Are you an introverted woman with extroverted dreams?

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Selena Yellow Headshot Photo CreditWhen I was starting my business, I was desperately craving role models…

As much as I admired the charismatic, born-for-the-stage thought leaders, I couldn’t relate to them. And I definitely didn’t relate to the ruthless, masculine entrepreneurs who crushed everything in their path.

I wanted to know — were there highly sensitive, introverted women out there, who’d built wildly successful businesses and led from the heart?

Over time, I discovered a community of women entrepreneurs who were highly driven and making a massive difference in the world — despite their sensitivity and introversion, which they actually leveraged as strengths in their business!

Knowing people like this existed gave me confidence as I built my own heart-centered business + put myself out there in uncomfortable ways (you have to remember, I used to be terrified of public speaking and being in the spotlight!)

That’s why I was so excited to speak with Casey Lightbody, a business strategist and clarity coach from Australia who helps introverted women with extroverted dreams.

She’s put together a truly incredible online marketing summit, where she interviews the top introverted entrepreneurs who are crushing it online + helping others grow their dream businesses. I’m thrilled to be one of the featured entrepreneurs, joining other online superstars including:

Jadah Sellner Headshot PhotoJadah Sellner

In 15 months, Jadah grew her Simple Green Smoothies community from 0 to 200,000 subscribers, reaching more than 10 million page views, 270,000 Instagram followers, and 160,000 Facebook fans.

Jadah recently published the book Simple Green Smoothies: 100+ Tasty Recipes to Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Feel Great in Your Body, and has appeared in O, The Oprah Magazine.



Tara Gentile Headshot PhotoTara Gentile

Tara Gentile is a business strategist and the author of Quiet Power Strategy.

She works with entrepreneurs and idea people to help them leverage their Quiet Power and build businesses that generate wealth, peace, and ease. Tara is also a regular CreativeLive instructor and speaks on entrepreneurship, money, and the New Economy.


Jenn Scalia Headshot PhotoJenn Scalia

For the first 18 months of her business, Jenn Scalia struggled financially. To make things worse, her marriage fell apart, she got laid off, and moved back in with her parents.

Things turned around when she decided to get visible and became an online superstar coach. Last year, Jenn made over half a million dollars in her business and was featured in Business Insider and


Adrienne Dorison Headshot PhotoAdrienne Dorison

Adrienne Dorison is the host of The School of Self-Mastery podcast, a no-nonsense business mentor to online entrepreneurs, who paid off $45,000 in student loan debt in 6 months and built a multi-six figure business in less than a year.

She’s an expert at helping people sell their offers… without being salesy.


Chantelle Adams Headshot PhotoChantelle Adams

Chantelle Adams is a professional speaker and courage igniter. In the last 4 years, she has delivered over 700 speeches and added more than 6 figures to her business through speaking. As founder of the courage revolution, Chantelle recently jumped out of an airplane and fell 10,000 feet to raise $10,000 to build a school in Nicaragua, while getting 60 changemakers to co-author a book, The Courage to Fly, and share their stories of courage with the world.

I’m excited for you to get to know these incredible women.

Register here to get your complimentary ticket, as doors close in just a couple days!


P.S. Super honored that Gene Hammett featured me in his recent article for on mastering the art of relationships! You’ll learn how I’ve built meaningful business relationships with people like Ramit Sethi, John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire podcast, and more!

She got a monthly column with Oprah + her own TV show!

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Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 12.03.33 PM.png

I was beyond thrilled when I heard that my client, friend and favorite business journalist, Farnoosh Torabi, would be hosting the new CNBC prime time series Follow the Leader.

In each 30-minute episode, Farnoosh spends 48 hours immersed in the life of a different superstar entrepreneur.

The goal? To find out what makes this extraordinarily successful business person tick — so we can apply these philosophies & practices to our own lives.

This called for a celebration, of course!

Earlier this month, I hosted a party for Farnoosh with 80 VIP guests. Here are some pics.

FTL Photo Collage (Revised).jpg
Top Row (left to right): Selena Soo, Gary Vaynerchuk, Ramit Sethi, Paula Rizzo, Nagina Abdullah,
Jenn Scalia, Kimra Luna.
Bottom Row (left to right): Katia Beauchamp (CEO, Birchbox), Farnoosh Torabi, Lucy Kaylin (Editor-
in-Chief of O, The Oprah Magazine), Selena Soo, Ann Shoket (Former Editor-in-Chief of Seventeen
Magazine), James Altucher, Farnoosh Torabi.

