events – August 2012

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Hi there!

I can’t believe tomorrow is the start of August. The summer has really flown by!

A few quick announcements:

Thursday, 8/9, 6 – 8:30pm | S2 Groupe Summer Networking Mixer

  • I’m organizing an invite-only networking event for my close friends, the media, and those of you on my email list.
  • Space is limited. If you’d like an invite, you can sign up on my email list and I’ll send you the details.
Monday, 8/13, 6:30 – 8pm | “Investing in Interns” Info Session
  • People are always surprised to learn that I have seven interns working with me this summer. It’s been an incredible experience and it is the reason why I’ve been able to grow my business so quickly.
  • I’m hosting an info session to share my best practices on how to get amazing interns. I’ll cover how to find them, how to select the best people, and how to make the most of having them on your team. I’ll also provide examples of specific marketing + PR projects that you can easily delegate to your interns.
  • This free info session is limited to 8 people from my newsletter list. If you’d like to attend, get on the list and shoot me a quick email at hello[at]s2-groupe[dot]com.
Thanks & hope to see you soon!
Selena Soo - New York, NY

S2 team at Georgetown Cupcake in Soho for a Friday morning meeting

Selena Soo - New York, NY

We enjoyed the daily free cupcake.
That day the flavor was key lime pie!




Welcome & Hello!

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Photo credit: Stephanie Badini

Hello there!

Thank you so much for stopping by. I’m excited to announce the launch of my website today, which has been months in the works.

Special thanks to my team for their help & feedback (Chelsea, Nicole, Emily, Sophia, Madison, Caroline, and Jessica).

EXTRA special thanks to my website designer Kim Lawler, who has been an absolute dream to work with. I’m also ever so grateful to Stephanie Badini for taking such amazing photos for my website.

Last but not least, I’m grateful to YOU. I’m so grateful you took the time to check out my website, and I hope that we will be in touch.

You can sign up below for my newsletter. I’ll send you invites to special events, my latest blog posts, etc.

I’m also looking forward to personally connecting, so feel free to leave a comment below and introduce yourself. Don’t forget to include some info about yourself (i.e. LinkedIn profile, Twitter handle, company website), as I’d love to learn more about you.

All the best,

Selena Soo