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Sometimes the big dreams we have feel so far away.

Even though you’re plugging away at your business, you’re struggling to break through to the next level.

Maybe you’ve even experienced major setbacks.

  • Perhaps you tried to start a business… but you weren’t able to get enough clients to cover your bills, and had to go back to a day job.

  • Sometimes money is so tight, you catch yourself thinking about moving back in with your parents, or renting your place on AirBnB.

  • Or maybe you’ve found yourself up to your neck in debt – with no idea how you’re even going to start paying it off.

I want you to know what you’re experiencing today doesn’t have to be your future – and I can show you proof.

Let me introduce to you Jenn Scalia.

In 2014, Jenn had just moved back in with her parents.

She’d been struggling for about 7 months, racking up major credit card debt. (Her husband had left her, and she had a young son to support and rent to pay all on her own.)

“I felt like the biggest failure on Earth. I left my parents’ house when I was 18 because I couldn’t stand their rules. Then at 33, I had no choice but to go back.”

Fast forward to late 2015.

Jenn is now an online superstar.

She has created a multi 6-figure business as a visibility coach and business mentor for online entrepreneurs and coaches. And in September, she made over $100K… in a single month!

In just ONE year, she was able to turn her situation completely around + become a huge success story.

So what’s the secret to Jenn’s 180-degree turnaround?

The one-word answer: VISIBILITY.

Even though Jenn is a natural introvert, she realized that she couldn’t hide any longer — not if she wanted to make money enough to support her family.

And not if she wanted to make a big impact in the world.
Now Jenn writes epic content that not only inspires – it also has dream clients lining up (and paying premium rates) to work with her.

This is possible for you, too.

Because here’s what I KNOW…

Everyone has something important to share (even if you haven’t fully identified what that “something” is yet).

But I’ve also noticed that many of us have trouble saying it.

Sometimes, we just struggle to find the right words. It feels like everything we think of falls short of really expressing what we mean.

Other times, we know what we WANT to say, but all sorts of emotional blocks come up when we even CONSIDER posting it on Facebook.

But here’s the thing — powerfully and boldly sharing your message is critical to you being seen as a thought leader.   Because being a thought leader means taking a stand – even if that means rocking the boat or ruffling a few feathers.

That’s why I’m so thrilled to announce that Jenn Scalia will be one of our featured speakers at Get Known, Get Clients LIVE.

At this 1-day live event, Jenn is going to get personal and take you behind the scenes of her business.

  • You’ll hear her inspirational story (from losing the love of her life, moving in with her parents, and going into debt – to creating a multi 6-­figure business and becoming an online superstar… all in just ONE year).
  • She’ll talk about the power of getting vulnerable, and how to overcome your own fears & blocks around speaking up. (She’ll tell you, “When I wasn’t putting myself out there, I was poor.”)
  • And she’ll share with you how YOU can share yourself online in a way that stands out. (And her secrets behind those Facebook posts with 100+ likes.) So you can start to be KNOWN for something – something you’re passionate about.

If you want to learn more about developing your voice & becoming seen as a thought leader, join us for this one-time, live event.

You’ll also have a chance to meet other influencers, media insiders, and entrepreneurs who are up to big things, just like you.

Get your ticket for Get Known, Get Clients LIVE here.

(If you get your ticket before November 19th, you get for the special Early Bird rate for just $197. I’ve priced this so low to make this no-brainer for you.)

Hope to see you there!



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