That same week, it was publicly announced that Farnoosh would be joining O, The Oprah Magazine as their new money columnist.  You can check out her debut column here, or on pages 54 & 56 of the May 2016 issue.

Tune in to CNBC tonight at 10:30pm for a brand new episode of Follow the Leader, featuring Birchbox CEO Katia Beauchamp!


 P.S. I did an interview on Farnoosh’s So Money podcast… check it out here!


She made 6 figures in GKGC (+ more GKGC success stories)

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Today, I’m excited to introduce you to my students from Get Known, Get Clients — who are proof of what’s possible.

During our 6 months together, their businesses and lives transformed. And today, I want to share a few of their stories. Here’s a peek…

  • Tina (Photographer + Small Business Marketing Strategist) made 6 figures in just 6 months of GKGC
  • Kristian (Business Consultant) generated an extra $15K using the GKGC system in the small market in Hungary
  • Rachael (Massage Practitioner) cut her workweek in half while doubling her income
  • Dominique (Creativity & Writing Coach) got 9 new clients in the first 3 months of GKGC
  • Lexi (Alternative Therapist) quadrupled her income 2 months into the program

Keep reading to see what’s possible when you enroll in Get Known, Get Clients.


Dr. Siva Sundar, Relationship Trainer and Physician

Siva Sundar“I am now fully booked for the next 5 months!”

Six months ago, I was trying to make my business profitable and find clients. Now, my monthly revenue has increased by 30%, I’m profitable, and fully booked for the next 5 months. The stress of “needing clients” has vanished. What a relief!

I know of no other coach who takes as much time as Selena to individually recognize her students and respond to them on Q&A webinars. Get Known, Get Clients exceeded my expectations. It’s the best possible investment I could have made in my business. Thank you Selena!


Tina Doshi, Photographer + Small Business Marketing Strategist

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 9.24.31 AM“I made six figures in GKGC!”

Prior to starting GKGC, my business felt like a rollercoaster. I had been struggling with not making sales and with my pricing, and I almost gave up.

When I started GKGC, I had a very specific goal of building a solid pipeline of 1:1 clients to work with for the following year. And I have!

In the last six months, GKGC has helped me generate over six figures of revenue in my business!

Selena wants you to grow, pushes you outside of your comfort zone, and holds you accountable. The power in working with Selena is how much she truly cares. It shows in her comprehensive teachings and coaching. She does not let you give up.

The greatest gift of GKGC is the confidence it gave me to pursue what’s next. Thank you, Selena!


Kristian Zalaba, Business Consultant

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 9.11.28 AM“Through GKGC, I generated an extra $15K in just a few months!”

No matter what country you live in, the powerful strategies in Get Known, Get Clients work! I’ve implemented these in a very small market in Hungary and even here, we can charge premium prices through using the GKGC system.

I loved Selena’s teachings on creating premium offerings. It helped me to generate an extra $15k in just a few months. Now, it’s also a lot easier to dig deep into our ideal client’s mind, make a compelling proposal, and have customers happily saying YES!


 Dr. Dominique T. Chlup, Creativity & Writing Coach

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 9.16.24 AM“I would happily invest in GKGC 1,000 times over!”

Selena’s GKGC system inspired me to achieve incredible results!

Within the first three months, I had filled my client roster with 9 new clients.

Over the course, I generated more than $13K in client revenue and over $10K in workshop/speaker fees.

I experienced win after win as I followed Selena’s beautifully laid out and incredibly easy-to-implement strategic system.

My wins included: My list more than doubled in size. I was invited to be a guest expert on my first Telesummit. I presented my Signature Talk and filled each of my complimentary consultation sessions thanks to using the exact wording outlined in Selena’s program.

With Selena’s impeccable system, I dreamed a greater world into being. I would invest in this program a 1,000 times over. Whether you’re in your first year of business (like I was) or have been running your business for years, Selena’s system is one that you want to implement starting today.

I used to enroll in course after course. Now I’d recommend making one investment by enrolling in GKGC, implementing the system, and then watching the magic unfold. I’m forever grateful to Selena for the influence she has had on my business!


Sylvana Rochet, Management Consultant & Leadership Coach

Sylvana Rochet The Insightful Executive Coach Consultant“My client roster is full! And I LOVE all my clients!”

Before working with Selena, I was struggling to get clients and visibility. I wasn’t sure how to find my ideal clients (top executives and entrepreneurs) — or how to communicate my value to them.

I now have a full roster of coaching clients that I LOVE working with! I no longer have awkward “sales conversations.” Instead, I have deep and perspective-shifting exchanges that organically lead to fruitful partnerships. I also developed a solid signature talk (as Selena teaches in GKGC), which has gotten me invited to present at two big conferences already, increasing my visibility and credibility.

Selena guides us through a confusing and overwhelming set of processes in a clear and easy-to-follow program. She cuts through a lot of the noise to give us the most effective tools that will create results in the shortest time.

Selena is sharp, super creative and warm, and she cares immensely about each of us getting results in our business (and life!) with her tools. I will continue to work with Selena over time as my practice continues to grow.


 Eric Conley, Health Coach

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 9.04.48 AM“Within a matter of weeks, I landed my first high-end client at a premium rate.”

I’ve coached at a CrossFit gym for years and used to daydream about working one-on-one with premium clients. I just didn’t think it was possible to earn a high-enough wage coaching individually. (And even if it was, where would I even find these high-end clients?)

Within a matter of weeks, I landed my first client, and more soon followed! What’s amazing is that my clients are HAPPY to pay a premium to work with me.

Thanks to GKGC, I now have the confidence and skillset to grow my coaching business beyond what I ever imagined!


Rachael Scott, Massage Practitioner

“I doubled my income while cutting down my workweek!”

Before taking Selena’s course, I had a broken business model.   The rates I was charging were so low that I couldn’t live my vision without  compromising my financial health.

 While plenty of people wanted to work with me, I was offering my services  at a budget rate. I needed to find a way to connect with people who saw the  value in having someone completely dedicated to their healing journey’s  work, and willing to pay premium rates.

 When considering GKGC, I hesitated for a moment over the investment,  but realized that if I didn’t get help soon, my business would collapse  because it was unsustainable. Since there was a guarantee, I decided  to take the risk and try my best.

And I’m so glad I did.

In GKGC, I created a new, premium offering that was an in-depth rehabilitative experience.

At first, I lost clients who were just looking for a discounted massage. But the clients who remained became my bedrock and consistently send their friends and family to me for care.

As a result, I was able to double my income — while cutting down my workweek!

Now, my life is so different! I used to work six days a week, and now, most of my weekends are 3 and 4 days long. I spend more time with my daughter, with my friends and family. I paid off all my credit cards within the first three months and have been saving to buy a spot to build my custom dream home. I spend a lot of my free time doing whatever I want, including charity and community involvement.

I don’t worry about my business surviving anymore — because it’s thriving!


Cat LeBlanc, Business Strategist

“I launched my premium coaching program and got 5 new clients and made $25K!”

I started GKGC very early on in my business. Because I was still new, I wasn’t really charging enough to make decent money. I wasn’t where I wanted to be.

At first, I was completely resistant to signing up for GKGC, because I’ve taken a lot of courses. But it was the fact that I would get to ask Selena questions personally on the calls that made it a good choice for me, and the fact that Selena talked about creating premium offerings.

My favorite part of GKGC was that I felt like I was getting coached, not just doing another e-course. I really felt that I got valuable coaching from Selena, and not just content. On top of that, the content was very well laid out and high quality with lots of actionable pieces like scripts to use, example emails, pitches, and other resources.

GKGC pushed me to put a premium coaching program out way sooner than I otherwise would, and helped me get over the fears that were stopping me. Doing so really upped my positioning in the market amongst my peers, and led to me earning $25,000, with 5 new clients in my $5K program. That alone covered the cost of GKGC many times over!

I also got inspired to pitch myself to Huffington Post through GKGC and got in. I LOVE having that logo on my website.

All of these results were major steps forward in my business journey. I’m so proud to have accomplished them within a year of starting my business.


Marcos Salazar, Purpose-Driven Career and Life Coach 

“Get Known, Get Clients is one of the best investments I’ve made in myself and my business.”

GKGC gave me a very clear, step-by-step plan to get clients — in an effective and authentic way.

One of the most valuable parts of the program was learning the best ways to structure my offerings and pricing from Selena.

As a result, I launched a premium coaching package in the very beginning, and was charging double the rate of my competitors. Within the first month, I had maxed out on clients in my coaching program and had to turn clients down.

I’ve generated tens of thousands of dollars from implementing Get Known, Get Clients strategies. Taking this course put me on the fast-track to growing my business and being where I am today!


Julie Stubblefield, Founder of Fit Mom Revolution

“I went from having a very small following to having  12,000 followers on Facebook.”

When I joined GKGC, I was transitioning my in-person personal training business into an online business. I needed help building my audience and creating, structuring, and selling programs for them.

Though GKGC, I got incredible clarity on my message, who I’m speaking to, and exactly how to communicate with them. And that changed my entire approach.

I realized that when you have this clarity, building a community of raving fans does not have to be hard… I went from having a very small following to having 12,000 followers on Facebook. I doubled my email list. I launched two group programs and 200% more enrollment in one, and 100% more enrollment in another. I also got media mentions in Redbook that elevated my brand.

My favorite part of the course was the live webinars. The way Selena’s mind works is phenomenal — she can take ideas that are abstract, and make them tangible and attainable. The community is also great, and full of collaboration and support.

Through GKGC, I am now impacting thousands of lives — and that gives me huge satisfaction every day.


Lexi Soulios, Personal Freedom Guide & Alternative Therapist

“After a couple months in GKGC, I quadrupled my income!”

I started working with Selena after researching more than 30 business coaches. She really understood what was involved in building a service-based business from the ground up and focused on strategies that made sense and felt sustainable — like using better business models and developing quality relationships.

After a couple months of participating in GKGC, I had quadrupled my income (earning way more than the entire cost of the program). I also developed supportive connections with other program participants, and laid the foundation for a business that serves my goals and offers infinitely more value to the clients I care about.


For these entrepreneurs, it’s not just that their businesses have changed…

Their entire lives are changing.

I’m hoping that Get Known, Get Clients becomes the program that changes your life too.

If you’d like to get my support, you can sign up for GKGC here.

I’d love to have the opportunity to help you grow YOUR unique business. =)


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Who Are the New Stars?

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Sometimes it feels like it’ll take YEARS before we’ll ever become known in our fields.

And while that may be true for most people, it doesn’t have to be true for you.

Today, I’m thrilled to introduce the New Stars Panel for Get Known, Get Clients LIVE.

I’ve hand-selected these speakers because they’ve each become influential in a short amount of time.

During the panel, our New Stars will share how they zoomed ahead to create successful businesses, build premium brands, and land dream opportunities – and how you can do the same.


Primoz2Primoz Bozic – From computer science student working at $7/hour to premium business coach charging $400/hour

Primoz went from being a Slovenian computer science student with no connections, no experience and no business knowledge to earning over 6 figures with his online business.

He’s now working with Ramit Sethi as the online business coach for his Zero to Launch Accelerator program, where he coachePrimoz - Ramit event NYCs hundreds of Ramit’s students on building their online businesses faster.
Primoz also runs his own business on the side. He has created multiple successful online products  (ranging from $50 – ­$500), had $20K product launches, and secured 1-on-1 coaching clients for $400/h.

Primoz has been featured in Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, Ramit Sethi’s Zero to Launch, Derek Halpern’s Yes Engines, Branding Summit, Movement Marketing Summit, Sales Funnel Summit, as well as all major Slovenian newspapers.


JoanJoana Galvaoa Galvao – From entry-level employee to CEO of an international design studio serving industry leaders

Just one year before she was serving industry leaders like Derek Halpern, Lewis Howes, and Chris Ducker, Joana Galvao was commuting to her day job, dreaming of starting her own business.

Even though she was just starting out, she quickly began building powerful relationships with influencers. And soon, she becameJoana Chris Ducker the go-to designer for top entrepreneurs in the online world.

To handle the high demand for her services, she grew a team of 7, operating out of her design studio in Portugal.

Joana has been featured in Digital Arts magazine, the Guardian UK, The Branding Summit, and podcasts like the 6-Figure Side Gig & The Marketing Lifestyle Show.



Navid headshotNavid Moazzez – From Law School Dropout to 6-Figure Lifestyle Entrepreneur

After starting law school in Sweden, Navid realized that living a life chained to his desk was the last thing he wanted.

So he set out to learn everything he could about mindset, personal development, and the online marketing world.Navid

Fast forward to today, and Navid has made a huge name for himself as a blogger, podcaster, and branding expert. He runs his location-independent business from cool locations around the world like Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Navid hit his breakthrough moment by hosting an epic virtual summit late 2014 with 88 high-profile speakers. (Huffington Post has called Navid “the world’s leading expert on online summits.”)

Navid has been featured in Business Insider, Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post, INC, Yahoo Finance, The Guardian, Entrepreneur On Fire, Internet Business Mastery, Entrepreneurs-Journey, The Suitcase Entrepreneur and more.


What’s so great about them becoming New Stars is that now…

  • Primoz not only has his own successful business – he also works as a coach in one of Ramit Sethi’s programs, where he gets to change thousands of people’s lives in a high-touch way by helping them build online businesses.
  • Joana’s clients are some of the biggest influencers in the online world. Her work has been so successful, she has gone from solopreneur to owner and CEO of an entire design studio.
  • Navid gets to live the life so many of us have dreamed of – as a location independent entrepreneur, he’s able to travel the world while building his business. (He currently lives in sunny Mexico!)

And they each made the decision to start a business, and within 1-2 years, they had gone farther than most entrepreneurs do in 4-5 years.

What are the secrets for their rapid growth?

They’ll be sharing it all in the New Stars Panel at GKGC LIVE. (Hint: they’ve all mastered the secrets to building relationships with influencers.)

And they want to connect with you personally.

Will you be joining us?

Get the details + save your spot for Get Known, Get Clients LIVE here.

Who knows… Maybe you’ll become a New Star yourself. =)


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P.S. The special Early Bird rate of just $197 expires November 19th, but spaces are limited. So make sure you reserve your ticket now!


Attn: Emerging thought leaders (live event in NYC!)

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Sometimes the big dreams we have feel so far away.

Even though you’re plugging away at your business, you’re struggling to break through to the next level.

Maybe you’ve even experienced major setbacks.

  • Perhaps you tried to start a business… but you weren’t able to get enough clients to cover your bills, and had to go back to a day job.

  • Sometimes money is so tight, you catch yourself thinking about moving back in with your parents, or renting your place on AirBnB.

  • Or maybe you’ve found yourself up to your neck in debt – with no idea how you’re even going to start paying it off.

I want you to know what you’re experiencing today doesn’t have to be your future – and I can show you proof.

Let me introduce to you Jenn Scalia.

In 2014, Jenn had just moved back in with her parents.

She’d been struggling for about 7 months, racking up major credit card debt. (Her husband had left her, and she had a young son to support and rent to pay all on her own.)

“I felt like the biggest failure on Earth. I left my parents’ house when I was 18 because I couldn’t stand their rules. Then at 33, I had no choice but to go back.”

Fast forward to late 2015.

Jenn is now an online superstar.

She has created a multi 6-figure business as a visibility coach and business mentor for online entrepreneurs and coaches. And in September, she made over $100K… in a single month!

In just ONE year, she was able to turn her situation completely around + become a huge success story.

So what’s the secret to Jenn’s 180-degree turnaround?

The one-word answer: VISIBILITY.

Even though Jenn is a natural introvert, she realized that she couldn’t hide any longer — not if she wanted to make money enough to support her family.

And not if she wanted to make a big impact in the world.
Now Jenn writes epic content that not only inspires – it also has dream clients lining up (and paying premium rates) to work with her.

This is possible for you, too.

Because here’s what I KNOW…

Everyone has something important to share (even if you haven’t fully identified what that “something” is yet).

But I’ve also noticed that many of us have trouble saying it.

Sometimes, we just struggle to find the right words. It feels like everything we think of falls short of really expressing what we mean.

Other times, we know what we WANT to say, but all sorts of emotional blocks come up when we even CONSIDER posting it on Facebook.

But here’s the thing — powerfully and boldly sharing your message is critical to you being seen as a thought leader.   Because being a thought leader means taking a stand – even if that means rocking the boat or ruffling a few feathers.

That’s why I’m so thrilled to announce that Jenn Scalia will be one of our featured speakers at Get Known, Get Clients LIVE.

At this 1-day live event, Jenn is going to get personal and take you behind the scenes of her business.

  • You’ll hear her inspirational story (from losing the love of her life, moving in with her parents, and going into debt – to creating a multi 6-­figure business and becoming an online superstar… all in just ONE year).
  • She’ll talk about the power of getting vulnerable, and how to overcome your own fears & blocks around speaking up. (She’ll tell you, “When I wasn’t putting myself out there, I was poor.”)
  • And she’ll share with you how YOU can share yourself online in a way that stands out. (And her secrets behind those Facebook posts with 100+ likes.) So you can start to be KNOWN for something – something you’re passionate about.

If you want to learn more about developing your voice & becoming seen as a thought leader, join us for this one-time, live event.

You’ll also have a chance to meet other influencers, media insiders, and entrepreneurs who are up to big things, just like you.

Get your ticket for Get Known, Get Clients LIVE here.

(If you get your ticket before November 19th, you get for the special Early Bird rate for just $197. I’ve priced this so low to make this no-brainer for you.)

Hope to see you there!



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Are you the next big star? (live event w/ me in NYC)

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Steve Jobs… Brené Brown… Deepak Chopra… Elizabeth Gilbert…

What do these people have in common?

They’re thought leaders.

They didn’t preserve the status quo – they challenged it. And in doing so, they’ve changed the way we think and operate every single day.

Steve Jobs didn’t just revolutionize technology – he challenged the world to “think different.” As a visionary, he ignored reality, bringing seemingly impossible ideas to life. And he paved the way for others to do the same, both through his own example and by creating new tools that enabled the masses to create, innovate and share.

Brené Brown made the world realize that vulnerability is a source of strength, rather than a weakness. (Her talk, “The Power of Vulnerability,” is one of the most popular TED Talks of all time — with over 22 million views). Her life-changing research has turned how we think about concepts like shame and courage upside down.

Deepak Chopra has faced criticism from the medical community for his outspoken views on alternative medicine. But he’s changing millions of people’s lives, who look to him as inspiration for mind-body healing. He’s the author of more than 80 books, translated in over 43 languages – and 22 of them are New York Times bestsellers.

Elizabeth Gilbert set out to spend a year eating in Italy, meditating in India, and loving in Indonesia after a difficult divorce. When she left behind her old life for a new adventure, people thought she was crazy. Now, she’s inspired millions of people to take their own Eat, Pray, Love journey – and Time Magazine has named her one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

We look up to these thought leaders – and it’s because we see a piece of ourselves in them.

Maybe you have a similar story (or yours is still being created).

Perhaps you’ve overcome personal challenges, and discovered what it really takes to have a fulfilling, healthy, passionate life…

Or you have a unique message that you’re meant to share with the world.

If you’d like to learn how to take your business + ideas to the next level, I’d like to invite you to…


A 1-day, high-impact LIVE event for entrepreneurs
ready to step up as leaders in their field.

Saturday, February 27
New York City

Take a look at the details + get your ticket at the special Early Bird Rate here.

At Get Known, Get Clients LIVE, you’ll learn…

  • The 7 key steps to becoming your industry’s next big thought leader
  • The easiest ways to create your fame online (even if you’re an introvert, or don’t like to brag)
  • How to attract premium clients, who are happy to pay top dollar for your services
  • Personal stories from up-and-coming entrepreneurs who quickly rose to the top of their industries (building six and multiple six-figure businesses in a short amount of time)
  • How to land high-profile media that helps you reach more people (you’ll hear from a former editor at O, The Oprah Magazine, a producer at Fox News, and a reporter at Business Insider.)

It’s time for YOU to stand out.

Will you be joining us in New York City?

(Secure your seat now to get in for the special Early Bird rate.)

I can’t wait to see you there!


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He made 10x his investment (+ other INFLUENCE success stories)

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Today, I’m excited to introduce a few of my students from the last round of INFLUENCE.

I’m so proud of the results they achieved, in a relatively short amount of time!

Here’s a quick snapshot of a few successful students.

  • BJ Pivonka built relationships with 2 millionaires he’d previously admired from afar. One is now BJ’s client, and the other is now a mentor — and more importantly, they’re now great friends he can jump on a call with anytime.
  • Singer/Songwriter Rapha Bergdís got a one-on-one meeting with her industry idol Derek Sivers of CD Baby (and Derek then followed up with HER, saying to stay in touch!).
  • Amy Shah built a relationship with Food Babe and was invited to be on her expert panel of advisors.
  • Introvert Melissa Ng developed a friendship with her #1 favorite expert Jonathan Fields, which led to getting invited to be on his podcast.

Keep reading to see what’s possible when you enroll in INFLUENCE.


“I’ve already made 10x the price of INFLUENCE”

email1“Before taking INFLUENCE, I felt invisible to other top performers. I looked up at them like they were Greek Gods with no idea how to make a difference in their lives. Everyone said “give value” but no one ever actually said what value is, or how/when to give it.

In INFLUENCE, Selena gave me a road map to develop relationships with the people I looked up to. Today, I have regular phone calls with influencers who are now my friends and mentors.

Less than a month after the course, I had a guest post accepted on Navid Moazzez’s blog. It was my most successful guest post by far (with triple the opt-in rate of any other guest post I’d done before). We are now friends and talk all the time.

I’ve also developed relationships with 2 millionaires who, before, I was just a paying customer for. Now they’re my friends, and one became a client (the 2 projects I’ve done with him total about $5,000).

The other became a joint venture partner. He’s also a highly-paid business coach who charges thousands of dollars, but for me, he says to just send him a Facebook message and he’ll hop on calls whenever I need it because I’m ‘family.’

I’ve already made 10x the price of INFLUENCE. Thanks Selena!”

BJ Pivonka

Elite Performance Coach for Athletes,


“Being taken under an influencer’s wing transformed my life and business!”

unnamed“Before INFLUENCE, it seemed so difficult to stand out in my space and build critical relationships in the competitive music industry.

Using Selena’s methods in INFLUENCE, in just a few weeks I landed a session with a well-known producer, shot with a top fashion photographer for a fraction of his rates, and got a former music industry superconnector to informally mentor me.

My latest INFLUENCE win was meeting and befriending Derek Sivers, music marketing expert and founder of CD Baby, the largest independent music seller. He invited me to a conference this summer and gave me 3 hours of his time, skipping all his meetings just to chat… And then he followed up with ME first, saying to keep in touch! I wouldn’t have reached out to him if it weren’t for INFLUENCE.

I also received complimentary admission to an invite-only event in New York City, where I got hands-on mentorship from top influencers and the chance to have dinner with Ramit Sethi!

I am beyond excited of what’s to come. I really feel how being ‘taken under someone’s wing’ can help your business and life. Thanks so much Selena!”

Rapha Bergdís

Singer/Songwriter, www.


“I’ve built relationships with the founder of MindBodyGreen, influential bloggers like the Food Babe, and industry leaders like Dr. Joel Kahn.”

unnamed“Before I worked with Selena, I didn’t know what I was supposed to offer influencers. I just thought being helpful and being around was enough. Then, thanks to Selena, I realized I should think of what I can specifically help with.

I’ve been able to build relationships with the founder and editors at MindBodyGreen, influential bloggers like Vani Hari (Food Babe), and other industry leaders like Dr. Joel Kahn.

Now, my email list has grown to almost 8,000 subscribers — mostly from MindBodyGreen, but also from other health and wellness sites. And this is a result of contributing guest articles and knowing how to build relationships with the editors.

Taking INFLUENCE transformed my business. I now have an incredible network of influencers I can lean on for collaboration and support. My confidence in my business has grown by leaps and bounds. I feel like the sky is the limit!”

Amy Shah, MD

Medical Physician and Online Health Coach,

“My favorite influencer spoke about me on stage
and invited me to be collaborate with him!”

unnamed“As a lifelong introvert, I struggled to spark connections with other people in my industry. I tried writing emails to influencers in my field, but I didn’t get any responses.

Looking back, I thought I was providing value, but I was actually staying very surface-level.

I was tired of waiting for responses to my emails, so I signed up for INFLUENCE.

Using what I learned in INFLUENCE, I was able to connect with one of the influencers I admired and related to the most – Jonathan Fields, an award-winning author and mission-driven entrepreneur.

This connection has resulted in some amazing opportunities – Jonathan invited me to his Good Life Project conference, where he spoke about me on stage as an example of ‘how to delight.’  We collaborated on a one-of-a-kind 3D gift for the attendees, and I’ve also been invited to share my story on his podcast!”

Melissa Ng

3D Printing Mask Maker,


These are just a few of the success stories from my INFLUENCE students.  They all have very different businesses and backgrounds.

But they were all able to use INFLUENCE to take their businesses to a whole new level.

I’d love to show you how to do the same — so you can turn the people you admire into friends, mentors, and clients.

Want my help? Learn more about what INFLUENCE offers you here.

Who knows… Maybe you’ll be one of my next big success stories. =)



Check out my two recent podcast interviews!

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I recently had the honor of being on two podcasts!

First, I was on Farnoosh Torabi’s So Money podcast, which was recently selected as a “Top Podcast to Grow Your Business” by Inc Magazine.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 2.29.26 PM

Farnoosh is an award-winning personal finance expert and has been featured in places like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, and is a regular guest on the Today Show.

She’s also a past client! I helped Farnoosh launch her Amazon #1 best seller, When She Makes More.

In our interview, I reveal more than ever before about my finances, like…

  • My unconventional philosophy around earning, saving, and spending
  • How I had the confidence to charge premium rates, despite being in my first year of business
  • What I learned about money from my parents in Hong Kong
  • My biggest financial failure, and how I overcame it

Check it out here!

I was also recently featured on my friend Jenny Powers’ podcast, Broadcast: Broads Building Businesses.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 2.35.14 PM

This weekly interview-style podcast features entrepreneurial thought leaders who share their journey from startup to exit strategy and everything in between.

During our interview, I share:

  • How I went from nonprofit employee to full-time entrepreneur
  • One of my very favorite networking tips (which is how I developed my relationship with Jenny!)
  • What events to go to if you’re an introvert
  • The powerful mantra I rely on when going through challenges
  • How I almost damaged a relationship with an important influencer in my network (and the steps I took to repair it)

Check it out here!


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I hope this never happens to you!

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I just got back from a super relaxing trip in Miami. It was the best.

I loved swimming in the ocean, meeting up with friends, and having pina coladas and tuna & coconut ceviche by the pool.

While the summer has been great, what you might not know is before I left for my birthday vacation, I had to deal with something quite unpleasant…

I’m sharing it with you today because I think there’s a valuable lesson here.


Earlier this month, I discovered that a student who took my INFLUENCE course plagiarized my course content, emails, and sales copy for his own program.

I was shocked to see word-for-word paragraphs directly lifted from my program materials and sales copy. Not only that, but he didn’t even finish paying for the course!

I discovered that something was up when I received a mass LinkedIn message from him — using plagiarized copy from my Publicity Mastermind page to invite me to have a 1-on-1 call about his services. (Can you imagine my surprise?!)

I went to his website, where I was shocked to find page upon page of plagiarized content.

The funny thing is — plagiarism happens more than you might think.

In fact, when I told my lawyer what happened, she said: “Congratulations, you’ve hit the big time when someone is copying your stuff.”

Others would say to me, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” And while I know that to be true, let’s just say that I wasn’t happy in the least.


Now I know that all of us have experts, authors, and coaches we admire.

Perhaps we took a course of theirs, or maybe they inspired us to start our own business doing something similar.

Sometimes the line can be a bit murky. What’s inspiration and what’s imitation?

So today I want to talk to you about how to create content that may be inspired by others, but stays uniquely you.

When you discover copy you love, here’s how it can serve as inspiration…

1. Dissect why their copy resonates with you.

We’re drawn to people when we see a piece of ourselves in them. And we’re often drawn to the type of copy we’d like to be able to write ourselves.

Identifying *why* someone else’s copy resonates with you provides clues about what elements you should include in your own writing.

For example, maybe you like a certain expert’s playfulness and humor. This can be an indication that you should explore humor in your own copy.

Or maybe, you found someone’s sales page to be extremely compelling. Try to investigate the psychology behind why their copy resonated with you. This can help you to create that same impact in your copy — but in your own voice, and speaking to your audience.

2. Communicate ideas by sharing your personal story.

Very few ideas are totally unique, but the way you communicate the ideas are.

One of the best ways to convey important ideas are through stories.

Do you have a personal story you can share on the topic you are inspired by?

For example, let’s say an expert you admire shares 5 steps to bounce back after a difficult time. You could write a piece about the biggest challenge you faced in your business, and how you personally overcame hard times.

3. Credit the expert.

Maybe they shared a powerful insight that you know that your audience would find super valuable.

If the idea or phrasing is unique, you can always credit the expert. It’s always in integrity to give credit where credit is due.

This is also a great way to add value to the expert you admire. Not only are you publicly expressing appreciation for the expert, you’re promoting them to more people.

(It’s important to note that many experts have reposting guidelines on their website or in their newsletters, which you may want to check out first!)

I hope these tips help as you write your unique content & share your ideas with the world!

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It’s my birthday (and a special request)!

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Today is my birthday! I’m turning 33.

To celebrate, I’m heading to Miami for a vacation. I’m looking forward to spending time on the beach and recharging for the year ahead!

It’s been a great summer so far. In June, I celebrated my business’ 3-year anniversary. I also hosted my Publicity Mastermind retreat in New York City.

Here’s a photo with my clients at the VIP dinner party. More photos here.


We had magazine editors and writers attend from places like, Mashable, Business Insider, Glamour and Self Magazine. This is one of my absolute favorite things to do — help my clients build amazing relationships with the media.

Recently, a lot of people have asked if I’d ever considered creating a course on publicity… and the answer is yes!

When I get back from Miami, I’ll start diving into market research for my publicity course. It will be coming out next Spring.

As I create this new course with you in mind, I want to make sure it gives you exactly what you need. So I was wondering…

Could you fill out this quick survey?

It would help me to create the best possible course for you — and be the very best birthday gift ever!

If you can take a few quick minutes and fill out the survey here, I would be so grateful.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide & hope you’re having an amazing summer. =)

selena signature(invis)

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